File Title
1 Preterm infants at reduced risk of necrotizing enterocolitis when fed breast milk
2 The tools that bacteria use to fight antibiotics
3 DNA region controlling red blood cell invasion holds genetic key to malaria in chimpanzees
4 Our immune response to bereavement changes as we age
5 DNA sequence of Ashkenazi Jews mapped
6 Mangos may lower blood sugar in obese adults
7 Building replacement kidneys in the lab
8 Olaparib tablet safe in pretreated ovarian cancer patients
9 When distributing bed nets from clinics in malaria endemic regions, pregnant women should be prioritized
10 Benralizumab Phase II COPD study published
11 Early diagnosis and detection rates of skin cancer boosted by pioneering digital application
12 One in four people with diabetes worldwide live in China, but a new approach could help transform their care
13 Data shows that nintedanib slowed lung function decline in patients independent of their lung function impairment at baseline
14 Study indicates that statins may protect against microvascular complications of diabetes
15 IDSA, HIVMA call for state Medicaid programs to lift hepatitis C prescribing restrictions from ID and HIV doctors
16 Gambling is just plain fun for those players who are in control
17 Hormones and illness behavior
18 Living liver donors ambivalent with donation
19 What's not on the bottle? Public health organisations call on the European Commission to label alcoholic drinks
20 Researchers unlock the genetic code of cancer-causing liver fluke parasite
21 Housework a menial mental chore
22 New York Hospital Queens research demonstrates potential cost savings, improved outcomes, wtih Antibiotic Stewardship Programs
23 Phase III trials of pirfenidone show favourable and persistent treatment benefit on disease progression in patients with IDF up to 72 weeks
24 FDA reminds health care professionals and consumers not to use sterile products from Downing Labs/NuVision Pharmacy of Texas
25 RoActemra (tocilizumab) receives EU approval for use in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis
26 Deactivating a cell protein may halt progress of rheumatoid arthritis
27 Viral infection in nose can trigger bacterial infection in the ear
28 Sleep apnea: weaker brain blood flow damages the brain
29 How should we talk about suicide?
30 Malaria parasites sense and react to mosquito presence to increase transmission
31 The short-term impact of measles on health-related quality of life in England
32 Ovarian cancer metastasis promoted by mesothelial cells
33 Host protein levels correlate with HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder
34 New payment model for gene therapy suggested
35 A child's ADHD symptoms may be reduced by exercise before school
36 First generics, then biosimilars--a budding market
37 Diseases result from gene mutations linked to a molecular motor responsible for human development
38 Discovery of a weakness in malaria parasite fats could lead to new treatments
39 Scientists are developing eye drops to treat molecular basis of glaucoma
40 Ethnic disparities in cancer and genetic mutations linked
41 New target identified for treating heart failure
42 Encouraging healthier food choices via weekly text messages
43 Public Policy & Aging Report sets national agenda for long-term care
44 Patients with high-risk endometrial cancer benefit from radiation therapy with concurrent chemotherapy after surgery
45 Discovery may lead to improved memory, cognitive function in Alzheimer's patients
46 Racial/ethnic differences in child abuse explained by poverty, not bias
47 Diabetes patients cope better when they have a positive outlook and social support
48 Risky behavior affected by brain structure
49 More patients surviving due to continued improvements in hip fracture care
50 High levels of physical activity linked to early academic achievement
51 Scientists reset human stem cells in 'significant milestone' in medicine
52 'Cause of incurable muscle-wasting disease identified'
53 New mechanism that inhibits the activity of proteasomes paves the way for a new generation of chemotherapies
54 RN survey reveals that nearly 1 in 5 new nurses leave their first job within a year
55 Why damaged DNA contributes to cancer and other age-related illnesses
56 Interventions targeted at working memory in people with multiple sclerosis may help build cognitive reserve
57 Why some sickle cell patients do not adhere to available treatment
58 Males' access to the morning after pill was limited by nearly three-quarters of pharmacies
59 Gray matter myelin loss strongly related to MS disability
60 Parents' separation found to boost children's behavior problems, but only in high-income families
61 The cultural threshold for overweight in African-American women higher than the medical definition
62 Dietary self-monitoring aided by smartphone apps
63 Targeted nanomedicine therapy to regenerate heart muscle injured by heart attack
64 Groundbreaking study reveals best positions for sex for men who have back pain
65 Calorie restriction improves sleep apnea, hypertension in obese people
66 Plant-based therapy has potential to treat pulmonary hypertension
67 Appetite is a reliable predictor of mortality in old age
68 Millions of children not getting recommended preventive care
69 New evidence points to outcomes and cost benefits of telemedicine in managing chronic diseases
70 Veterinarian and pediatrician groups issue reminder about risk of Lyme disease in humans and pets
71 Generic pharmaceutical savings reach highest-ever watermark of $239 billion in 2013, U.S.
72 Study shows nurses facing debt and unemployment, U.S.
73 Combining gut hormone with insulin proves more effective at controlling type 2 diabetes than other common treatments
74 Study finds link between insurance type and treatment for stroke patients
75 Study exploring accuracy of impression techniques finds partial vs. complete edentulism may be a confounding factor
76 Talking therapy hope for people with a recent Bipolar Disorder diagnosis
77 Improved survival of ovarian cancer patients receiving treatment guided by comprehensive tumour profiling
78 Australian Medical Association (AMA) encourages broad medical profession and community discussion on End of Life Care
79 At four years, treatment effect maintained in more than two-thirds of patients who received Lemtrada in multiple sclerosis pivotal studies
80 Severe heart defects put children at 30 times greater risk of death before age of one
81 Genomic analysis reveals that a high-risk leukemia subtype becomes more common with age
82 Is the pattern of brain folding a "fingerprint" for schizophrenia?
83 Employer-sponsored family health premiums rise 3 percent in 2014
84 Model to improve diabetes management well-received by primary care physicians
85 New 'Click' antenatal classes prepare children for school
86 New research analyzing transmission rates of Ebola in West African countries shows rapid spread
87 Depressed employees may be better off at work than at home
88 Migraine sufferers may find meditation helps
89 'Response to reward' measured in nicotine withdrawal
90 Winter babies crawl sooner than summer babies, study says
91 Bullied children 'at higher risk of night terrors, nightmares, sleepwalking'
92 Failed fertility in women who want children linked to worse mental health
93 Social relationship status 'may influence perceptions of facial animacy'
94 The young brains of city dwellers harmed by air pollution
95 Study confirms that nerve signals are sound pulses
96 More resilient people tend to have a higher pain tolerance
97 The health benefits of working during depressive illness
98 Neural response to food commercials can lead to weight gain in teens
99 Fish and fatty acid consumption associated with lower risk of hearing loss in women
100 Role of emergency contact is mistaken for advance directive
101 UF researchers warn against overuse of cardiac stress tests
102 Drugs for depression linked with failure of dental implants
103 Belly dancing 'associated with a positive body image'
104 Foetal exposure to binge drinking can affect child's mental health and school results
105 Important changes in cellular behavior that occur in rare, blistering skin disease
106 Researchers create new vestibular test to add to comprehensive concussion evaluation
107 Researchers halve the risk of preterm birth for some twin pregnancies
108 How brain can tell magnitude of errors
109 Hope for detection of potent drugs known as 'bath salts' using portable technology
110 Hand hygiene compliance increased by peer pressure in the healthcare setting