File Title
1 Just like People, No Two Bottlenose Dolphins Are Genetically Alike
2 Dolphins Use Super Strength to Propel Themselves Through Water
3 Dolphins Name Each Other with Signature Whistles
4 Varied Diets of Dolphins and Whales Key to Their Survival
5 Wild Bottlenose Dolphins: Research Shows They Can Be Stuck Up
6 Lower Cambrian Predator Had a Simple Brain
7 Epic Burgess Shale Site Found in Canada's Kootenay National Park
8 New Fossils Reveal Anatomy of One of Earth's Earliest Creatures
9 Researchers Discover Ancient Tulip-like Creature in the Canadian Rockies
10 Earliest Evidence of Jaws Discovered in 500M-year-old Fish Fossil
11 How the Mollusc Got Its Teeth Revealed by Ancient Fossils
12 505 Million Year Old Fossil Linked to Humans
13 Bighorn History on Tiburon Island Goes Beyond Reintroduction in 1975
14 Wildlife Sanctuary Forced to Euthanize Hundreds of Tortoises
15 US Fish and Wildlife Service to Kill 3,600 Barred Owls
16 Fox Squirrels Invest in Their Future with Long-Term Hoarding
17 Threatened Species Could Cope with Climate Change Better if Competitors Were Restricted
18 New Water Balance Calculation for the Dead Sea
19 Dry Conditions Causing Massive Underground Water Losses in Colorado River Basin
20 Field Campaign to Probe Ocean Ecology, Carbon Cycle Kicked Off by NASA
21 The Latest in Lawn Care: 'Tailored' Water
22 It's All in the Way We Move
23 Bipedal Rodents Survive in the Desert with a Hop, Skip and a Jump
24 Early Human Ancestors like Lucy May Have Walked and Climbed
25 First Land Animal Didn't Walk on Land Using Four Legs
26 Just When Did Turtles Get Their Shells?
27 Humanlike Features Discovered in 4.4M-Year-Old Ardipithecus Skull
28 2 Million Years Ago, Human Relative 'Nutcracker Man' Lived on Tiger Nuts
29 Proposal to Kill a Name of an Extinct Sea Cow Species
30 Children's Book Helping to Save Dugongs
31 Marine Protected Areas Benefit Fisheries
32 US Fighter Jets Drop Unarmed Bombs Near Great Barrier Reef During Training Exercise
33 Creating High-Resolution Maps of the Great Barrier Reef
34 Despite Objections, Proposal to Dump Sediment in Great Barrier Reef Approved
35 New Water Balance Calculation for the Dead Sea
36 Manatee Hearing Is Sharp Enough to Hear Boat Motors
37 Warm Springs Offer Better Protection than Other Winter Refuges for Florida Manatees
38 Fossils Show Multiple Seacow Species Coexisted
39 Extinct Marsupial Preyed on Animals Bigger than Itself
40 Ice Age Environment at the La Brea Tar Pits Revealed by Rare Leafcutter Bee Fossils
41 Saving the Tasmanian Devil from Disease--More or Less
42 Humans Not Responsible for Australian Megafauna Extinction
43 Fossil Kangaroo Teeth Reveal Mosaic of Pliocene Ecosystems in Queensland
44 Dingoes Wrongly Accused of Animal Extinctions
45 Fist bumps 'more hygienic than handshakes'
46 Blood sugar not genes rule appetite
47 Early Earth could have been habitable
48 Octo-mum protects her eggs for four-and-a-half years
49 Goalkeepers 'gambler's fallacy' impacts penalty shoot-outs
50 Broody octopus keeps record-breaking four-year vigil
51 Minister Norman Baker wants end to UK animal tests
52 Moon mystery: Why our Earth's satellite is lemon-shaped
53 Robot 'learns to keep going with broken leg'
54 Display screen technology could correct vision problems
55 Hummingbirds edge out helicopters in hover contest
56 'Quantum Cheshire Cat' becomes reality
57 How facial features drive our first impressions
58 Astronomers weigh up Milky Way
59 MPs bicker over IPCC report on causes of climate change
60 Eggshells act like 'sunblock,' study suggests
61 Russia back in control of Foton gecko sex satellite
62 'Pea-sized brain hub could shed light on depression'
63 Beauty spots still at fracking 'risk,' say campaigners
64 'Bad luck' ensured that asteroid impact wiped out dinosaurs
65 Two California wildfires destroy 10 homes
66 Mobile phone app sheds new light on risk taking behaviour
67 Coral munching bumphead fish give insight into conservation
68 The reindeer herders battling an iron ore mine in Sweden
69 Tedium, tragedy and tar: The slowest drops in science
70 Perils of the English countryside
71 Dispute over 'bonkers' EU energy savings plan
72 #BBCtrending: The mystique of the 'child prodigy'
73 The ship that totally failed to change the world
74 Jealous wags: Dogs show envy is 'primordial' emotion
75 Gaza UN shelter attack 'totally unacceptable'--White House
76 Ebola crisis: WHO to announce $100 million emergency response
77 Dark net drugs adverts 'double in less than a year'
78 Gatwick staff to help with baggage handling at weekend
79 Firefighters to strike over eight days in August--FBU
80 What happens to burned piers?
81 Do lab monkeys suffer from depression?
82 American Vogue's first black cover girl
83 Lesser-known things about prosthetic legs
84 Argentina defaults for second time
85 Israel 'to destroy' Hamas Gaza tunnels--Netanyahu
86 Sierra Leone declares Ebola public health emergency
87 Eastbourne Pier fire: Firefighters save two thirds of structure
88 South African giraffe dies after 'hitting bridge'
89 'Toilet phone' teacher Andrew Eades gets life ban
90 Glasgow 2014: Weightlifter Francois Etoundi attacks Welsh athlete
91 The perils of the Streisand effect
92 Delivery charges for rural areas tackled by UK government
93 Israeli Iron Dome firms 'infiltrated by Chinese hackers'
94 Tor attack may have unmasked dark net users
95 ICANN bids to stop Iran web domain seizure
96 Verizon plan to slow data 'troubling,' says FCC
97 Facebook expands Africa push
98 Samsung profit hit as smartphone growth slows
99 Smart home kit proves easy to hack, says HP study
100 Sleep sensor breaks through $1 million on Kickstarter
101 UK to allow driverless cars on public roads in January
102 Sony's profits jump on sales of PS4
103 Nintendo posts larger than expected loss despite Mario Kart
104 Netflix pays AT&T to ensure streaming quality
105 Instagram reveals new Snapchat-style Bolt photo app
106 OKCupid experiments with 'bad' dating matches
107 Armenia: Citizens urged to write Wikipedia entry each
108 Can a lone blogger bring down a business?
109 Much ado about Buzzfeed's plagiarism
110 The tech firm helping one of San Francisco's worst areas