File Title
1 Simple and inexpensive lab test identifies resistant infections in hours
2 Breath temperature test could identify lung cancer
3 Survey: up to $12 billion dollars wasted in medical imaging
4 S-Tones found to be more effective than broadband noise in reducing tinnitus
5 High rates of recreational drug use among HIV-positive gay and bisexual men in the UK strongly linked with condomless sex
6 Social networking can help people lose weight
7 Enzalutamide significantly reduces morbidities associated with bone metastases in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer
8 MNK-155, an extended-release hydrocodone/acetaminophen combination, shows efficacy in Phase 3 acute pain trial
9 Human Abuse Liability (HAL) data released for investigational MNK-155, an extended-release hydrocodone/acetaminophen combination
10 DIFICLIRTM (fidaxomicin) more cost effective than current standard of care in cancer patients with clostridium difficile infection
11 Study: once-daily Ultibro Breezhaler is superior in reducing COPD flare ups compared to Seretide
12 Patients with advanced dementia continue receiving medications of questionable benefit
13 Study examines immunosuppressant effect on central nervous system disorder
14 TONADO study shows further lung function and quality of life benefits with tiotropium + olodaterol Respimat fixed dose combination in COPD
15 Study shows 'mind-to-mind' communication in humans
16 Viruses can spread surprisingly quickly through buildings
17 Why humans don't suffer from chimpanzee malaria: DNA region controlling red blood cell invasion holds genetic key to infection
18 Gene 'may slow aging of entire body when activated in key organs'
19 Autism treatment in infancy 'may prevent further symptoms'
20 'Pocket doctor' phone app could measure Parkinson's progression
21 New vaccine regimens provide rapid and durable protection against Ebola virus
22 After 2 years on HIV treatment, survival in South African patients meets or exceeds rates from North America
23 New guideline created for managing sickle cell disease
24 Long-term follow-up shows benefit of statin therapy for children with inherited cholesterol disorder
25 Reanalyses of data from RCTs can lead to different conclusions
26 When talking about body size, African American women & doctors may be speaking different languages
27 Immune cells use two critical receptors to clear dead cells from the body, pointing the way to new autoimmune and cancer therapies
28 As we age our stem cells' ability to repair muscle is reduced
29 Platelet-like particles augment natural blood clotting
30 Stopping harmful bacteria by targeting the protein-making machinery
31 Many skin cancers driven by ultraviolet light-induced mutation
32 New detector captures unprecedented range of light, sees the layers between skin and bone
33 No convincing evidence to support use of new hip and knee implants
34 Number of ER visits due to high blood pressure 'on the rise'
35 Prediabetes increases the risk of cancer by 15 percent
36 New guidelines that favor watchful waiting in prostate cancer may not be suitable for African Americans
37 Silencing NDM-1 resistance gene in pathogens as a new antimicrobial strategy
38 New compound inhibits enzyme crucial to MERS and SARS viruses, with a catch
39 Combined therapy improves survival for patients with liver cancer who are not suitable for surgery
40 New genetic target for a different kind of cancer drug should benefit lung and breast cancer patients
41 Popular cancer drug target implicated in cardiovascular defects
42 A quarter of US hospitals' budgets is consumed by bureaucracy, double that of other nations
43 'Cannabis use in adolescence has negative impact on education'
44 Novel antibiotic shows potential for broad range of tough-to-treat infections
45 Increased Alzheimer's risk linked to long-term benzodiazepine use
46 Context matters in directing pluripotent stem cells
47 Drug-resistant bacteria lingers in nostrils of hog workers even after they leave the farm
48 Using immunotoxins to kill colon cancer
49 Neurodegenerative diseases can be caused by broken signals
50 Just one facial plastic surgery can safely address the major aspects of aging
51 Cell secret revealed that is potentially useful for vaccines
52 Could bacteria from bees offer a possible alternative to antibiotics
53 Children have stronger food cravings but they are more controllable
54 Poor recording of physical health and medication could be causing dementia trials to fail
55 UK eye health companies form Industry Vision Group to improve prioritisation of eye health
56 E-cigarette nicotine refill cartridges pose danger for toddlers
57 Study: bureaucracy consumes one-quarter of US hospitals' budgets, twice as much as in other nations
58 How is accountable care taking shape internationally?
59 Hospital to home transition interventions can keep people out of the hospital longer, especially for older patients
60 Unusual immune cell needed to prevent oral thrush, Pitt researchers find
61 New genomic editing methods produce better disease models from patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells
62 Online mindfulness intervention reduces fatigue and negative work-related worry
63 New study demonstrates transoral incisionless fundoplication (TIF) provides dramatic symptom resolution
64 More people testing positive for Chikungunya virus in the U.S, finds study at ICAAC 2014
65 'Fingerprinting' cell metabolism points toward study of obesity, diabetes
66 CDC report finds sodium consumption high among U.S. children
67 AACR issues policy statement to urge FDA to provide oversight of high risk laboratory developed tests to protect patient safety and product innovation
68 Assessing risk of lung disease through contact with birds
69 New methods enhance the quality of myocardial perfusion imaging
70 Xenon gas protects the brain after head injury
71 New research shows there could be increased numbers of psychopaths in senior managerial positions and high levels of business
72 Eating is addictive but sugar and fat are not like drugs, study says
73 New UK study of alcohol health workers published
74 New technology may uncover the root of critical infections and cut health care costs
75 Race and ethnicity important when evaluating risk of fat around the heart
76 Could bee bacteria provide alternatives to antibiotics?
77 Investigating why asthma sufferers struggle with respiratory viruses
78 Mathematical tool could help emergency services deal with Ebola, pandemics
79 The search for Ebola immune response targets
80 '1 in 5 chance' Ebola will spread to the US by the end of September
81 Mothers with positive childhood experiences respond better to babies' cries
82 Antibiotic resistance: how has it become a global threat to public health?
83 Using plants to produce enzyme may provide treatment for high blood pressure in lungs
84 Memory loss more common in people with blood type AB
85 Study examines vitiligo, alopecia areata and chronic graft-vs-host disease
86 Discrimination by health care workers among homeless adults in Toronto with mental illness
87 New screening method for cannabis paves the way for drug development
88 Some hepatitis C patients benefit from simeprevir
89 Truancy, failing tests linked to more sex, less condom use in teenage girls
90 Most patients can safely undergo contrast-enhanced CT scans
91 Spirituality decreases likelihood of experimenting with drugs and alcohol by youths
92 New antibody-based treatment improves severe asthma care
93 Factors related to increased blood pressure
94 Living with two college-educated parents decreases risk of teens using alcohol and marijuana
95 'Fat shaming' doesn't encourage weight loss
96 CPAP can reverse brain damage caused by severe sleep apnea
97 Search and rescue: soft robot squirms over fire, ice, and withstands crushing force
98 Every child with asthma, food allergies should have a school emergency plan
99 Central line infections and ventilator pneumonias decline nationwide
100 New application of surgical aid used by bone cancer surgical team
101 Pastors lack training to help mentally ill congregants
102 New targets for treating pulmonary hypertension
103 Leukemia patients to benefit from novel cancer drug
104 Small weight gains of 5 pounds can raise blood pressure
105 Reaction to violent media depends on each individual's brain circuitry
106 Smokers with a high sodium diet are at 'double the risk' of rheumatoid arthritis
107 In mouse model of Alzheimer's disease, targeted immune booster removes toxic proteins
108 Nearly half of older adults have care needs
109 sPIF protects against neuronal death and brain injury
110 Variation in hospitalizations from ER costs billions