File Title
1 Court dismisses second appeal to overturn ruling on corporate human gene patenting
2 Icy plate tectonics detected on Europa
3 Vaccine shields monkeys from Ebola for 10 months
4 Maths explains how lobsters swim
5 Training Your Brain to Prefer Healthy Foods
6 Engineers Develop New Sensor to Detect Tiny Individual Nanoparticles
7 Scientists Find Possible Neurobiological Basis for Tradeoff Between Honesty, Self-Interest
8 So...Do You Know What's in Your Water, Ask Virginia Tech Engineers?
9 Researchers Awarded $1.5 Million to Develop Software to Process Solar Astronomy Data on Larger Scale
10 Can We Ever Truly Master Password Security? Computer Scientist Weighs In
11 Giant Garbage Patches Help Redefine Ocean Boundaries
12 New Method for Non-Invasive Prostate Cancer Screening
13 Research in Rodents Suggests Potential for "in Body" Muscle Regeneration
14 UNH Ocean Mappers Discover Seamount in Pacific Ocean
15 Scripps Florida Scientists Make Diseased Cells Synthesize Their Own Drug
16 Scientists' Work May Lead to Mission to Find Out What's Inside Asteroids
17 An Uphill Climb for Mountain Species?
18 The Wistar Institute Opens New $100 Million Biomedical Research Facility
19 $8.2 Million Grant to Support Binghamton University's Alcohol Research Efforts
20 Changing Temperature Powers Sensors in Hard-to-Reach Places
21 Study Shows Cellular RNA Can Template DNA Repair in Yeast
22 Newly Identified Galactic Supercluster Is Home to the Milky Way
23 WCS Co-Authored Paper Calls for More Open-Access Journals
24 Discovery Reveals How Bacteria Distinguish Harmful Versus Helpful Viruses
25 Research Hints at Why Stress Is More Devastating for Some
26 Green Construction Red Hot Among Entrepreneurs
27 New iBooks Textbook Helps Visually Impaired Visit the Stars Through Touch and Sound
28 Cost-Effective, High-Performance Micropumps for Lab-on-a-Chip Disease Diagnosis
29 WUSTL Helps Found Consortium to Advance Internet of the Future
30 How the Brain Finds What It's Looking For
31 Atomically Thin Material Gets Excited from Afar, Opening a Door for Integrated Nanophotonic Circuits
32 Avian Influenza Virus Isolated in Harbor Seals Poses a Threat to Humans
33 Team Identifies Important Regulators of Immune Cell Response
34 Birth of a Mineral
35 Low Voltage: Electric Vehicle Sales Do Not Match the Hype
36 ESF Symposium Focuses on 'New American Environmentalism'
37 UT Southwestern Scientists Identify Rare Stem Cells in Testis that Hold Potential for Infertility Treatments
38 Magnetic Nanocubes Self-Assemble into Helical Superstructures
39 UF/IFAS Researchers Could Improve How Companies Ship Fresh Produce
40 NSF Awards Grant for Purchase of New 'Supercomputer'
41 International Pioneer Leading UALR Emerging Analytics Center
42 California blue whales rebound from whaling; first of their kin to do so
43 Dietary Recommendations May Be Tied to Increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions
44 Ecologist Stresses Importance of Wetlands, Grasslands in Midwest
45 Dynamic Duo Takes Out the Cellular Trash
46 Rethinking the Basic Science of Graphene Synthesis
47 Continuing Bragg Legacy of Structure Determination
48 Doped Graphene Nanoribbons with Potential
49 Preventing and Dealing with a Head-Scratching Problem--Lice
50 Major Ivory Poaching Arrest in Mozambique
51 Global Food Trade May Not Meet All Future Demand, U. Va. Study Indicates
52 Speckled Beetle Key to Saving Crops in Ethiopia, Virginia Tech-Led Researchers Say
53 Seven Researchers Awarded for Work Presented at Yeast Genetics Conference
54 Global Food Traceability Center Launches New Seafood Traceability Financial Tool
55 Texas A&M Prof. Helps to Develop New Device that Detects Radiation Better than Ever
56 Lipid Deficiency Linked to Neuron Degeneration in Lab Study
57 UNC Researchers Find New Genetic Target for a Different Kind of Cancer Drug
58 Mysteries of Space Dust Revealed
59 Transportation Center Receives Additional $1.4 Million Grant from Department of Transportation
60 New Motor Under Development by UW-Madison Spinoff
61 Co-Flowing Liquids Can Stabilize Chaotic "Whipping" in Microfluidic Jets
62 Live Fast, Die Young: Soil Microbes in a Warmer World
63 Sharks in Acidic Waters Avoid Smell of Food
64 Advanced Technologies Vastly Improve MRI for Children
65 Bacteria Harbor Secret Weapons Against Antibiotics
66 Pesky Insect Inspires Practical Technology
67 Artificial Membranes on Silicon
68 Genetic Modifier Impacts Colon Tumor Formation
69 Gulf Anglers Could Be Entitled to $585 Million After the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Study Says
70 S&T Announces First Success of Technology Transition Program
71 Hubble Finds Companion Star Hidden for 21 Years in a Supernova's Glare
72 A Decade of Research Identifies Threats to Adirondack Loons, Provides Guidance on Protection
73 Proactive Office Ergonomics Can Increase Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention
74 Your Parents Were Right: New Research Shows Importance of Saying Thank You
75 Greenhouse gas levels rising at fastest rate since 1984
76 Sir John Franklin: Fabled Arctic ship found
77 Badger culling resumes for second year
78 'Pocket' diagnosis for Parkinson's
79 Young citizen scientists reveal urban bee 'surprise'
80 Australia shark attack: British man killed at Byron Bay
81 Obama briefs Congress leaders on fight with IS
82 Apple Watch unveiled alongside new larger iPhones
83 MH17 crash: Dutch experts say numerous objects hit plane
84 Wife of Ray Rice defends her husband who hit her
85 The threat of 'big small government'
86 Growing threat to American birds, says report
87 Would you live in a house clinging to a cliff?
88 Michael Schumacher leaves hospital for recovery at home
89 Nigeria's Boko Haram 'shoots ex-President Obasanjo's son'
90 Syria violence: Blast 'kills Islamist rebel chiefs'
91 More to money than meets the eye
92 Paleontologists Uncover New Breed of Titanosaur Called the Rukwatitan Bisepultus
93 Fear the Rukwatitan! Boffins unearth new titanosaur in Tanzania
94 New dinosaur species a rare find in Africa
95 Egyptian Artifacts Show Mammal Extinctions Led to Ecological Collapse
96 Hundreds of bird species at risk due to climate change
97 U.N. climate agency reports carbon dioxide growing at alarming rate
98 Long-thought useless, whale pelvises critical in controlling cetacean penises
99 Minister warns on penalties for climate deal breaches
100 Scientist Believe to Have Watched the Birth of a Planet
101 Stephen Harper's Arctic ship comes in with Franklin expedition find
102 Who Knew? All European Jews Are 30th Cousins or Closer
103 Clever Trout Rival Chimpanzees at Choosing Allies
104 Mini-moons form in a matter of months in Saturn's chaotic F ring
105 Jupiter's Europa Has Earth-Like Plate Tectonics and May Support Life
106 NASA eyes potential landing sites for 2020 Mars rover mission
107 Residents: Hawaii lava part of living in paradise
108 Developments in Graphene Manufacture
109 NASA craft closes in on its target--Mars
110 Thought wiped out by climate change, 'extinct' snail rediscovered in Seychelles
111 Blue Whales of California Are Back to Historical Levels, Study Finds
112 Arizona talking to EPA about best way to meet strict emissions rule