File Title
1 Artworks Are People! Art Is an Extension of the Creator
2 Dinosaur Claws Were Used for More than Just Ripping Flesh: Study
3 Five-Hundred-Year-Old Paintings Rediscovered in Angkor Wat Temple
4 Citizen Journalism Gets More Stories Out than Traditional Reporting in War-Torn Syria
5 US Experts on Iraq Being Targeted by Chinese Hackers
6 Mars Probe May Be in United Arab Emirates' Future
7 New Water Balance Calculation for the Dead Sea
8 King of Gore: Super Predator Cousin of T. Rex Found in Utah
9 Dinosaur from Utah Was Top Predator, Ruled Over Early Tyrannosaurs
10 Tail Chasing and OCD: More Alike than You May Think
11 New Algorithm Gives Credit Where Credit Is Due
12 People Are More Likely to Overeat When Watching Action Movies
13 It's All in the Way We Move
14 Bipedal Rodents Survive in the Desert with a Hop, Skip and a Jump
15 Ancient Eel-Like Chordates Linked to Evolution of Human Skeleton
16 TUM Technology Endows Brain-Controlled Exoskeleton with Sense of Touch
17 Being Social: Learning from the Behavior of Birds
18 In Wild Yak Societies, Mothers Are the Real Climbers
19 Legislative Measures Needed to Keep Illegal Wild Elephant Trade at Bay
20 Major Turtle Nesting Beaches Protected in One of the UK's Far Flung Overseas Territories
21 How Some of the First Animals on Earth Lived and Died
22 Is the Fossil Record Too Incomplete?
23 Flexible, Thin 'E-Skin' Lights Up When Touched
24 Tiny Frogs Species Hears with Its Mouth
25 Hearing Canal Helps Gators Find Sound Direction
26 New Method Could Make Sub-wavelength Images at Radio Frequencies
27 New Device Based On a Fly's Freakishly Acute Hearing May Find Applications in Futuristic Hearing Aids and Military Technology
28 Compromise Needed on Roads Built Through Sensitive Wild Areas
29 Eating Habits of the Jurassic Age Diplodocus Discovered
30 Fossilized Teeth Help Lead to 20 Dinosaur Identifications
31 Bone-Headed Dinosaur Is the Oldest Known Pachycephalosaur in North America
32 Evolution of Giants: Why Did Sauropods Get So Big?
33 Newly-Discovered Venezuelan Dinosaur May Have Been Quite Social
34 End-Permian Extinction Was Nearly Instantaneous, According to MIT Researchers
35 Fossil Reveals Transition from Carnivore to Herbivore
36 Ancient Hyper-carnivore Species Survived for 35 Million Years
37 Marine Fossils Discovered in Upper Part of the Permian Linxi Formation, China
38 Land Animals Suffered Catastrophic Losses After Permian Period
39 Humans Are Main Cause of Climate Change, Says UN Report
40 IPCC Update Will Highlight Extreme Dangers of Unchecked Climate Change
41 New Evidence that Human Activities Are to Blame for Global Warming
42 Reporters Using More 'Hedging' Words in Climate Change Articles
43 No One-Size-Fits-All Approach in a Changing Climate, Changing Land
44 Molecule Called Picene Is a Potential Candidate for Use in Small-scale Electronics
45 American Kids Are Still Consuming Too Much Sodium, Mostly from Processed and Snack Foods
46 Some Brazilian-Produced Chocolate Found to Contain Lead and Cadmium
47 Global Food Trade May Not Meet All Future Demand, University of Virginia Study Indicates
48 Sparks Fly As NASA Pushes the Limits of 3D Printing Technology
49 GM Announces Plans to Produce Connected, Self-Driving Cadillacs by 2017 Model Year
50 Walking or Cycling to Work Improves Wellbeing, University of East Anglia Researchers Find
51 Cyber Threat to Vehicle Security
52 Researchers Explore Optical Origins of Different Facial Expressions
53 Gratitude Makes for More Satisfaction: Baylor University
54 The Power of Making Amends
55 Gun Retailers Strongly Support Expanded Criteria for Denying Gun Purchases
56 Study Finds Social Networks Are Key to City Violence
57 Muscles Paralyzed During Sleep
58 Baby Owls Seen Sleeping like Baby Humans
59 Birdsongs Automatically Decoded by Computer Scientists
60 Tortoises Trained to Use Touchscreen As Part of Spatial Navigation Study
61 Free Will Seems a Matter of Mind, Not Soul
62 New Optogenetic Tool for Controlling Neuronal Signalling by Blue Light
63 Using Brainwaves to Predict Audience Reaction Is a Marketer's Dream
64 On the Frontiers of Cyborg Science
65 Multitask Better with Targeted Brain Training
66 Human Brain More Receptive to the Message that Intelligence Comes from the Environment
67 Elephants and Humans Share Similar, Yet Distinct, Vocal Abilities
68 Mating 'Belch' of the Male Koala Created by Novel Organ
69 Researchers Probe Acoustic Differences Between Real and Fake Laughter
70 We Speak As We Feel--We Feel As We Speak
71 Language by Mouth and by Hand
72 Researcher Offers Simple Tips to Help College Students Fend Off Freak-Outs
73 There Is Nothing So Sweet As a Voice like Your Own
74 Our Brains Are Hardwired for Language
75 The Shocking Story of How Some Fish Evolved Electric Organs
76 Better Understanding of Arctic Climate Change Based on Shark Teeth
77 Juvenile Whale Sharks Tracked in the Red Sea
78 Lionfish Characteristics Make Them More "Terminator" than Predator
79 Successful Once, Protesters May Hesitate to Return to Streets
80 International Research Team Names Most Primitive Species of Flying Reptile
81 Ancient Flying Reptile Resembled Ikran from Avatar Movie
82 Newly Discovered Winged Reptile Had a Head Crest like a Butterfly Wing
83 Evolving Triceratops Evidence Found in Montana's Hell Creek Formation
84 Social Media Becoming Top News Source for Many
85 Social Media Users Exercise 'Strategic Self-Presentation' When Sharing Content
86 The Brits Get Serious About Cyber Defense
87 Study Reveals Americans' Surprising Response to Government During Great Recession
88 Democracy Aid Contributes Marginally to Democratic Development
89 ICANN Is in No Rush in Respect to Transfer of Internet Addresses
90 Tea Party Support Linked to Educational Segregation
91 Civil War Took Bigger Toll than Previously Estimated
92 ACP Offers Policy Recommendations for Reducing Gun-Related Injuries, Deaths in US
93 Muslim Pilgrimages Could Lead to Global Spread of MERS Coronavirus
94 Study: Allosaurus Ate Less like a Crocodile, More like a Falcon
95 Researchers Discover Dinosaur Footprints in Arkansas
96 Historian Says Sir William Herschel May Not Be a 'Sir' at All
97 Giant Planets Aid in Quicker Research on Material Surfaces
98 Looking Back at 17th Century Scientist's Idea of Space Travel
99 Terrain Played Evolutionary Role to Upright Walking in Humans
100 Common Muscle Control Patterns Governing the Motion of Swimming Animals Found with New Model
101 How Do Fish Swim?: Researchers Explore Complex Body Undulations of Fish and Eels
102 How Do Ants Get Around? Ultra-Sensitive Machines Measure Their Every Step...
103 Walking on All Fours Is Not Backward Evolution, Study Shows
104 Talking River Turtles Produce Vocalizations to Coordinate Activities, Care for Young
105 Songbird 'Student Pilots' Delay Departure, Make More Frequent Stopovers During First Migration
106 Oldest Representative of a Weird Arthropod Group
107 Eagle-Eyed Birds of Prey Help Scrounging Vultures Find Their Dinner
108 Predatory Characteristics of Extinct Sea Scorpion Reexamined
109 On the Menu: Pink Slime and the Need for Balance
110 Pink Slime Operations Temporarily Suspended