File Title
1 Reference: Chickenpox & Shingles: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
2 Two-Thirds of US Teens with Mental Health Problems Get Counseling
3 Does Kids' Sipping a Parent's Drink Harm Them?
4 Quakes Keep Shaking Iceland's Bardarbunga Volcano
5 MERS Virus Doesn't Spread Easily in Households, Study Suggests
6 One Third of Sunscreens Overestimate Protection (Op-Ed)
7 Reference: PTSD: Causes, Treatment & Symptoms
8 Personalized Medicine Will Be 'One Size Fits Most' (Op-Ed)
9 How HIV Co-Opts Gut Bacteria (Op-Ed)
10 'Jeopardy!'-Winning Computer Now Crunching Data for Science
11 To Eliminate River Sludge, Modern Tech Is Key [Video]
12 Dramatic Dam Breach Makes Mining Risks Obvious (Op-Ed)
13 Is the Universe a 2D Hologram? Experiment Aims to Find Out
14 Photos of 'Yeti Footprints' Hit the Auction Block
15 Calling All Nerds! New Sci-Fi Museum Wants Your Designs
16 No Picnic Safe: Smart Bears Use Tools
17 No Descendants Are Left from the First Eskimos
18 Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone Began at a Funeral
19 20 Corals Added to Endangered Species List
20 1 in 10 Packaged Foods Has Trans Fat
21 Wind Power Has Soared, but is It About to Crash? (Op-Ed)
22 Reference: Social Anxiety Disorder: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
23 Reference: Gingivitis & Periodontitis: Symptoms & Treatment of Gum Disease
24 Reference: Lobotomy: Definition, Procedure & History
25 Reference: Rosacea: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
26 Lava Erupts at Iceland's Bardarbunga Volcano
27 Reference: What Is Civil Engineering?
28 Tree Infesting Insects Love the City Heat (Op-Ed)
29 3 Things You Didn't Know About the Arachnids that Live on Your Face
30 Suicide is Not 'Unavoidable' (Op-Ed)
31 The Scientific Secret to Strong Relationships
32 Ebola Drug 'ZMapp' Saves Infected Monkeys, Study Shows
33 'Project Wing': Google Unveils New Drone-Delivery System
34 Is Coconut Oil Good for You?
35 'Human Safaris' May Be Exploiting Isolated Tribes, Advocates Warn
36 Most Businesses Still Don't Budget for Mobile
37 Ebola Outbreak: Do Hazmat Suits Protect Workers, or Just Scare Everyone?
38 Reference: Dental Health & Kids: A Guide for Every Age
39 Reference: Nail Fungus: Symptoms and Treatment
40 5 Ways Gut Bacteria Are Good for More than Just Your Gut
41 Explainer: What is Hay Fever and Why Do You Have It?
42 Race is a Social Concept, Not a Scientific One (Op-Ed)
43 Sugar Sweetens Battery Performance
44 Has Science Fully Explained Sunshine?
45 A Centenary for the Last Passenger Pigeon (Op-Ed)
46 The Oldest Metal Object Found to Date in the Middle East
47 Professor's Data Mining Research Recognized for Standing 'Test of Time'
48 Biologists Reprogram Skin Cells to Mimic Rare Disease
49 Some Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Affect More than Their Targets
50 Climate Clues: Sunlight Controls the Fate of Carbon Released from Thawing Arctic Permafrost
51 Marine Protected Areas Might Not Be Enough to Help Overfished Reefs Recover
52 FutureFood 2050 Explores How Aquaculture and the Future of Fish Impact Global Food Security
53 Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) and Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Partner to Expand Certified Food Scientist (CFS) Certification
54 Institute of Food Technologists Student Association and Partners in Food Solutions Announce Developing Solutions for Developing Countries Competition Winners
55 Science Behind Ice Cream Revealed
56 When It Comes to How Pizza Looks--Cheese Matters
57 ORNL Scientists Uncover Clues to Role of Magnetism in Iron-Based Superconductors
58 Colorado State University Hosts Cookstove Testing Marathon as Part of Climate Study
59 Ice Cream Goes Southern, Okra Extracts May Increase Shelf-Life
60 CSU Nanoparticle Research Could Enhance Oil Recovery, Tracing of Fracking Fluid
61 UW-Madison Chosen for Federally Funded Cloud Computing Research
62 Research Explains How Cellular Guardians of the Gut Develop
63 Pig Pheromone Proves Useful in Curtailing Bad Behavior in Dogs
64 Chromium-Free Coatings Technology Nets National Innovation Award
65 Scientists Discover that Drug Used for DNA Repair Defects Could Treat Leukaemia and Other Cancers More Effectively
66 'Just Right' Plant Growth May Make River Deltas Resilient
67 Physics Research Removes Outcome Unpredictability of Ultracold Atomic Reactions
68 3 UChicago Students Receive HHMI International Student Research Fellowships
69 SBU Professor Receives NSF EAGER Award for BRAIN Initiative Research
70 Gut Bacteria that Protect Against Food Allergies Identified
71 New Research Presents an Improved Method to Let Computers Know You Are Human
72 The Chemistry Behind BBQ
73 Geologist Discovers Natural Methane Seepage in an Unlikely Place
74 Duality Principle Is "Safe and Sound": Researchers Clear Up Apparent Violation of Quantum Mechanics' Wave-Particle Duality
75 Study Finds Young Driver's Gender Linked to Crash Type, Injury Severity
76 Trash Burning Worldwide Significantly Worsens Air Pollution
77 Boise State Faculty Grants Support Policy Behind Species and Land Preservation
78 Registration is open for the first fully supported week-long tour in the region; created to benefit the Adirondack Park
79 Best View Yet of Merging Galaxies in Distant Universe
80 Scientists Craft Atomically Seamless, Thinnest-Possible Semiconductor Junctions
81 Piglet Weaning Age No Bar to Litter Frequency
82 Construction Work on Modular Research Building Gets Underway
83 Orion Rocks! Pebble-Size Particles May Jump-Start Planet Formation
84 Materials Other than Silicon for Next Generation Electronic Devices
85 Scientist Uncovers Red Planet's Climate History in Unique Meteorite
86 University of Utah Biologist Wins Turkey's Top Science Prize
87 Walking Fish Reveal How Our Ancestors Evolved onto Land
88 NASA Telescopes Help Uncover Early Construction Phase of Giant Galaxy
89 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Link Alcohol-Dependence Gene to Neurotransmitter
90 Rubber Meets the Road with New ORNL Carbon, Battery Technologies
91 Experiments Explain Why Some Liquids Are 'Fragile' and Others Are 'Strong'
92 Novel 'Butterfly' Molecule Could Build New Sensors, Photoenergy Conversion Devices
93 $10 Million NIH Grant Establishes Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Matrix Biology at Boise State University
94 U. Va. Facility Added to New Nationwide Ecological Observatory Network
95 A Touching Story: The Ancient Conversation Between Plants, Fungi and Bacteria
96 Inside the Teenage Brain: New Studies Explain Risky Behavior
97 From Water to Land and Back, the Mosquitofish Is on a Roll
98 Doing More with Less: New Technique Uses Fraction of Measurements to Efficiently Find Quantum Wave Functions
99 Endangered Siamese Crocs Released in Wild
100 Atmospheric Mercury Review Raises Concerns of Environmental Impact
101 Binghamton University Breaks Ground for New Smart Energy Facility
102 NYU Researchers Identify Process Producing Neuronal Diversity in Fruit Flies' Visual System
103 Research Reveals Mechanism Behind Cell Protein Remodeling
104 Boise State University Physicist Helps Unravel Mystery of Death Valley's Sailing Stones
105 Scientists Map the 'Editing Marks' on Fly, Worm, Human Genomes
106 Zombie Bacteria Are Nothing to Be Afraid Of
107 Global Food Traceability Center Submits Comments to Presidential Task Force on Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated Fishing and Seafood Fraud
108 App Makes ID of Harmful Plants, Insects in Texas a Snap
109 Boise State University Energy Policy Institute Team Awarded International Atomic Energy Agency Contract
110 'The Devil Is in the Details': Documenting Carbon Sequestration in Borneo
111 K-to-M Histone Mutations: How Repressing the Repressors May Drive Tissue-Specific Cancers
112 Simpler Process to Grow Germanium Nanowires Could Improve Lithium-Ion Batteries
113 The Science of Beer and Coffee According to a UAB Chemist
114 Intense Exercise during Long Space Flights Helps Astronauts Protect Aerobic Capacity
115 Increased water-recycling and improved irrigation techniques among six strategies identified as key to successfully reducing global water scarcity
116 Home Is Where the Microbes Are
117 Balloon Rise Over Fort Sumner
118 Rocket Team Soars Again at NIWeek