File Title
1 Leading scientists call for a stop to non-essential use of fluorochemicals
2 Surface dynamics studies yield resilient materials for applications in high-intensity environments
3 How to prevent organic food fraud
4 Potential therapy for the Sudan strain of Ebola could help contain some future outbreaks
5 Novel 'butterfly' molecule could build new sensors, photoenergy conversion devices
6 Breaking benzene
7 Rubber meets the road with new ORNL carbon, battery technologies
8 Protein glue shows potential for use with biomaterials
9 Scientists learn to control reactions with the shape of a rare-earth catalyst
10 Synthesis produces new antibiotic: Scientists confirm potent synthesis of natural tetracycline
11 Intracellular imaging gets interactive
12 Plug n' Play protein crystals
13 Team pioneers strategy for creating new materials
14 'Zombie' bacteria are nothing to be afraid of
15 Home Microbiome Project announces results of study on household microbes
16 Small molecule acts as on-off switch for nature's antibiotic factory
17 New type of cell movement discovered
18 New study reveals how wild rabbits were genetically transformed into tame rabbits
19 Less than $200 million would conserve Atlantic Forest in Brazil, researchers find
20 Three things you didn't know about the arachnids that live on your face
21 Climate change puts endangered Devils Hole pupfish at risk of extinction
22 Prions can trigger 'stuck' wine fermentations, researchers find
23 Flapping baby birds give clues to origin of flight
24 Mobile app makes ID of harmful plants, insects in Texas a snap
25 USDA seizes more than 1,200 illegal giant snails
26 Devil's Tongue flower comes to life in continuing five-year cycle
27 Changes in farming and climate hurting British moths
28 Top ten reptiles and amphibians benefitting from zoos
29 Honeybees play a vital role in the agricultural industry
30 Single-cell genomics sheds light on nutrient and carbon cycling in Actinobacteria
31 Study reveals drivers of Western consumers' readiness to eat insects
32 Bacterial communication considered for medical applications
33 DOE 'Knowledgebase' links biologists, computer scientists to solve energy, environmental issues
34 Danish museum discovers unique gift from Charles Darwin
35 Hydrogen powers important nitrogen-transforming bacteria
36 Researchers identify a pheromone in the urine of male tilapia fish that stimulates spawning in females
37 'K-to-M' histone mutations: How repressing the repressors may drive tissue-specific cancers
38 Team defines new biodiversity metric
39 Self-deceived individuals deceive others better
40 In sync and in control? Marching in unison makes men feel more formidable
41 Study provides new look at ancient coastline, pathway for early Americans
42 Militarized policing is counterproductive, according to expert
43 Healthy working environment is a salvation
44 Why marvellous isn't awesome any more
45 Creating a financial model to value water risk for businesses
46 Saddam Hussein--a sincere dictator?
47 Canadians rank highly when it comes to public science knowledge, attitudes, and engagement
48 Shy people use Facebook longer but disclose less
49 Research shows too much executive turnover hurts companies
50 Oldest representative of a weird arthropod group
51 Computer games give a boost to English
52 Ancient metal workers were not slaves but highly regarded craftsmen
53 Research shows over half of shared-path users frustrated by the actions of others
54 Collective bargaining subsidizes low-wage work in some states
55 Scientists conclude sun-powered boat trip to find Europe's oldest village
56 Museum to display 6,500-year-old human skeleton
57 Girls got game
58 How does your wine make you feel?
59 Precarious work schedules common among younger workers
60 Researchers search for evidence of earliest inhabitants of Central Great Plains
61 After Great Recession, Americans are unhappy, worried, pessimistic, study finds
62 China's reform of R&D budget management doesn't go far enough, research shows
63 Researchers suggest lack of published null result papers skews reliability of those that are published
64 Polyp removal doesn't always signal raised colon cancer risk, study says
65 Vitamin D does not stop heart attack or stroke
66 Brain networks 'hyper-connected' in young adults who had depression
67 Scientist finds clearer obesity, diabetes connection
68 Flexing the brain: Scientists discover why learning tasks can be difficult
69 Different forms of Alzheimer's have similar effects on brain networks
70 Research shows how premalignant cells can sense oncogenesis and halt growth
71 Genomic sequencing reveals mutations, insights into 2014 Ebola outbreak
72 Why your favourite song takes you down memory lane
73 Are you as old as what you eat? Researchers learn how to rejuvenate aging immune cells
74 Neuroscientists watch imagination happening in the brain
75 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of brain boosts memory
76 Real tremors, or drug-seeking patient? New app can tell
77 Pollution, smoking, roads, obesity kill 4.7m Chinese a year
78 Learning to read involves tricking the brain
79 Where you live may be putting you at risk for foodborne illness, researcher finds
80 Evidence mounting that older adults who volunteer are happier, healthier
81 How Alzheimer's peptides shut down cellular powerhouses
82 Cellphone addiction 'an increasingly realistic possibility,' study finds
83 'Face time' for the heart diagnoses cardiac disease
84 Researchers identify origin and purpose of the facial expression for anger
85 'Doctor-shopping' for painkillers common after broken-bone surgery, study finds
86 Mice study shows efficacy of new gene therapy approach for toxin exposures
87 Discovery could lead to new cancer treatment
88 HIV lessons from the Mississippi Baby
89 Mutation disables innate immune system
90 Assortativity signatures of transcription factor networks contribute to robustness
91 Experimental Ebola drug heals all monkeys in study (Update)
92 Preventing cancer from forming 'tentacles' stops dangerous spread
93 Medicinal GPS: DNA nanotechnology-based approach allows injected drugs to find tumor sites
94 Scientists see the 'soul' of the Sun
95 Memories may be rewired in the brain
96 Telescopes refine distance to the 'Seven Sisters'
97 Ebola virus is rapidly mutating
98 Viruses hitch ride on imported garlic
99 Songs take your brain down memory lane
100 Hot young stars create glowing clouds