File Title
1 Rabbits: domestication occurred recently, 1400 years ago at french monasteries
2 Ancient DNA shows Inuit were not the first to settle the Arctic
3 Lava erupts from Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano (+video)
4 For passenger pigeons, flight from abundance to extinction was short
5 IBM: Watson, go help those nice scientists with their research
6 NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Captures a Suspected Asteroid Collision
7 Millions of mites are crawling on your face right now!
8 Papua New Guinea's Tavurvur Volcano Erupts; Locals Evacuate, Flights Disrupted
9 Early galaxy 'Sparky' was a star factory
10 Madagascar experienced a massive locust plague
11 Adapting to Sea Level Rise and Climate Change: What Coasts Need to Do
12 Our sun's power is stable and steadfast, scientists find
13 Scientists unlock the genetic process of animal domestication
14 Rabbits Genetically Changed After Being Domesticated
15 Genetic Alterations Changed Wild Rabbits into Tame Pets
16 Corvette Museum to completely fill in sinkhole
17 Study Challenges Previous Knowledge about Extinct Paleo-Eskimo Population
18 GPS satellites given wrong directions, get lost in space
19 Lost satellites the latest setback to Galileo GPS network
20 This copper awl is the oldest metal object ever found in the Middle East
21 An absurd amount of methane is leaking from the ocean floor
22 New Horizons crosses Neptune's orbit, sets sights on Pluto
23 'Natural' lenses help provide best-ever view of colliding galaxies
24 Fish out of water: Walking fish provides evolutionary clues
25 Evolution proven? Science finds links between human, fly, and worm genomes
26 Study: Ancient Arctic dwellers were not really into sex
27 Electrical stimulation can help boost memory performance, researchers say
28 Google Authorship experiment is dead
29 CDC: Most U.S. children get vaccines, but some states do better than others
30 Researchers purposely trip seniors citizens for science
31 Your hotel room is not dirty: it becomes home to your bacteria within hours
32 Magnetic stimulation could restore memory
33 Screening for newborn jaundice: There's an app for that!
34 Junk food reduces appetite for balanced diet, new study shows
35 Researchers turn bad mouse memories into good ones
36 Tomato-rich diet could reduce risk of prostate cancer
37 Man hospitalized after plane dumps 400 gallons of water on him for 'Ice Bucket Challenge'
38 Scientists grow complete new organ, take major step in regeneration
39 Study at Mount Everest shows how blood pressure reacts to altitude
40 The skinny on teen eating disorders: normal weight does not mean 'all clear'
41 Hormone may help protect brains of premature infants, researchers say
42 New ad labels celebrity smokers as unpaid tobacco spokespeople
43 Edible marijuana products must meet safety requirements, Colorado says
44 WHO shuts down ebola lab in Sierra Leone
45 Aggressive new anti-tobacco ad campaign jabs celebrity smoking
46 Brain-eating ameba found in Louisiana water system
47 IBM touts Watson supercomputer to speed up scientific breakthroughs
48 Two Species of Mites Live on Human Faces
49 Telescope Discovers Large, Distant Galaxy
50 Last Passenger Pigeon died 100 Years Ago on Monday
51 NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Captures a Suspected Asteroid Collision
52 A first: Scientists detect Fusion Reaction in Real Time
53 Space Shuttle Discovery First Launched 30 Years Ago
54 At a pest control expert's bedroom, 5,000 wasps found
55 Mozzarella Is the Best Pizza Cheese Because Science
56 Not just in humans, yawn also contagious among wolves
57 Southwest US to see 'Megadrought' in Future
58 Leaked U.N. climate report: 75 percent of reserves must stay in the ground
59 Ozone Pollution found in Mountains of Colorado
60 Wolf hunt over Labor Day weekend suspended by Washington wildlife managers
61 Is the EPA Really the Enemy of Agriculture?
62 Experimental Drug Would Help Fight Ebola if Supply Increases, Study Finds
63 Ebola outbreak: ZMapp protects sick monkeys
64 Canadian Ebola treatment ZMapp works on monkeys, researchers say
65 Celebration in Liberia slum as Ebola quarantine lifted
66 New Novartis Drug Effective in Treating Heart Failure
67 New Study discovers the ambiguous Trans-Fat cataloging
68 Cancer Patients with Depression Don't Receive Adequate Therapy
69 Of Pot and Percocet
70 Electric Current to the Noggin Improves Memory
71 Treating Alzheimer's Disease Could Be Much Simpler than We Think
72 Officials continue to investigate man charged in willful HIV infection
73 Is That A Real Patient Or A Junkie? Now There's An App For That
74 12 Maryland students show signs of whooping cough
75 Edgin & Fernandez: Richard Dawkins doesn't know much about people with Down syndrome
76 Brain-Eating Amoeba Found in Louisiana Drinking Water
77 Foundation, Schools Partner on Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
78 Amgen Submits Regulatory Application for PCSK9 Inhibitor
79 VA secretary makes medical recruitment pitch at Duke
80 Smartphone app helps diagnose newborns with jaundice in minutes
81 Bubier Meats of Greene Recalls 25,192 pounds of Beef over Mad Cow Disease Fear
82 'Stiff Person Syndrome' Treated by Stem Cell Transplant
83 How 'Skin' Sensors Could Turn Planes Super-Smart
84 Ancient Arabian Stones Hint at How Humans Migrated Out of Africa
85 Rhino Reproduction Could Get Boost from Hormone Tests
86 Teens with Depression Benefit from 'Collaborative Care'
87 Strange Spikes Over Siberia Puzzle Astronauts
88 Could Drones Be Coming to Disney World?
89 Doomsday Debate: Asteroid Threat Could Divide Society
90 Pot-Smoking Couples May Have Low Rates of Domestic Violence
91 Reference: What Is Plaque?
92 Spider Personalities Shine Among Friends
93 This Fossilized Creature Has the World's Oldest Muscles
94 Ten-Hut! Why Soldiers March in Unison
95 Reference: Autism: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments
96 US Military Blows Up Hypersonic Weapon After Failed Test Launch
97 Turtle and Tortoise Travails and Triumphs (Op-Ed)
98 California Jobs Rise with Green Energy
99 Reference: What Is Electrical Engineering?
100 How Delivery Drones Could Monitor Their Own Health
101 Brutal Winter? Almanac Could Be Wrong, Scientists Say
102 Real-Life 'Star Trek' Tech Could Diagnose Diseases
103 Bad Memories Turned to Happy Ones in Mice Brains
104 Why Climate Change Won't Intensify Extreme Snowstorms
105 Schrodinger's Cat Comes into View with Strange Physics
106 Unusual Fish that 'Walks' Holds Clues to Animal Evolution
107 High-Tech Sleuthing Cracks Mystery of Death Valley's Moving Rocks
108 World's Oldest Wine Cellar Fueled Palatial Parties
109 Yawning Is Contagious in Wolves (Just like Humans)
110 Reference: Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment