File Title
1 Biochemists find new treatment options for staph infections, inflammatory diseases
2 New synthesis method may shape future of nanostructures, clean energy
3 Scientists create renewable fossil fuel alternative using bacteria
4 A fix to our cell-phone waste problem?
5 Grooving crystal surfaces repel water
6 Thermoset materials acquire thermoplastic properties with the aid of triazolinediones
7 Lead and cadmium found in some chocolate bought in Brazil
8 Flexible polymer probes and magnetic nanoparticles promise breakthroughs for treating paralysis, brain disease
9 Knowing how bacteria take out trash could lead to new antibiotics
10 Catching greenhouse gases with advanced membranes
11 Cost-effective, high-performance micropumps for lab-on-a-chip disease diagnosis
12 Technology to preserve the pleasant smell of coffee
13 New protagonist in cell reprogramming discovered
14 Scientists prove ground and tree salamanders have same diets
15 Archerfish target shoot with 'skillfully thrown' water
16 New reprogramming factor cocktail produces therapy-grade induced pluripotent stem cells
17 Bats change strategy when food is scarce
18 Artificial cells take their first steps: Movable cytoskeleton membrane fabricated for first time
19 Breakthrough study identifies genetic link between the circadian clock and seasonal timing
20 Coffee genome sheds light on the evolution of caffeine
21 How much effect does a microhabitat change truly have?
22 Glanville fritillary genome sequenced
23 International variety trial will help brew better future for global coffee industry
24 Genetic system found in all land plants controls the development of structures essential for survival
25 Gene sequencing refines threatening parasite list
26 How to tell good stem cells from the bad
27 Bluefin tuna found hunting for mackerel in East Greenland waters
28 Canine cancer treatments getting more dog-specific
29 California blue whales rebound from whaling, first of their kin to do so
30 Marine experts suggest IWC learn from ICJ ruling when reviewing whale research proposals
31 Near-extinct African amphibians 'invisible' under climate change
32 Agriculture researchers developing zero-caf coffee bean
33 Kenya poaching crisis a 'national disaster'
34 Thousands of nuclear loci via target enrichment and genome skimming
35 Kangaroos abound but fears abound for smaller cousins, warns WWF
36 It's the pits: Ancient peach stones offer clues to fruit's origins
37 Pesticide drift is persistent problem for farmers
38 Study finds despite stereotypes, Muslim nations take nuanced approach to 'haram' imports
39 Kids' health suffers when parents go to jail
40 More UK-grown protein for animal feed would push up meat prices
41 Monet's 'Impressionism' birth dated by Texas State's 'Celestial Sleuth'
42 Workplace courage is more deliberation than personality, according to study
43 Active learning in large science classes benefits black and first-generation college students most
44 Researchers reconstruct the veneration of saints from 4th-century tunics
45 Archaeologist 'digs' using drone for fieldwork in Armenia
46 Study finds 'family meal' ideal is stressful, impossible for many families
47 Ancient mammal relatives were active at night 100 million years before origin of mammals
48 Economic success drives language extinction
49 Study examines racial bias in death-penalty decisions
50 Analysis of peer review offers insights into research productivity
51 Students report greater learning gains in traditional science courses
52 German museum agrees to study on contested Native American scalp (Update)
53 Customer experience matters more when economy is doing better, not worse
54 Retracted papers needlessly stigmatize and jeopardize solid research in related fields, study finds
55 Researchers unveil Dreadnoughtus: A gigantic, exceptionally complete sauropod dinosaur
56 Public trust has dwindled with rise in income inequality
57 How good is the fossil record?
58 In social work practice, one size doesn't fit all
59 US seizes fossil in latest dinosaur smuggling case
60 Ground surveying digs deep for Batavia secrets
61 Search on in Greece for Europe's oldest village
62 Panama Canal expansion dredges up historical treasures
63 Use of dengue vaccine may cause short-term spikes in its prevalence
64 One person commits suicide every 40 seconds, WHO reports
65 New blood test could offer more tailored treatment of ovarian cancer
66 Study identifies gene network behind untreatable leukemia and possible treatment target
67 Synthetic messenger boosts immune system
68 Scientists discover how to 'switch off' autoimmune diseases
69 Scientists reveal complexity in the brain's wiring diagram
70 Combination microRNA therapy shown to suppress non-small-cell lung cancer
71 How the brain finds what it's looking for
72 Reacting to personal setbacks: Do you bounce back or give up?
73 2-D or 3-D? That is the question: Study shows no difference in emotional reactions between film formats
74 Is type 2 diabetes 'diabetes' as currently understood?
75 Novel immunotherapy vaccine decreases recurrence in HER2 positive breast cancer patients
76 Family troubles tied to poorer dental health, study discovers
77 FDA approves 'game changing' drug for melanoma
78 Common diabetes drug not linked to short-term risk of pancreatic cancer
79 E-cigarettes may promote illicit drug use and addiction
80 Stimulation and deprivation alter vascular structure in the brain
81 Banked blood grows stiffer with age, study finds
82 Yoga relieves multiple sclerosis symptoms, study finds
83 An hour of moderate exercise a day may decrease heart failure risk
84 Researchers find new gene mutations for Wilms Tumor
85 'Disease in a dish' approach could aid Huntington's disease discovery
86 Can sleep loss affect your brain size?
87 Team demonstrates direct brain-to-brain communication in human subjects
88 Researchers find evidence of a link between high fat diets, gut bacteria, and bowel cancer
89 Cannabis withdrawal symptoms common among adolescents treated for substance use disorder
90 Psychologists say Milgram's famous experiment on obedience to authority has been misunderstood
91 Viral infection in nose can trigger middle ear infection
92 Researchers find ovarian cancer oncogene in 'junk DNA'
93 Ancient dinosaur weighed as much as an airliner, ate plants (+video)
94 Dreadnoughtus dinosaur: 65 tons and was likely still in its youth
95 Could Japan start legally hunting whales again?
96 When did our ancestors' night vision evolve? Fossil discovery offers clues.
97 Ptooey! Sharpshooter fish hunts by spitting, say researchers.
98 Watchful eyes on Hawaii's Big Island as lava approaches homes
99 Before the rise of mammals, a nocturnal ancestor
100 Whaling ban seen as restoring blue whales in northeast Pacific
101 Coffee study reveals the genetics of java (+video)
102 New dinosaur skeleton: Was it the biggest ever? (+video)
103 Where will Europe's ExoMars rover land? Scientists can't decide.
104 Colorado River: Is historic cut in water release the new normal?
105 Badger cull in Britain sparks protest
106 How whooping crane youngsters learn from their elders
107 Oh deer! Eagle kills deer in startling glimpse of alpha bird behavior.
108 PG&E gets $1.4 billion fine for gas pipeline explosion
109 Kayakers survive great white shark attack
110 Jail goats: How one jail mows the lawn
111 Albino cobra: Snake in Thousand Oaks captured
112 Green flights? NASA explores biofuel use in planes.
113 Solar garden: Model T of renewable energy?
114 How Detroit made gas-fueled cars smarter
115 Electric Harley-Davidson: All the power with none of the roar?
116 US is awash in new oil. So why are gas prices still so high?
117 BP grossly negligent in 2010 oil spill, judge says