File Title
1 Florida man scams Apple retail stores out of $309,768
2 Atlantic warming kicks up record Pacific trade winds
3 Deep-sea octopus has longest-known egg-brooding period
4 Pesticide DDT linked to slow metabolism, obesity and diabetes
5 How black truffles deal with the jumpers in their genome
6 Peru's carbon quantified: Economic and conservation boon
7 Toward a home test for detecting potentially dangerous levels of caffeine
8 Saving Seeds the Right Way Can Save the World's Plants
9 Study: Marine pest provides advances in maritime anti-fouling and biomedicine
10 Selective logging takes its toll on mammals, amphibians
11 Boat noise impacts development and survival of sea hares
12 Engineering a protein to prevent brain damage from toxic agents
13 The Rim Fire 1 year later: A natural experiment in fire ecology and management
14 Brother of hibiscus is found alive and well on Maui
15 Scientists shine bright new light on how living things capture energy from the sun
16 Oldest Beetle in Omaliini Tribe Found in Amber
17 Study finds benefits to burning Flint Hills prairie in fall and winter
18 UMass Amherst Study of Bigeye Tuna in Northwest Atlantic Uses New Tracking Methods
19 Invasive lionfish likely safe to eat after all
20 Developmental regulation of important plant phloem components discovered
21 Scientists warn time to stop drilling in the dark
22 NUS study shows effectiveness of common anti-malarial drug in controlling asthma
23 Analysis of African plant reveals possible treatment for aging brain
24 Kangaroos win when Aborigines hunt with fire
25 Diet change--a solution to reduce water use?
26 Tricking plants to see the light may control the most important twitch on Earth
27 Sexual harassment and assault are common on scientific field studies, survey indicates
28 The economic territory of Upper Palaeolithic groups is specified by flint
29 3-D image of Paleolithic child's skull reveals trauma, brain damage
30 Earlier Stone Age artifacts found in Northern Cape of South Africa
31 Physicists create tool to foresee language destruction impact and thus prevent it
32 The control of nature: stewardship of fire ecology by native Californian cultures
33 Violent aftermath for the warriors at Alken Enge
34 Prehistoric dairy farming at the extremes
35 Decades-old amber collection offers new views of a lost world
36 Shrinking dinosaurs evolved into flying birds
37 Lead in teeth can tell a body's tale, UF study finds
38 Scientists solve 2,000-year-old mystery of the binding media in China's polychrome Terracotta Army
39 Society bloomed with gentler personalities and more feminine faces
40 WSU researchers see violent era in ancient Southwest
41 Big data confirms climate extremes are here to stay
42 Conservation scientists asking wrong questions on climate change impacts on wildlife
43 Antarctic ice sheet is result of CO2 decrease, not continental breakup
44 Congressional rift over environmental protection sways public
45 Certain Arctic lakes store more greenhouse gases than they release
46 Stanford professor finds that wildfires and other burns play bigger role in climate change
47 Symbiotic Survival [and other featured articles]
48 'Fracking' in the dark: Biological fallout of shale-gas production still largely unknown
49 Atlantic warming turbocharges Pacific trade winds
50 Atlantic origin of recent Pacific trade wind, sea level and temperature trends
51 Drilling in the dark: Biological impacts of fracking still largely unknown
52 How should flood risk assessments be done in a changing climate?
53 Uncovering the 3-D structure of a key neuroreceptor
54 Tumor suppressor mutations alone don't explain deadly cancer
55 Small DNA modifications predict brain's threat response
56 Knowing what to keep and what to trash: How an enzyme distinguishes cellular messages
57 Study finds new genetic risk markers in pancreatic cancer
58 Key adjustment enables parasite shape-shifting
59 Fruit flies going high-tech: How touchscreen technology helps to understand eating habits
60 Short-term environmental enrichment exposure induces maturity of newborn neurons
61 Acupuncture at Waiguan improves activation of functional brain areas of stroke patients
62 Atorvastatin protects against cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury
63 Functional electrical stimulation improves neuronal regeneration after cerebral infarction
64 Quantitative volumetric analysis of the optic radiation in the normal human brain
65 Students cope well with healthier snacks
66 Diabetes: A duo helps better
67 New insights into why adolescents carry meningitis-causing bacteria
68 Implanted Neurons become Part of the Brain
69 Researcher Reveals How Amphibians Crossed Continents
70 Cell plasticity may provide clues to origin of aggressive type of breast cancer
71 Humane Strategy Reduces Shark Attacks
72 Study Assesses Shark Attacks on Atlantic Spotted Dolphins Near the Bahamas
73 Study Provides Insights on Whale Shark Populations and Evidence for their Historic Rise and Recent Decline
74 Multidisciplinary study reveals big story of cultural migration
75 Research proves there is power in numbers to reduce electricity bills
76 Surgeons report significant migraine relief from cosmetic eyelid surgery technique
77 CU Denver study links self-identified ethnic labels to cultural values
78 Unintended consequences: More high school math, science linked to more dropouts
79 Female baby boomers with asthma? You may need help
80 Taking the guesswork out of cancer therapy
81 Advances in assisted reproduction create more options and new legal issues for LGBT couples
82 History of Culture Visualized through Art History, Physics, Complexity
83 A map for eye disease
84 Attention, Bosses: Web-Surfing at Work Has Its Benefits
85 Daylight is the best medicine, for nurses
86 Children in immigrant families more likely to be sedentary
87 CU Denver study shows excess parking at some Denver sports stadiums
88 Survival increases with clinical team debriefing after in-hospital cardiac arrest
89 Study Examines Viewers' Role in American Death Penalty Films
90 Light pulses control graphene's electrical behavior
91 'Wetting' a battery's appetite for renewable energy storage
92 Self-assembling anti-cancer molecules created in minutes
93 Making sense of scents
94 Baby universe picture brought closer to theory
95 New Method Provides Nanoscale Details of Electrochemical Reactions in Electric Vehicle Battery Materials
96 A protecting umbrella against oxygen
97 Self-assembly of gold nanoparticles into small clusters
98 New Material Allows for Ultra-Thin Solar Cells
99 New tools advance bio-logic
100 Phases of clinical depression could affect treatment
101 NASA's IBEX and Voyager spacecraft drive advances in outer heliosphere research
102 For bats and dolphins, hearing gene prestin adapted for echolocation
103 Scientists name new species of cetacean: The Australian humpback dolphin
104 Cordilleran Terrane Collage
105 NOAA, EPA-supported scientists find average but large Gulf dead zone
106 Evolutionary explanation for why some lessons more easily learned than others
107 Enhancing Biofuel Yields from Biomass with Novel New Method