File Title
1 Snapchat valued at $10 billion by Californian investment firm
2 Will the British take to Google Glass?
3 How virtual reality could put us into news stories
4 Pakistan army backs democracy after Islamabad clashes
5 German Eurosceptic party AfD wins Saxony state seats
6 Philippine peacekeepers rescued in Syria's Golan Heights
7 Bionic pancreas: A new dawn for diabetics?
8 'Plain' packaging not a boost to illegal tobacco use, study suggests
9 Electrical brain stimulation 'boosts memory'
10 Ebola outbreak: Senegal confirms first case
11 Ebola outbreak: West Africans back lifting travel bans
12 Gillibrand: Congressmen called me 'fat,' 'porky'
13 Apple Built iOS 8, Developers Are Coming
14 iPhone 6 leaked in video ahead of release
15 The iPhone 6: here's what to expect
16 More Evidence that the iPhone 6's Screen Might Be Super Sharp
17 iOS developers seemingly confirm iPhone 6's 1334 x 750 resolution
18 Countdown to NASA's choice to fly crew to space station
19 Apple iPhone 6 mobile wallet may support NFC payments: report
20 Dearly Beloved: 100 Years Ago the Last Passenger Pigeon Died
21 SoftBank, Sprint Said to Start Offering Sony Smartphones
22 Amazon Bets on Content in Deal for Twitch
23 AnandTech Founder Shimpi Reportedly Heading to Apple After Retiring from Publishing
24 China gives Microsoft 20 days to provide explanation in anti-trust probe
25 Yellowstone supervolcano eruption dreadful like Armageddon, but unlikely
26 Apple updates Health and HealthKit privacy policy
27 Researchers release study on the arachnids that live on your face
28 New Facebook Search Feature Soon Available
29 Alienware Area 51 reborn with an unusual makeover
30 Study: Angry Expressions are Universal Signs of Human Strength
31 Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) Faces the Latest Dealer Uprising in Georgia Against Direct Distribution of Model S
32 In Rust Belt, a data king emerges
33 Cholesterol Drug Halves Heart Attack and Stroke in Early Test
34 New Cholesterol Drug Could Cut Strokes and Heart Attacks in Half
35 Alirocumab, Sanofi and Regeneron Drug, Early Data Shows Promising Results
36 ESC: Evidence Mounts for Injection to Lower LDL-C
37 Novartis reports positive results for LCZ696 drug to treat chronic heart disease
38 Cyberonics device improves heart function after Boston flop
39 E-cigarette secondhand smoke has 'increased levels of toxic metals'
40 Darapladib after ACS did not lower risk for subsequent events
41 Ashya King's brother defends parents' actions as couple await court ruling in Spain
42 Ebola Scare Hits Europe as Sweden Investigates Suspected Case
43 World Health Organization makes Senegal 'top priority emergency' in Ebola battle
44 ZMapp cures 100% lab monkeys
45 Testing Begins on Ebola Vaccine Developed by Local Drug Company
46 No human cases of West Nile in Michigan yet
47 Heroin death toll skyrockets in New York City
48 Guizho Boy Cuts Worker's Safety Line Because Noise Interrupted His Cartoons
49 Babbling with baby could be beneficial
50 For Gov. Terry McAuliffe, question is whether to be bold or cautious on Medicaid expansion
51 An App Can Reveal When Withdrawal Tremors Are Real
52 Six gene variations linked to glaucoma risk
53 Damselfish 'algal gardens' harbour coral disease
54 Can a Severed Snake Head Still Kill? It's Possible
55 A Centenary for the Last Passenger Pigeon (Op-Ed)
56 Iceland Volcano Blasts Back to Life
57 Rapid Response Teams Halve Hospital Heart Attack Deaths
58 Gaming as Spectator Sport
59 No, Your IQ is Not Fixed for Life (Op-Ed)
60 Google Must Make Android Safer (Op-Ed)
61 Can Octopuses be Cultivated for Food?
62 Scientists and cheesemakers gather for (microbial) culture
63 Long-sought neutrinos answer burning question about the Sun
64 'Wandering stones' of Death Valley explained
65 Entangled photons make a picture from a paradox
66 Japanese lab at centre of stem-cell scandal to be reformed
67 Ebola doctor reveals how infected Americans were cured
68 Ebola virus mutating rapidly as it spreads
69 Row reignites over distance of Pleiades star cluster
70 Social sciences suffer from severe publication bias
71 Cost to control Ebola shoots up
72 Icelandic volcano erupts
73 US government labs plan biohazard-safety sweep
74 California quake puts warning system in the spotlight
75 Ebola drug saves infected monkeys
76 NASA extends Mars rover and Moon orbiter missions
77 Quick test for malaria shows promise
78 Scientific advice: Crisis counsellors
79 Allow use of electronic cigarettes to assess risk
80 What goes up
81 Diplomatic service
82 People power
83 Microbiology: Microbiome science needs a healthy dose of scepticism
84 Earth systems: Model human adaptation to climate change
85 Lakes under the ice: Antarctica's secret garden
86 Student may be jailed for posting scientist's thesis on web
87 Geneticists say popular book misrepresents research on human evolution
88 US Department of Energy frees up access to research
89 Portugal cuts funding for lowest-rated labs
90 Unknown appointed as new India science minister
91 Authors of pulled meditation study issue "clarification"
92 Discrimination starts even before grad school, study finds
93 And now the weather, featuring climate change blame
94 Experiment tests whether universe is a hologram
95 Robot frogs' sexy signals lure hungry bats to attack
96 Fossil dinosaur nursery includes babysitter's bones
97 Mapping the web of disease in Nairobi's invisible city
98 Taming of the bunny rewrote rabbit genome
99 Moving home? Your microbes will make the trip too
100 Ferguson protests spark calls for cops to wear cameras
101 3D-printed books make pictures real for blind children
102 Let's talk about the weather to revive climate debate
103 Beautiful spiral cracks could be a feature, not a flaw
104 Emailing angry? Your keyboard feels your pain
105 Voyager 2's view of solar system's edge will be unique
106 Earth's tectonic plates have doubled their speed
107 Painful memories eased by inhaling xenon gas
108 Soviet dog spacesuit for pooches with the right stuff
109 New push for better handling of football head injuries
110 Use of 'language of deceit' betrays scientific fraud
111 No more pause: Warming will be non-stop from now on
112 Iron Age CSI finds gold thieves died in the act