File Title
1 Innovative algorithm spots interactions lethal to cancer
2 A smart fluorescent antenna for Wi-Fi applications
3 On the way to a safe and secure Smart Home
4 New synthesis method may shape future of nanostructures, clean energy
5 New program to evaluate prominent individuals' personalities
6 Can a stack of computer servers survive an earthquake?
7 Quantum control of molecules for ultra-fast computers: Single laser stops molecular tumbling motion instantly
8 New NASA probe will study Earth's forests in 3-D
9 Climate change to increase forest fire danger in Europe
10 Global food trade may not meet all future demand, study indicates
11 New antifungal as effective as existing drugs with fewer adverse events
12 Inexpensive lab test identifies resistant infections in hours
13 Flour identified as main cause of occupational asthma in France
14 New single-dose influenza drug appears safe, effective
15 It's the pits: Ancient peach stones offer clues to fruit's origins
16 Like weeds of the sea, 'brown tide' algae exploit nutrient-rich coastlines
17 Dietary recommendations may be tied to increased greenhouse gas emissions
18 Near-extinct African amphibians 'invisible' under climate change
19 Clues to trapping carbon dioxide in rock: Calcium carbonate takes multiple, simultaneous roads to different minerals
20 Ozone pollution in India kills enough crops to feed 94 million in poverty
21 Mantle plumes crack continents
22 Bluefin tuna found hunting for mackerel in East Greenland waters
23 How good is the fossil record? New study casts doubt on their usefulness
24 To clean air and beyond: Catching greenhouse gases with advanced membranes
25 First Neanderthal rock engraving found in Gibraltar: Abstract art older than thought?
26 Ancient mammal relatives were active at night 100 million years before origin of mammals
27 New deep sea mushroom-shaped organisms discovered
28 Copper Age settlement discovered in Central Spain: Archaeologists show the Meseta's resources were used intensively as early as 4,000 years ago
29 Extinctions during human era one thousand times more than before
30 Modern population boom traced to pre-industrial roots
31 Exceptionally well preserved insect fossils from the Rhone Valley found
32 From silk tunics to relics: Development of early relic worship
33 History of peoples of Africa: Role of agriculture reviewed
34 Plant life forms in the fossil record: When did the first canopy flowers appear?
35 Flapping baby birds give clues to origin of flight
36 Prehistoric migrations: DNA study unravels the settlement history of the New World Arctic
37 New research reveals how wild rabbits were genetically transformed into tame rabbits
38 WHO-commissioned report on e-cigarettes misleading, say experts
39 One in five child deaths in England preventable, as are many other types, study shows
40 E-cigarettes may promote illicit drug use, addiction
41 Wearable sensors to detect firearm use
42 Lowering coal-fired power plant emissions may have saved 1,700 lives in one year
43 Nature or nurture? It's all about the message
44 Enjoying the possibility of defeat: Suspense, uncertainty predict how much players enjoy a game
45 Community music programs enhance brain function in at-risk children
46 Household air pollution puts more than one in three people worldwide at risk of ill health, early death
47 Economic success drives language extinction
48 Self-deceived individuals deceive others better
49 Feeling bad at work can be a good thing (and vice versa)
50 Sleepy college students stressed by jobs
51 In an already stressful workplace, Great Recession's health effects hard to find
52 Disconnect between parenting and certain jobs a source of stress
53 Shift workers: Evidence for sleep-inducing and alertness drugs is weak
54 Study measures steep coastal costs of China's GDP growth
55 Geography matters: Model predicts how local 'shocks' influence U.S. economy
56 All-in-one energy system offers greener power for off--grid homes, farms and businesses
57 Kill switch in cell phones could save consumers more than $3.4 billion annually
58 Cellphone addiction harming academic performance is 'an increasingly realistic possibility'
59 Readers with dyslexia have disrupted network connections in the brain, map the circuitry of dyslexia shows
60 Social class makes a difference in how children tackle classroom problems
61 Combining math and music to open new possibilities
62 ADHD children make poor decisions due to less differentiated learning processes
63 Children's drawings indicate later intelligence, study shows
64 How children's brains memorize math facts
65 Expecting to teach enhances learning, recall
66 Musical training offsets some academic achievement gaps, research says
67 New insights into how young and developing readers make sense of words
68 How Crafty Ocean Bacteria Conquer Food Deserts
69 Reference: Facts About Palladium
70 Icky Solution to Diaper Waste: Grow Mushrooms on Them
71 Reference: Tooth Sensitivity: Causes, Remedies & Treatment
72 How Soy Supplements May Affect Breast-Cancer Genes
73 Eating Potassium-Rich Food May Lower Stroke Risk
74 Float in Earth's Upper Atmosphere with High-Altitude Balloons
75 Atom-Sized Construction Could Shrink Future Gadgets
76 Mosaic Floor Revealed at Alexander the Great-Era Tomb
77 Obesity Rates Increased in These 6 States
78 Mind Messaging: Thoughts Transmitted by Brain-to-Brain Link
79 Rare Anesthetic May Help Treat PTSD, Rat Study Suggests
80 Kilauea Lava Creeps Toward Hawaiian Neighborhood
81 Buried Treasure: 1,900-Year-Old Roman Jewelry Unearthed
82 Reference: Type 2 Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
83 Tesla Motors to Build Battery 'Gigafactory' in Nevada
84 For Some, Tourism Now Includes Surgery
85 Oversized Alien-Like 'Shrimp' Caught Off Florida Is ID'ed
86 Saying 'Thank You' Does Make a Difference (Op-Ed)
87 Why It's So Hard to Deceive Children
88 Whoosh! Air Race Showcases Extreme Engineering
89 Swallows of the Western Skies
90 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
91 How Cave Slime Helps Create Dripstones
92 New Iceland Eruptions Visible from Space
93 'Better' Burgers Worse for Health, No Better for Climate (Op-Ed)
94 3,000-Year-Old Golden Bowl Hides a Grisly Archaeological Tale
95 Toddlers Know More Math than You Think
96 Why Do People Keep Their Accents?
97 Office Germs: Viruses Spread Everywhere in Just Hours, Study Shows
98 Female Sculptures Guard Mysterious Tomb in Greece
99 6th Mass Extinction? Humans Kill Species Faster than They're Created
100 Jupiter's Moon Europa May Have Plate Tectonics Just like Earth
101 Stephen Hawking Says 'God Particle' Could Wipe Out the Universe
102 New Particle Detector Could Reveal Universe's Missing Antimatter
103 Climate and Civilization Killed Egypt's Animals