File Title
1 Brain inflammation dramatically disrupts memory retrieval networks, UCI study finds
2 Scientists show that nicotine withdrawal reduces response to rewards across species
3 How bacteria battle fluoride
4 Inflammation may be key to diabetes/heart disease link
5 'Electronic skin' could improve early breast cancer detection
6 Do you always get what you pay for? How consumers mispredict product quality
7 Cost-share programs encourage most to mitigate wildfire danger
8 Cutting the cloud computing carbon cost
9 A Mexican plant could lend the perfume industry more green credibility
10 Researchers advance artificial intelligence for player goal prediction in gaming
11 New species of extinct dolphin sheds light on river dolphin history
12 Study traces ecological collapse over 6,000 years of Egyptian history
13 Ohio University paleontologists discover new species of titanosaurian dinosaur in Tanzania
14 Scientists prove ground and tree salamanders have same diets
15 X-rays unlock a protein's SWEET side
16 'Squid skin' metamaterials project yields vivid color display
17 NASA research gives guideline for future alien life search
18 Why are consumers willing to spend more money on ethical products?
19 When casualties increased, war coverage became more negative
20 Some male scientists willing to forsake careers for family
21 Facebook posts reveal personality traits, but recent changes could make it harder to do so
22 More than Thor: Half of Viking Warriors Were Female
23 Prosperity is Why Languages Die, Say Researchers
24 Strange Deep Sea 'Mushrooms' Are a Mystery to Experts
25 Mammals Were Meant for the Night Life
26 Frogs in Thailand Speed up Embryo Stage to Avoid Being Eaten
27 Brain to Brain Communication: Is Telepathy Real?!
28 World's Biggest Dinosaur Discovered in Argentina?
29 Cracking Continents: The Power of Mantle Plumes
30 Massive Mountain Discovered Beneath Pacific Ocean
31 Threatened African Amphibians Ignored by Modern Species Distribution Models: Researchers
32 Scientists Create New Model for Detecting Dark Matter
33 Afghanistan Sitting on $1 Trillion Mineral Goldmine
34 Life Was Around Much Earlier than Scientists Thought
35 Carbon in Soil Vulnerable to Climate Change
36 New Volcanic Island Rising Out of Pacific Could Cause Tsunami
37 Ancient Stone Women Found Guarding Greek Tomb
38 Ancient Copper Settlement Discovered in Spain
39 Researchers find a Way to Mass Produce Graphene
40 2D Phosphorus Semiconductors can be used in Nano--Electronic Devices: Researchers
41 New Species of Titanosaurian Dinosaur Discovered in Tanzania
42 Plankton 'Dead Zone' May Threaten Arabian Fisheries
43 Volcanoes' Mantle Plumes Debunked
44 Sloth Ancestors Were as Big as Modern Elephants
45 Scientists Use Gold Substrate to Synthesize Germanene
46 What Lies Beneath Stonehenge: Unearthing Major Secrets
47 European Jews Are Closer than You Think
48 A Look at Jurassic 'Whale Falls'
49 Mammals Originated Much Earlier than Previously Assumed
50 Graphene Paints are Strong and Corrosion-Free: Researchers
51 Earthquake to Fill in Istanbul's 'Seismic Gap?'
52 'Toothy' Dolphin Fossil Discovered in Peru Desert
53 Spinosaurus: Earth's First Swimming Dinosaur
54 Ancient 'Toothy Pelican' Looks like it Came Straight Out of the Movies
55 Scientists 'Listen' to an Atom?
56 Mysteriously Rippled Rock Could Mean Ancient Life [VIDEO]
57 Climate Change Forces Moths to Find New Host
58 Did Early Humans Wear Babies into Battle?!
59 Was Our Planet Really Once a Hell on Earth?
60 Forecasting Hurricane Strength, Destruction Using New Model
61 Adorable 'Dumbo' Octopus a Creature Out of a Cartoon [VIDEO]
62 Twisted Radio Beams Used to Send Data at the Speed of 32 gigabytes per Second
63 Chew on this: Chin Strap can Power Small Electronic Devices
64 Meteorite that Doomed Dinosaurs Actually Made Forests Bloom
65 Synthetic Squid Skin that can 'See' Colors
66 Boeing, SpaceX to send astronauts to space station
67 N/A
68 CASIS Research Set for Launch Aboard SpaceX Mission to ISS
69 MAVEN on course for Mars Arrival September 21
70 MAVEN Spacecraft Makes Final Preparations for Mars
71 Scientist uncovers red planet's climate history in unique meteorite
72 New Type of Dust in Martian Atmosphere Discovered
73 MAVEN Solar Wind Ion Analyzer Will Look at Key Player in Mars Atmosphere Loss
74 Meteorites Yield Clues to Red Planet's Early Atmosphere
75 Unusual greenhouse gases may have raised ancient Martian temperature
76 Variation of halogens in martian soil calls for an atmosphere-surface cycle
77 Chandra Finds Planet that Makes Star Act Deceptively Old
78 Solar System Simulation Reveals Planetary Mystery
79 'Hot Jupiters' provoke their own host suns to wobble
80 First evidence for water ice clouds found outside solar system
81 NRL Scientist Explores Birth of a Planet
82 How NASA's New Carbon Observatory Will Help Us Understand Alien Worlds
83 Orion Rocks! Pebble-Size Particles May Jump-Start Planet Formation
84 Rotation of Planets Influences Habitability
85 Planet-like object may have spent its youth as hot as a star
86 Young binary star system may form planets with weird and wild orbits
87 Hubble Finds Three Surprisingly Dry Exoplanets
88 The Most Precise Measurement of an Alien World's Size
89 Transiting Exoplanet with Longest Known Year
90 NASA Mission to Reap Bonanza of Earth-sized Planets
91 Friction from Tides Could Help Distant Earths Survive, and Thrive
92 Newfound Frozen World Orbits in Binary Star System
93 Discovery expands search for Earth-like planets
94 Mega-Earth in Draco Smashes Notions of Planetary Formation
95 Kepler space telescope ready to start new hunt for exoplanets
96 First light for SPHERE exoplanet imager
97 Two planets orbit nearby ancient star
98 'Neapolitan' exoplanets come in three flavors
99 'Godzilla' of Earths circles distant star
100 Why Does Earth Have No Super-Earth Cousins?
101 Astronomers identify signature of Earth-eating stars
102 Starshade Could Help Photograph Distant Planets
103 Giant telescope tackles orbit and size of exoplanet
104 Odd planet, so far from its star
105 New Exomoon Hunting Technique Could Find Solar System-like Moons
106 Length of Exoplanet Day Measured for First Time
107 Spitzer and WISE Telescopes Find Close, Cold Neighbor of Sun
108 Alien planet's rotation speed clocked for first time
109 Astronomical Forensics Uncover Planetary Disks in NASA's Hubble Archive
110 Solved: Mysteries of a Nearby Planetary System's Dynamics