File Title
1 NASA Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator Set to Lift Off
2 NASA's Newest Near Earth Network Antenna AS-3 Is Operational
3 Hands-Free in Space and Under Water
4 Self-Motivated Participation in Learning Activities Increases the Well-Being of Adults
5 History of Culture Transformed into Visual Representation
6 Researcher Reveals How Amphibians Crossed Continents
7 Study Shows Where On the Planet New Roads Should and Should Not Go
8 Researchers Advance Artificial Intelligence for Player Goal Prediction in Gaming
9 Google Adds Scientific Calculator to Search Results
10 Scientists Develop 3D Printer that Can Create Synthetic Tissue
11 New Technology Transforms Any Surface into a Touch Screen
12 UK Man Builds Homemade Ticker-Tape Machine that Prints Tweets
13 The First Fully Functional 3D-Printed Loudspeaker
14 Two Million in Sales Is the Magic Number for Raspberry Pi
15 Engineer Constructs Smartphone from Raspberry Pi
16 New Stripped-Down Raspberry Pi Now Available for $25
17 Whole-Exome Sequencing Helpful to ID Gene Mutations Linked to Nervous System Diseases
18 Viral Relics Reveal Cancer's 'Footprint' On Our Evolution
19 Managing Ecosystems via Genomics--New Potential Way to Control Spread of Insect-Borne Disease
20 World's Largest DNA Origami Created
21 Petite Cousin of the Tyrannosaurs Rex Detailed in New Report
22 Leaf-mining Insects Completely Disappeared with the Dinosaurs
23 Neither Too Hot Nor Too Cold: The Evolution of Marine Crocodilians Constrained by Ocean Temperatures
24 Researchers Discover Exceptionally Well Preserved Insect Fossils in the Rhone Valley
25 Worms Among First Animals to Appear After Asteroid Impact
26 UN Environmental Report Reveals that the Ozone Layer Is Beginning to Recover
27 Ozone Layer Is On the Mend, but There's Still Something Not Quite Right
28 Study Finds Warming Atlantic Temperatures Could Increase Range of Invasive Species
29 Some Faster Lizards Can Survive Climate Change: Study
30 Sugar Substitutes No Sweeter than the Real Thing: Study
31 The Brain's Perception of Sweetness Altered by Carbonation
32 Your Brain Knows the Difference Between Real Sugar and Substitutes
33 Researchers Say Fructose Does Not Impact Emerging Indicator for Cardiovascular Disease
34 Despite a Big Bamboo Diet, Giant Pandas Love the Taste of Sugar
35 Nearly 1-in-5 Americans Have Hearing Loss
36 You Eat What You Are--How Social Norms Affect Diet Choices
37 School Children Are Now Eating More Fruits and Vegetables: Study
38 Cereal Flake Size Influences Calorie Intake
39 Food and Nutrition Science Alliance Gives 10 Bits of Advice on Junk Science
40 Diet Quality Links Old and Young
41 NASA Study Investigates Impact of Prolonged Spaceflight On the Immune System
42 Dietary Changes Can Slow Decline of the Immune System in Old Age, Says Study
43 Indoor Mold Can Be Very Dangerous for Asthma Sufferers
44 Need for Enhanced Cues of Strength Led to Evolution of Universal Angry Face
45 Faces Are More Likely to Seem Alive When We Want to Feel Connected
46 Is Spooning Really the Best Sexual Position for Back Pain Patients?
47 Taking Care of Pets Boosts Mental Health and Social Relationships
48 Symptoms of Depression Causally Linked to Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in UK
49 Stress: Why is It a Nuisance for Some but Devastating for Others
50 Genetic Research Reveals Eight Distinct Types of Schizophrenia
51 Although Different, Stress and Anxiety Can Cause Similar Health Problems
52 Mechanical Law Highlighted by Tiger Beetle's Chase of Its Prey
53 Evolution in Species May Reverse Predator-Prey Population Cycles
54 Where Do the Rudest Drivers in America Live? The Answer May Surprise You
55 Energy Captured by Jaw-Powered Chinstrap
56 Fitbit or FitFail? Are Activity Monitors Really Worth It?
57 Startup Coin Wants to Replace All Your Credit Cards
58 CNIO Scientists Discover that Pluripotency Factor NANOG Is also Active in Adult Organisms
59 No Extra Mutations in Modified Stem Cells
60 Cancer Leaves a Common Fingerprint On DNA
61 Gibbons Become Last Ape to Have Their Genomes Sequenced
62 Novel Technique Reveals Healing Process of Dinosaurs' Broken Bones
63 Fossil Discovery Identifies Earliest Evidence for Animals with Muscles
64 New Evidence Suggests that Tyrannosaurs Traveled Together in Packs
65 6,500 Year Old Human Skeleton Re-Discovered in Museum Storage Room
66 Dinosaur Nest and Young 'Babysitter' Fossilized in a Rock Slab from the Yixian Formation
67 Massive Spinosaurus Identified As the First Ever Semiaquatic Dinosaur
68 New Study Shows Impact of Movies On Dog Breed Popularity
69 Secrets of Animal Weapons Revealed
70 India's Ahmednagar District Leopards Prefer Man's Best Friend for Dinner
71 Volunteer 'Eyes On the Skies' Track Peregrine Falcon Recovery in California
72 'Jaws' Lived in Doncaster
73 Chirp of Rare Bushcricket Is As Loud As a Power Saw
74 Parasitic Butterfly Larvae May Use Acoustic Signals to Infiltrate Ant Colonies
75 Insects Are Potential Tool for Global Food Security
76 Parasitic Fungus Manipulate Hosts to Die On the 'Doorstep' of the Colony
77 Aquatic Beetle Found in 20-million-year-old Sediments
78 Human, AI Join Forces to Pinpoint Fossil Locations
79 Researchers Find Earliest Known Animal Life
80 Archeologists Explain Mystery of Ancient 'Cave of Death'
81 German Team Recreates Dinosaur Fossils with 3D Printing
82 Researchers Pinpoint Date, Rate of Earth's Most Extreme Extinction
83 Global Extinction: Gradual Doom Is Just As Bad As Abrupt
84 Mammal Diversity Aided in Survival Over Deep Time
85 Ancient Asteroid Crater Discovered
86 Dinosaurs Were Not the First to Die Out 65 Million Years Ago
87 Dire Warnings from Leaked UN Report on Climate Change
88 Existing Power Plants Will Produce 300 Billion Tons of Future Emissions
89 FDA Approves Contrave, a New Drug to Battle Obesity
90 Not Just Cool--It's a Gas
91 It's Not the Bubbles that Give Your Beer a Bite
92 Despite a Big Bamboo Diet, Giant Pandas Love the Taste of Sugar
93 Scientists Develop First Cancer Immunotherapy for Dogs
94 How Viruses Use 'Fake' Proteins to Hide in Our Cells
95 Molecular 'Eat Now' Signal Makes Cells Devour Dying Neighbors
96 Element Commonly Used in Apple iPads Causing Allergic Reactions
97 Making Driving Safer Using Emotion Detectors
98 New Computer Model Can Recognize 21 Distinct Emotional Expressions
99 Avoiding Conflict Easier As Couples Get Older
100 Shocks Shown to Induce and Improve Lucid Dreaming
101 Region of the Brain Discovered that Enables Children to Overcome Emotional Self-centeredness As They Mature
102 Older Adults Nearly Twice As Likely to Have Memories Affected by Environmental Distractions
103 Older Adults Have Morning Brains!
104 Long-Term Study Suggests Ways to Help Children Learn Language and Develop Cognitive Skills
105 Hand Gentures Often Help Determine What Is Being Said
106 At Arm's Length: Plasticity of Depth Judgment
107 Brain Researchers Discover How Galileo's Visual Illusion Works in the Mind's Eye
108 Study of Olfaction in Fruit-Eating Bats Could Shed Light On Our Own Sense of Smell
109 A Collage of Senses Help Sharks Hunt for Food: Study
110 The Feel-Good Benefits of Belly Dancing