File Title
1 Inappropriate use of antibiotics responsible for $163 million in potentially avoidable hospital costs
2 Nintedanib in combination with paclitaxel achieves total remission of tumors in 50 percent of HER-2-negative breast cancer patients
3 Shared pain 'increases social bonding and cooperation'
4 Detecting genes for developmental delay
5 'Bio-spleen' uses magnets to clean bad blood
6 More big 'Ring of Fire' quakes likely, say scientists
7 Human brain gene turns mice into fast-learners
8 Red card on environment for 'greenest government ever'
9 Climate change remedies 'affordable,' says global body
10 Weak wells not fracking caused US gas leaks into water
11 Ebola outbreak: UN calls for $1 billion to fight virus
12 Rosetta: Audacious comet landing site chosen
13 Ancient sturgeon in China's Yangtze 'nearly extinct'
14 Brazil builds giant Amazon observation tower
15 First ban on shark and manta ray trade comes into force
16 Brain 'can classify words during sleep'
17 Goldfish recovering after 'high-risk' tumour removal
18 Download, print, build your Martian home in 24 hours
19 Scottish independence: Future of science contested
20 Are dolphins cleverer than dogs?
21 Camouflage: Can we ever create true invisibility?
22 MERS: Saudis in push to keep Hajj free from deadly virus
23 Aliens among us: What strange species are making England home?
24 Pakistan-India monsoon floods: Averting future disasters
25 The Mars sensor inspired by lobsters and cathedrals
26 Scottish independence: Campaigns seize on Scotland powers pledge
27 PCC Shaun Wright resigns over Rotherham child abuse scandal
28 CCTV images released in Thai murder hunt
29 Ukraine crisis: Rebels granted self-rule and amnesty
30 Helicopter crashes into sea near lighthouse in East Yorkshire
31 Was there a time British people couldn't buy olive oil?
32 The tricky business of policing sex in public
33 Scottish independence: NHS in Scotland 'faces 400 million pounds funding gap'
34 Apple releases U2 album removal tool
35 What makes a global top 10 university?
36 Seven spectacular Minecraft creations
37 Bosses and cash vanish at shoe firm Ultrasonic
38 Steve McFadden accepts News of the World damages
39 Seven shocking strips worn by sports teams
40 Six regions hit new house price peak, says ONS
41 American Sniper author Chris Kyle shot dead in Texas
42 Alice Gross search: Sighting of missing girl's rucksack
43 Judge overturns Uber ride-sharing ban in Germany
44 Panasonic launches Lumix camera phone with giant sensor
45 Cyber-theft prompts search for Nigerian bank IT worker
46 Millions respond to debate on slow and fast net lanes
47 Microsoft pays $2.5 billion for Minecraft maker Mojang
48 Tech firms want 'digital ministers' and easier migration
49 Android One smartphones released in India by three companies
50 Canon printer hacked to run Doom video game
51 Scots referendum sparks 10m Facebook interactions
52 Minecraft and Microsoft: What now?
53 How Africa's first education tablet computer was created
54 Alibaba: What exactly does it do?
55 Exoskeletons: My friend with a robot skeleton
56 Rob Ford tells Canadian newspaper he is 'pretty sick'
57 Heads attack no-notice inspections
58 Electric guitar overtakes violin in music lesson boom
59 Marks and Spencer moves into online courses
60 Universities ignoring laddish culture, says NUS leader
61 'Parents back' payday loan TV advert ban
62 Money is the key to being a top university, says study
63 Book donations help fire-hit Glasgow School of Art library
64 Information gap for university applications
65 Top GCSE grade to be given to just 3% in English and maths
66 Sugar intake must be slashed further, say scientists
67 Rugby players 'share towels, razors and bugs'
68 Fate of local hospitals a key concern in marginal seats
69 Suspended between life and death
70 Mother and daughter with dyspraxia offer help on video
71 What is the NHS there for?
72 Royal baby: Severe sickness 'traumatic'
73 Ebola outbreak: Barack Obama 'to pledge US troops to fight virus'
74 Stephen Sutton: 5 million pounds charity fund plan revealed
75 Child heart surgery: NHS seeks views on new guidelines
76 Addenbrooke's Hospital cancer doctor admits child sex offences
77 Walking or cycling to work 'improves well-being'
78 Ashya King: Prague proton beam therapy begins
79 Brain may 'compensate' for Alzheimer's damage
80 'Cuts forcing English councils to limit social care'
81 Botox 'may stunt emotional growth' in young people
82 Nicotine device licensed as medicine in UK
83 Cuba to send doctors to Ebola areas
84 Blood group 'link to memory loss'
85 Hot Stuff! Toxic Tornado Twirls Above Iceland Volcano
86 Rare Respiratory Virus Suspected in 12 US States
87 Giant Dinosaur Could Fill in 'Black Hole' of Fossil Record
88 Prediabetes Linked to Higher Risk of Cancer, Study Finds
89 Mock Mars Rover Competition Honors Best Student Designs
90 In Massive Shift, Nestle Takes on Animal Cruelty (Op-Ed)
91 Turning the Tide on Corporate Disinformation (Op-Ed)
92 Reference: What Is Nuclear Engineering?
93 Nicaragua Meteorite Impact Theory May Be Meteor-wrong
94 Zombie Fungus Enslaves Only Its Favorite Ant Brains
95 Stunning Emerald Green Arabian Sea May Herald Ecosystem Disaster
96 Middleton's 2nd Pregnancy: Is Short Spacing Healthy?
97 Look Ma, No Hands! GM Announces 'Intelligent' Driving Tech
98 Oy Vey! European Jews Are All 30th Cousins, Study Finds
99 Endangered Pupfish Could Vanish in 30 Years, Egg by Egg
100 Ancient 'Toothy' Dolphin Fossils Found in Peru Desert
101 Smart Health: Apple Watch Wants to Get You Moving
102 Citizen Science Assists Coastal Ecosystem Studies
103 Reference: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment
104 As Arctic Melts, Shipping Traffic Blasts Wildlife (Op-Ed)
105 Microbial Factories Could Produce Locally Brewed Painkillers
106 We Need to Talk About the Sexual Abuse of Scientists
107 Ancient Sloths: 5-Ton Creatures Grew Monstrously Fast
108 Hidden Monuments Reveal 'Stonehenge Is Not Alone'
109 Uncanny Valley Not So Uncanny for Lonely People
110 Ancient Viking Fortress Reveals 'Fierce Warriors' Were Decent Architects