File Title
1 New Drug Could Treat Low Testosterone with Fewer Side Effects
2 Flight MH17 Victims Left Lasting Contributions to AIDS Advocacy
3 Heat Waves & Cold Snaps Kill 2,000 Each Year in US
4 Newborn's Infection Came from Probiotics, Study Suggests
5 Weird Delay in Pain from Brown Recluse Spider Bite Explained
6 Reference: Bears: Facts & Pictures
7 Blood Test Predicts Suicide Risk, Study Suggests
8 Giant Anteaters Can Kill People
9 Odd Cause of Gaping Siberian Holes Possibly Found
10 Otzi 'The Iceman' Had Heart Disease Genes
11 4 Ways Owning a Dog Can Make You Healthier
12 Who Will Save Earth? The Ingenious Human Mind (Op-Ed)
13 Ohio Fire Disaster Spotlights Need for Fracking Info (Op-Ed)
14 Explainer: Israel's Iron Dome Anti-Missile System
15 Stressed Out Mongooses Can't Cope with Baby Booms
16 Warriors' Bones Reveal Bizarre Iron Age Rituals
17 Toot Sweet! Brit Fires 16-Foot Fart Machine at France
18 Dust in Your Eye? Particulate Matter Seen from Space
19 UK to Permit Driverless Cars on Public Roads in 2015
20 Jobs with Highest and Lowest Heart Disease Risk Revealed
21 Indian Woman Beaten to Death for 'Witchcraft'
22 Innovative Entertainment Model Designed to Get Kids Outside
23 Shrinking Dinosaurs Evolved into Flying Birds
24 New Biomaterial Mimics Functionality of Natural Cartilage
25 Surf's Up in the Arctic: Record-High Waves Seen in 2012
26 No Record, but Arctic Sea Ice Will be Among 10 Lowest
27 Seafloor-Mapping Airguns May Harm Ocean Animals
28 Chronic Pain Makes Mice Lazy
29 Withings Smart Body Analyzer Review
30 Tethered Blimps Could Be Legal Alternative to Drones
31 CDC Warns Against Travel to Ebola-Affected Countries
32 Shrinking dinos gave rise to birds
33 Dads' exposure to solvents linked to childhood brain tumours
34 A shadow on the Sun
35 NASA Preps Mars Orbiters for Comet Close Encounter
36 NASA Reveals Plans Plans for Next Generation Mars 2020 Rover; Announces New Instruments for Rover
37 NASA announces the instruments for the next Mars rover
38 Mars rover--run in part by Cornell professor--sets off-Earth distance record
39 NASA Unveils Its Next Mars Rover
40 NASA plans next-gen scientific tools for 2020 Mars rover
41 The Therapod diet: From HUMUNGO DINO to TINY BIRD in 50m years
42 Dinosaurs Shrank to Transform Themselves into Birds, Leading to a New Evolution
43 Study Sheds Light on Unlikely Transformation from Heavy Meat-Eating Dinosaurs into Agile Birds
44 Dinosaurs 'shrank' regularly to become birds
45 Dinosaurs that led to birds were shrinking for millions of years
46 Dinosaurs Evolved into Birds After 'Shrinking and Shrinking' for 50 Million Years
47 Hubble Telescope Spots Massive 'Lensing' Galaxy Billions of Light Years Away
48 Hubble Telescope Lore--Notches Another Discovery. Massive Lensing Galaxy Spotted
49 Hubble Space Telescope Locates Far Off Lensing Galaxy
50 The Hubble found a galaxy so huge, it acts like a magnifying glass
51 We Just Found the Most Distant Lensing Galaxy Ever
52 Hubble Space Telescope still pushing the frontiers of astronomy
53 Rosetta measures comet's temperature
54 Comet Surface is Dark and Crusty, Deep-Space Probe Suggests
55 Rosetta comet Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko reveals more weirdness
56 New Rosetta view of the comet--and a comparison to other comets
57 Rosetta Meets a Comet and You Get Homework
58 Companion planets can increase old planets' chance at alien life
59 Companion Planets May Increase a Planet's Chances of Hosting Alien Life
60 Companion planets can increase old worlds' chance at life
61 Arctic Ocean Waves Break Previous Records, Have Researchers Worried
62 Large Waves Recorded by Researchers in Arctic Sea for the First time
63 Scientists report 16 feet waves in Arctic Ocean. Why is this worrying?
64 Large Waves Recorded in Arctic Ocean for First Time
65 Hummingbirds KO micro drones in hover test
66 Hummingbird Proves Mother Nature is Still the Best Innovator
67 Hummingbirds still better flyers than micro-helicopters
68 A Scientist in Spain has Created Color-Changing Ice Cream
69 New Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream Changes Color as You Lick It! (VIDEO)
70 Spanish scientist creates world's first color-changing ice cream
71 This Ice Cream Changes Color As You Lick It
72 Deep sea octopus mom tends her eggs longer than any animal on Earth
73 Deep Sea Octopus Mom Tends Eggs for 4.5 Years
74 Octomom' keeps watch over eggs for more than four years, MBARI scientists find
75 Millions of Jellyfish-Like Creatures Wash Up on Western U.S. Beaches
76 Thousands Of Blue Sea Creatures Called Velella Velellas Wash Ashore In California (PHOTOS)
77 Giant Asteroid Impacts Shaped Our Ancient Earth by Vaporizing Oceans
78 Asteroid Collisions Had Major Impact on Surface of Hadean Earth
79 New Picture of the Hadean Eon--"A Resurfaced Earth"
80 Humanity's Cultural History Captured In Facinating Five-Minute Film
81 The Settlement of North America in 14 Seconds
82 Researchers Map Migration of Culture Over Time
83 Why Is the Moon Shaped like a Lemon? Scientists Explain
84 How the Moon Got Its Lemon Shape
85 The Moon Isn't Round--It Bulges like a Lemon
86 Why Is the Moon Shaped like a Lemon? Scientists Explain
87 Cape Cod scientists tag first great white shark of season
88 First white shark of season tagged off Chatham
89 Mystery of giant holes in Siberia may be solved
90 The Really Scary Thing About Those Jaw-Dropping Siberian Craters
91 Mystery of the Siberian holes at the end of the world 'solved': Scientists offer explanation
92 Massive hole at end of the earth likely caused by methane gas release
93 Fighting the Lionfish
94 Ban on importing lionfish into Fla. takes effect
95 Ban on importing lionfish takes effect in Florida
96 Amber collection opens window to ancient world [Video]
97 Unknown Ancient Cricket Species Discovered in Hardened Amber
98 Emerald Ash borer spreads in Boulder
99 Emerald Ash Borer Attack Boston, Authorities Plan to Release Wasps to Tackle Them
100 Group to Help Communities Identify Ash Trees
101 40-foot whale carcass examined at Port Hueneme in Ventura County
102 Immigrant Children Will Continue Staying in Temporary Housing at Port Hueneme Naval Base
103 Defense Department decides to continue Temporary Housing at Port Hueneme Naval Base
104 Steak barbecued on lava sears at 2,100 degrees
105 Rib Eye Steak Grilled with 2,000-degree Molten Lava
106 What Happens Once Ebola Patients Arrive in the US
107 American Ebola Patient to Be Flown to Atlanta for Treatment
108 Medevac jet can carry one Ebola patient at a time
109 Medical Evacuations of Two U.S. Citizens from West Africa
110 American missionaries infected with Ebola to be brought home
111 State Department says two Americans with Ebola being evacuated
112 CDC: Avoid non-essential travel to Ebola nations
113 WHO: Ebola moving faster than control efforts
114 Ebola outbreak: WHO says it can be stopped but warns of catastrophe
115 What we need to fight Ebola
116 WHO chief says Ebola out of control but can be stopped--UPDATE 3