File Title
1 The impact of exposure to manganese in water and air
2 More infection control surveillance, standardization in the emergency department needed
3 Nature or nurture? With intelligence it's all about the message
4 A protein may be linked to heart attacks
5 New target identified for treatment of abnormal blood vessels and leakage in common eye diseases
6 Smelly after exercise? Polyester clothes stink; cotton, not so much
7 HIV antibody discovered that binds to novel target on virus
8 Perception of time may be responsible when we experience trouble starting a task
9 Association between widely used depression drug and dental implant failure
10 Everyday experiences may bring us unexpected joy in the future
11 Timing of food intake could impact the effectiveness of TB treatment
12 Flour identified as the main cause of occupational asthma in France
13 Better outcomes for sepsis patients in hospitals with higher case volumes
14 After spinal cord injury, transplanted stem cells help prevent bladder fibrosis
15 Interactions lethal to cancer identified by innovative algorithm
16 Bariatric surgical center accreditation linked to improved rates of patient survival and fewer postoperative complications
17 White matter damage, cognition after traumatic axonal injury
18 Many patients in cancer centers may not experience a dignified death
19 How the brain processes color and motion provides new understanding of attention
20 Gene network identified that is behind untreatable leukemia; discovery suggests possible treatment target
21 Researchers grow prostate cancer organoids in the lab; advances expected in personalized treatment
22 Researchers produce therapy-grade induced pluripotent stem cells
23 Perceived control over setbacks promotes persistence
24 Expression of breast cancer-related genes adversely affected by soy supplementation
25 Rhesus monkey infants fed by breast or bottle develop distinct immune systems
26 Increase seen in liver injury caused by herbals, dietary supplements
27 Inflammation and changes in the barrier function of the intestines found in multiple sclerosis
28 Electronic nose 'detects asthma subtypes in children'
29 Genetic link identified between the circadian clock and seasonal timing
30 Novel treatment method--visualising plastic changes to the brain
31 Apolipoprotein E and apolipoprotein CI are involved in cognitive impairment progression in Chinese late-onset Alzheimer's disease
32 The impact of dexamethasone on intelligence and hearing in preterm infants
33 Asthma risk reduced in babies sleeping on animal fur
34 Ebola vaccine set for human trials after inducing long-term immunity in monkeys
35 Spinal cord and Parkinson's disease patients likely to benefit from new research
36 A spontaneous retinal neovascular mouse model
37 More convenient once-weekly regimen for breast radiation
38 Researchers have described the role of a protein that is crucial for cell reprogramming
39 Movable cytoskeleton membrane fabricated for first time
40 New rare neuromuscular disease identified
41 Better birth outcomes in greener neighborhoods
42 New therapeutic target for diabetic wound healing
43 Complication of hemophilia treatment prevented in mice
44 Type of bad cholesterol might actually be good
45 Part of arthritis puzzle identified
46 Survival benefit of breast conserving therapy compared to mastectomy in early-stage breast cancer patients
47 Study finds that disparities persist in early-stage breast cancer treatment
48 Helping obese patients to lose weight not so easy for overweight counselors
49 Input from a psychologist can help improve asthma symptoms
50 Study: sodium's influence on blood pressure statistically insignificant
51 Study: Myriad myRisk Hereditary Cancer test identifies 43 percent more patients with breast cancer risk
52 Influenza vaccination of pregnant women protects mothers and their babies
53 Most accurate measures of gene expression through Finnish-British cooperation
54 Phase III FIRST trial results of REVLIMID Plus Dexamethasone in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients published
55 Study shows complexities of reducing HIV rates in Russia
56 Important regulators of immune cell response identified
57 A minimally invasive, high-performance intervention for staging lung cancer
58 Fractyl Labs announces positive clinical data for first procedural therapy to treat type 2 diabetes
59 Lung cancer study reveals new drug combination targets
60 U.S. Marshals seize drug products from Flawless Beauty
61 New study reveals strong link between higher levels of pollution and lung health of European citizens
62 New blood test could offer more tailored treatment of ovarian cancer
63 Researchers turn to plants to help treat hemophilia
64 FDA allows marketing of the first test to assess risk of developing acute kidney injury
65 Gene patent laws must change to protect Australian healthcare consumers
66 Seeing aging as positive may improve mental health
67 Superbug infection risk increases with length of hospital stay
68 Medical Devices Summit Europe, October 20-21, 2014, Dublin
69 Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety and Risk Management Conference, 26th-27th November 2014, Brussels
70 European Clinical Operations in Oncology Conference, 25th-26th November 2014, Amsterdam
71 Hourly 5-minute walks 'reverse arterial damage caused by sitting'
72 Increased asthma risk for babies whose father smokes before conception
73 Researchers trigger muscle repair in mice with muscular dystrophy
74 Should lung cancer screening be covered for Medicare beneficiaries?
75 Study finds tear gas could have temporary impact on lung health
76 Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) cases linked with asbestos exposure
77 Birth measurements could predict lung health in teen years
78 Study sheds light on how stem cells can be used to treat lung disease
79 Rethinking football head injuries--Speaking of chemistry video
80 Ultrasensitive biosensor from molybdenite semiconductor outshines graphene
81 Not-so-sweet sugar substitutes
82 Rare stem cells identified in testis hold potential for infertility treatments
83 Study of the brain's 'anti-relapse' circuit could lead to treatments that boost this resistance
84 Minimally invasive, high-performance intervention for staging lung cancer
85 How bacteria take out trash could result in new antibiotics
86 No long-term harmful effects on sleep in premature infants administered caffeine therapy for apnea
87 97 percent of elderly patients aged above 80 years recover without major complications after breast cancer surgery
88 Dengue vaccine will likely lead to short-term spikes in prevalence of the disease
89 Middle ear infection can be triggered by viral infection in nose
90 Advance reported in treatment of triple-negative breast cancer
91 College women at triple the risk of sexual assault if they have been sexually assaulted in the past
92 How to thrive through close relationships
93 Ovarian cancer oncogene found in 'junk DNA'
94 In HER2 positive breast cancer, novel immunotherapy vaccine decreases recurrence
95 Addressing a barrier to mental health care--stigma
96 Omega-3 fish oil 'could reduce seizure frequency for epilepsy patients'
97 Affordable Care Act: insurance coverage has improved for young adults
98 How do sex hormones influence autism risk?
99 Huntington's disease research advances with 'disease in a dish'
100 New gene mutations discovered for Wilms Tumor
101 Studies relating to e-cigarettes presented at the ERS Congress
102 Restarting infliximab for IBD after a drug holiday
103 Brain mechanism underlying the recognition of hand gestures develops even when blind
104 Non-small-cell lung cancer suppressed by combination microRNA therapy
105 Blood for transfusion stiffens with time
106 Flu vaccination rates among health care workers climb with mandatory policy
107 Analysis finds new single-dose influenza drug to be safe and effective
108 All acute care hospitals should implement antibiotic stewardship programs
109 HPV vaccination program in Australia leads to 61 percent fall in female genital warts
110 Cancer patients benefit from isavuconazole, a new antifungal