File Title
1 Stanford team builds stable lithium anode
2 Improving the cost and efficiency of renewable energy storage
3 Labs characterize carbon for batteries
4 USC scientists create new battery that's cheap, clean, rechargeable...and organic
5 Researchers developing cheap, better-performing lithium-ion batteries
6 Charging Portable Electronics in 10 Minutes
7 Designing Ion 'Highway Systems' for Batteries
8 Seeing how a lithium-ion battery works
9 Breakthrough in energy storage: Electrical cables that can store energy
10 Trojan Showcases Smart Carbon Line of Advanced Lead Acid Batteries
11 NCNR neutrons highlight possible battery candidate
12 Greensmith will integrate 23mW of energy storage in 2014
13 Study sheds new light on why batteries go bad
14 New Family of Materials for Energy-Efficient Information Storage and Processing
15 Changing temperature powers sensors in hard-to-reach places
16 Ultrasensitive Biosensor from Molybdenite Semiconductor Outshines Graphene
17 Scientists craft atomically seamless semiconductor junctions
18 Scientists uncover clues to role of magnetism in iron-based superconductors
19 Indonesia passes law to tap volcano power
20 Researchers inspired by marine life to design camouflage systems
21 Scottish scientists make 'tremendously important' breakthrough in water to hydrogen production proce[ss]
22 Astronauts eye China's future space station
23 China eyes working with other nations as station plans develop
24 China completes construction of advanced space launch facility
25 China to launch second space lab in 2016: official
26 China launches remote sensing satellite
27 Space: China's final tourism frontier
28 China to spend $1-bn. on massive Caribbean resort
29 XCOR Lynx Spacecraft Lands at Monterey Jet Center
30 American Spaceports
31 Captains of industry explore space's new frontiers
32 Scotland Dominates Locations List for UK Spaceport
33 Taiwan's tourism revenue hits record high in 2013
34 Elon Musk plans to take people to Mars within 10 years
35 Moon to see first tourists by 2017, single roundtrip ticket costs $150 mln
36 Wealthy Chinese buy space flight tickets: report
37 Virgin space flights cleared for US take-off
38 Hirst art, DiCaprio space trip help raise record AIDS funds
39 Swiss Space Systems launch the ZeroG experience
40 China village gunning for tourists
41 Minorities on display in Chinese tourist boom
42 China, Asia-Pacific, will power world tourism: survey
43 First space tourists to fly around Mars and Venus in 2021
44 Deal between Romantis and SES will better serve regional VSAT providers
45 Gilat Utilizes Intelsat to Connect Schools and Communities in Colombia
46 Imprinted brain theory links autism and schizophrenia
47 Size doesn't matter for black holes
48 Pomegranate can affect medicines
49 UH Researcher Looks at the Future of Higher Education
50 Students Report Greater Learning Gains in Traditional Science Courses
51 Many Children with Asthma, Food Allergies Lack School Emergency Plans
52 Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Second Version of CodeSpells Video Game
53 Exercise Before School Could Help Reduce ADHD Symptoms in Children
54 Teachers Quitting Due to High-stakes Testing, Declining Pay and Benefits, Lack of Voice
55 Study First to Use Brain Scans to Forecast Early Reading Difficulties
56 Intel Increases Its Digital Content Library with Kno Acquisition
57 Students Remember More with Personalized Review, Even After Classes End
58 Teachers More Likely to Use Ineffective Instruction When Teaching Students with Mathematics Difficulties
59 Digital Tools Having Both Positive, Negative Effects on Student Writing
60 Perceptions of Student Ability, Testing Pressures Hinder Some Science Teachers
61 Cyberbullying Increases As Students Age
62 ACP Releases New Recommendations for Treating Urinary Incontinence in Women
63 Dental and Nutrition Experts Call for Radical Rethink on Free Sugar Intake
64 Certain Form of Baldness at Age 45 Linked to Higher Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer
65 Practicing Yoga Has Risks and Benefits for Those with Bipolar Disorder
66 NASA Awards Simulation and Software Technology Contract for Engineering
67 Mobile App Downloading Service Pryte Picked Up by Facebook
68 Making the Internet of Things Safer with New Tool Developed by Computer Scientists
69 Malware Vulnerabilities Found in Microsoft's Malware Protection Engine
70 No-Power Wi-Fi Connectivity Could Fuel Internet of Things Reality
71 A Nation Advancing: Focusing on Measuring Continuing Progress
72 STEM Education Initiative Website Launched by AAU
73 NASA Selects Proposals to Increase STEM Education at Community and Technical Colleges
74 Slow to Mature, Quick to Distract: ADHD Study Finds Slower Development of Connections
75 Preschoolers Can Reflect on What They Don't Know
76 Best Educational Apps for Students and Teachers
77 Penveu: Make Any Display Interactive
78 12 Year Old Uses Raspberry Pi Computer to Create Time Lapse Camera
79 Higher Cigarette Taxes Lower Suicide Rates
80 Control of HIV Pandemic Will Not Be Achieved Without Radical Improvement in Support for Sex Workers
81 Bullying Victims More Likely to Suffer Night Terrors and Nightmares
82 Each Tree Species Has a Unique Bacterial Identity: Research
83 Discovery of the 'Most Famous Wheat Gene' Clears Way to Breed Better, Non-GMO Wheat
84 New Research Investigates Genetic Factors Responsible for Speech in Humans
85 Meteorite that Doomed the Dinosaurs also Remade Earth's Forests
86 What's for Dinner? Rapidly Identifying Undescribed Species in a Commercial Fungi Packet
87 Disparities in Actual Sugar Content Found in Popular Soft Drinks
88 Next-Gen. Superfoods Could Assist Cellular Protein in Keeping Our Bodies Healthy
89 When Is Vitamin E Intake Most Crucial?
90 Recent Studies Investigate the Health Benefits of Eating Dairy Products
91 Scientists Achieve First Successful Brain-To-Brain Communication in Humans
92 Dynamic Duo Takes Out the Cellular Trash
93 Your Brain Can Classify Words and More While You're Sleeping
94 Blame Your Brain When You Cave to the Craving
95 Depression Often Goes Untreated in Parkinson's Patients
96 One in Seven People May Be Affected by Sleep Drunkenness Disorder
97 Depression Doesn't Have to Be Scary
98 LINDSAY Is the Future of Medical Education
99 Mathematical Simulation Accurately Predicts Rise of Complex Societies
100 Predator-Prey Made Simple
101 Google Reveals Secret Drone Project, Kept Hidden for Two Years
102 Researcher Uploads Over Two Million Historic Book Images to Flickr Commons
103 Americans Have Unacceptably Poor Choices of Broadband Provision, Says FCC Chairman
104 New Parasitoid Wasp Species Discovered in China
105 King Richard III's Cause of Death Identified by Scientists
106 Amazon Tests New Wireless Network
107 FCC Expands Spectrum to Boost Wi-Fi Speeds
108 Miniature Satellites Take Wireless Sensor Networks into Space
109 Automotive Giants to Help University of Michigan Study V2V Communication Technology
110 NASA Astronauts Work Undersea for the Future of Space Missions