File Title
1 Computer games give a boost to English
2 Cellphone Addiction Is 'an Increasingly Realistic Possibility,' Baylor Study of College Students Reveals
3 China's reform of R&D budget management doesn't go far enough
4 Doctor revalidation needs to address 7 key issues for success, claims report
5 Family history of cardiovascular disease is not enough to motivate people to follow healthy lifestyle
6 The ABC's of animal speech: Not so random after all
7 Water window imaging opportunity
8 INFORMS study shows social welfare may fall in a more ethical market
9 New Process Helps Overcome Obstacles to Produce Renewable Fuels and Chemicals
10 Sheepdogs use simple rules to herd sheep
11 Flexing the brain: Why learning tasks can be difficult
12 New smartphone app can detect newborn jaundice in minutes
13 Scientists plug into a learning brain
14 Inter-dependent networks stress test
15 Why sibling stars look alike: Early, fast mixing in star-birth clouds
16 INFORMS Study on Iron Dome Asks: What Was its Impact?
17 For kids with both asthma and obesity, which came first?
18 Researchers demonstrate direct brain-to-brain communication in human subjects
19 Mouse studies advance treatment for common eye diseases
20 New paper calls for more infection control surveillance, standardization in the emergency department
21 UCLA-led study identifies genetic factors involved in pediatric ulcerative colitis
22 Longitudinal study explores white matter damage, cognition after traumatic axonal injury
23 Bariatric Surgical Center Accreditation Linked to Improved Rates of Patient Survival and Fewer Postoperative Complications
24 Is a Gluten-Free Diet Enough to Control the Complications of Celiac Disease?
25 Innovative Algorithm Spots Interactions Lethal to Cancer [et al.]
26 Transplanted stem cells help prevent bladder fibrosis after spinal cord injury
27 Penn study: Sepsis patients fare better in hospitals with higher case volumes
28 Widely used depression drug associated with dental implant failure
29 MU Study Provides Guideline for Determining Effectiveness of College Football Training Methods
30 How does it feel to be old in different societies?
31 Females Ignored in Basic Medical Research
32 Second-hand e-cig smoke compared to regular cigarette smoke
33 Report advocates improved police training
34 Invisible blood in urine may indicate bladder cancer
35 Family dinners reduce effects of cyberbullying in adolescents
36 WSU 'deadly force' lab finds racial disparities in shootings
37 Seatbelt laws encourage obese drivers to buckle up
38 Penn study demonstrates wearable sensors to detect firearm use
39 Climate Change Science Aided by Huge but "Invisible" Efforts of Amateurs
40 Unplanned births out-of-hospital increases risk of infant mortality
41 Obsessive compulsive disorder diagnosis linked to higher rates of schizophrenia
42 Lesbian, gay, and bisexual men and women in England report poorer health and experiences of health care
43 Curb sitting time to protect aging DNA and possibly extend lifespan
44 E-cigarettes may promote illicit drug use and addiction
45 Research finds crowdsourcing is vulnerable to malicious behavior
46 Nature or nurture? It's all about the message
47 Enjoying the possibility of defeat
48 UTHealth researchers gain insights into severe form of dwarfism
49 Forming consensus in social networks
50 First ever sighting of galaxy core formation
51 Radio telescopes settle controversy over distance to Pleiades
52 Researchers Use NASA and Other Data to Look into the Heart of a Solar Storm
53 Astrophysicists Report Radioactive Cobalt in Supernova Explosion
54 Mysteries of space dust revealed
55 Why sibling stars look alike: Early, fast mixing in star-birth clouds
56 Mixing in star-forming clouds explains why sibling stars look alike
57 Antarctic sea-level rising faster than global rate
58 Hawaii scientist maps, names Laniakea, our home supercluster of galaxies
59 Cosmic forecast: Dark clouds will give way to sunshine
60 Researchers Discover New Clues to Determining the Solar Cycle
61 Single laser stops molecular tumbling motion instantly
62 New method for non-invasive prostate cancer screening
63 Isn't it time that UK family doctors embraced email services for their patients?
64 Ben-Gurion University researchers develop new program to evaluate prominent individuals' personalities
65 New synthesis method may shape future of nanostructures, clean energy
66 Tweets during 2013 Colorado floods gave engineers valuable data on infrastructure damage
67 Wind energy cuts the electricity bill
68 Weird mushroom-shaped animal discovered
69 Welcome to Laniakea: our home in the cosmos
70 Wild Monkeys Learn to Puzzle Out Banana Video
71 Nest of Young Dinosaurs with 'Babysitter' Discovered
72 How Blueberry Pie Caused Girl's Strange Allergic Reaction
73 25% of World's Languages Are Threatened
74 Could Taxing Packaged Foods Reduce Obesity?
75 7 Animals that Wore Backpacks for Science
76 The Microtubule: A Multitasking Cellular Worker
77 Third American Ebola Patient Is Named
78 Puzzling New Animals Look like Deep-Sea Mushrooms
79 Ebola Survivor Nancy Writebol Tells of Her Tough Battle
80 Massive Extinct Volcano Discovered Beneath Pacific Ocean
81 Pilots and Cabin Crew Have Twice the Risk of Melanoma
82 Ancient Mammal Relatives Were 'Night Owls'
83 Google's Anti-Aging Startup to Build Drug Research Center
84 Iceland Volcano Sparks New Flooding Threat
85 Reference: Panic Disorder: Causes & Treatment for Panic Attacks
86 Reference: Lyme Disease: Symptoms and Treatment
87 The Wilderness Act Turns 50
88 Space Robot Arm Tech Could Help Surgeons Operate on Kids
89 The 'Normal' American Family Is a Myth
90 $1 Trillion Trove of Rare Minerals Revealed Under Afghanistan
91 Dreadnoughtus Dinosaur Weighed Whopping 65 Tons, Feared Nothing
92 Grim Ebola Prediction: Outbreak Is Unstoppable for Now, MD Says
93 El Nino Watch: 6 Months and Still Counting
94 Try Again: Why Some People Persist in the Face of Setbacks
95 Why Everyone Makes the Same Angry Face
96 Super Soaker! Spitting Fish Target Prey with Amazing Aim
97 Neanderthals made some of Europe's oldest art
98 Stalled El Nino poised to resurge
99 Ebola drug trials set to begin amid crisis
100 Switzerland braces for Alpine lake tsunami
101 Life outside the lab: The ones who got away
102 Put focus back on basic research, say science unions
103 'Boot camps' teach scientists computing skills
104 How to tame the flood of literature
105 Earth's new address: 'Solar System, Milky Way, Laniakea'
106 Ebola now threatens national security in west Africa
107 Curiosity rover comes in last in NASA ranking
108 Sea creatures add branch to tree of life
109 Earth-shaking dinosaur discovered
110 Wayward Galileo satellites could still aid scientists
111 How archer fish gun down prey from a distance