File Title
1 Certain Arctic lakes store more greenhouse gases than they release
2 Brother of Hibiscus is found alive and well on Maui
3 Study finds benefits to burning Flint Hills prairie in fall and winter
4 The 'memory' of starvation is in your genes
5 UF study advances 'DNA revolution,' tells butterflies' evolutionary history
6 For bats and dolphins, hearing gene prestin adapted for echolocation
7 Study of bigeye tuna in Northwest Atlantic uses new tracking methods
8 Light pulses control graphene's electrical behavior
9 Molecular gate that could keep cancer cells locked up
10 'Fracking' in the dark: Biological fallout of shale-gas production still largely unknown
11 Fermi satellite detects gamma-rays from exploding novae
12 'Active' surfaces control what's on them
13 Developmental regulation of important plant phloem components discovered
14 Heavy metals and hydroelectricity
15 Hubble shows farthest lensing galaxy yields clues to early universe
16 Companion planets can increase old worlds' chance at life
17 'Wetting' a battery's appetite for renewable energy storage
18 Chemists develop MRI technique for peeking inside battery-like devices
19 Society bloomed with gentler personalities and more feminine faces
20 On-chip topological light
21 Shrinking dinosaurs evolved into flying birds
22 Best evidence yet for coronal heating theory detected by NASA sounding rocket
23 Stanford team achieves 'holy grail' of battery design: A stable lithium anode
24 Dinosaurs fell victim to perfect storm of events, study shows
25 Mysterious molecules in space
26 Fire ecology manipulation by California native cultures
27 First national study finds trees saving lives, reducing respiratory problems
28 Smithsonian scientist and collaborators revise timeline of human origins
29 Meet the gomphothere: UA archaeologist involved in discovery of bones of elephant ancestor
30 New view of Rainier's volcanic plumbing
31 Domestication syndrome: White patches, baby faces and tameness
32 A natural way to monitor, and possibly control populations of, stink bugs
33 Mercury's magnetic field tells scientists how its interior is different from Earth's
34 NASA-funded X-ray instrument settles interstellar debate
35 Hubble finds 3 surprisingly dry exoplanets
36 AGU: Voyager spacecraft might not have reached interstellar space
37 Pesticide DDT linked to slow metabolism, obesity and diabetes
38 Fist-bumping beats germ-spreading handshake, study reports
39 New pill regimens published in the Lancet cure hardest-to-treat hepatitis C patients
40 Common blood thinner for pregnant women proven ineffective: Lancet study
41 Overweight and obese preschoolers lose more weight when parent is also treated
42 Huge waves measured for first time in Arctic Ocean
43 Antarctic ice sheet is result of CO2 decrease, not continental breakup
44 Peru's carbon quantified: Economic and conservation boon
45 From 'Finding Nemo' to minerals--what riches lie in the deep sea?
46 Scientists reproduce evolutionary changes by manipulating embryonic development of mice
47 Boat noise impacts development and survival of sea hares
48 Bees able to spot which flowers offer best rewards before landing
49 Vocal variety in African penguins
50 Evolution in rainforest flies points to climate change survival
51 Decades-old amber collection offers new views of a lost world
52 Chinese mosquitos on the Baltic Sea
53 Earlier Stone Age artifacts found in Northern Cape of South Africa
54 Mammoth and mastodon behavior was less roam, more stay at home
55 Research proves there is power in numbers to reduce electricity bills
56 Vision-correcting display makes reading glasses so yesterday
57 Money talks when it comes to acceptability of 'sin' companies, study reveals
58 How sweet it is
59 Narcissistic CEOs and financial performance
60 New catalyst converts carbon dioxide to fuel
61 Pressure probing potential photoelectronic manufacturing compound
62 All-in-one energy system offers greener power for off-grid homes, farms
63 Study: Marine pest provides advances in maritime anti-fouling and biomedicine
64 Nature inspires a greener way to make colorful plastics
65 Fear of losing money, not spending habits, affects investor risk tolerance, MU study finds
66 Hope for more accurate diagnosis of memory problems
67 Supportive moms and sisters boost female baboon's rank
68 Brainwaves can predict audience reaction
69 Brainwaves can predict audience reaction for television programming
70 Perlan Project partners with Airbus Group to fly a glider to the edge of space
71 First synthetic biological leaf could allow humans to colonize space
72 NASA Partners Punctuate Summer with Spacecraft Development Advances
73 New Fort Knox: A means to a solar-system-wide economy
74 UAE to create space agency, send unmanned probe to Mars
75 Space Launch System Core Stage Passes Critical Design Review
76 Astronaut health check with single drop of blood
77 Orion's parachutes help it land safely after 10-second free fall
78 Orion Parachute Test Hits No Snags
79 NASA Turns Down the Volume on Rocket Noise
80 Five Things We'll Learn from Orion's First Flight Test
81 New NASA Studies to Examine Climate/Vegetation Links
82 NASA's IceCube No Longer On Ice
83 Lead Pollution Beat Explorers to South Pole, Persists Today
84 OCO-2 Data to Lead Scientists Forward into the Past
85 Ten-Year Endeavor: NASA's Aura Tracks Pollutants
86 Hyperspec Sensors Target Vegetation Fluorescence
87 New Satellite Imagery Now Available for ArcGIS Online Users Worldwide
88 New NASA Research Shows Giant Asteroids Battered Early Earth
89 Space Systems/Loral conducting technology studies for NASA
90 Asteroid Vesta to reshape theories of planet formation
91 Deep in the main asteroid belt
92 Computing Paths to Asteroids Helps Find Future Exploration Opportunities
93 Spaceflight Eyes Small-Satellite Data Communications Market
94 Boeing Resells Inmarsat-5 Satellite Bandwidth to US Government
95 Airbus Defense and Space to build EUTELSAT 172B
96 NEEMO 18 Aquanauts Complete Underwater Mission
97 ALMA Finds Double Star with Weird and Wild Planet-forming Discs
98 The source of the sky's X-ray glow
99 Australian researchers pioneer a Google street view of galaxies
100 Sun-like Stars Reveal Their Ages
101 Merging galaxies and droplets of starbirth
102 Cosmic accounting reveals missing light crisis
103 Spectral 'ruler' is first standardized way to measure stars
104 Hubble Finds Dwarf Galaxies Formed Large Share of Universe's Stars
105 Cosmic Collision in the Bullet Group
106 Herschel Sees Budding Stars and a Giant, Strange Ring
107 Nearby satellite galaxies don't fit standard model
108 Nearby satellite galaxies challenge standard model of galaxy formation
109 A violent, complex scene of colliding galaxy clusters
110 Violent Birth Announcement from an Infant Star