File Title
1 Three New Studies Help Clarify Optimal Use of Combination Therapy in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients
2 Scientists Discover Novel Functions of Platelets
3 Racial Difference in Blood Clotting Warrants a Closer Look at Heart Attack Medications
4 Saving Lives by Targeting CPR Education in High-Risk Neighborhoods
5 Varied Quality of CPR Among EMS, Hospitals Hurts Survival
6 Mechanical Chest Compressions As Effective As CPR
7 1 Minute of CPR Video Training Could Save Lives
8 Study Compares Outcomes of Device for Chest Compressions vs Manual CPR
9 Increasing Homogeneity of World Food Supplies Warns of Serious Implications for Farming and Nutrition
10 Sacred Lotus Genome May Hold Key to the Secrets of Aging
11 Scientists Sequence Genome of Darwin's Finch
12 Consortium Announces First Complete Sequencing of Pear Genome
13 Gene Enhancers Play Major Role in Making Our Faces Unique
14 Bad Dreams and Nightmares Not Always Driven by Fear
15 Even People with Auto-Activation Disorder Can Still Dream
16 Baby Owls Seen Sleeping like Baby Humans
17 Muscles Paralyzed During Sleep
18 Dream Machine Helps Sleepers Control Their Journeys
19 Distance from Designated VA Liver Transplant Center Linked with Greater Risk of Death
20 Effect of Distance from Transplant Center on Outcomes
21 New Data Reveals Positive Outcomes for Hepatitis C Transplant Patients
22 Cost of Kidney Donation May Be Too Much for Potential Donors with Low Income
23 Deployment-Related Respiratory Symptoms in Returning Veterans
24 UNC Researchers Find Unsuspected Characteristics of New CF Drugs, Offering Potential Paths to More Effective Therapies
25 Shared Custody Is Becoming the Norm
26 Heavy Drinking Leads to Higher Divorce Rate, Unless Both Partners Do It
27 How Does Divorce Affect a Man's Health?
28 Divorce Early in Childhood Affects Parental Relationships in Adulthood
29 UCSB Anthropologist: Extroverted Men Make More Babies
30 Personality Traits Could Determine if Bowl Size Causes Kids to Want More Food
31 Being Extroverted Leads to Happiness in Any Culture
32 Dispositional Attitude Explains Why Haters Will Be Haters
33 Humans of a Feather Flock Together
34 Sparrows Display Personalities During Fights
35 Sexual Orientation Determined Through the Eyes
36 Overcome Stage Fright Just by Thinking About It
37 Back Off! Size of Personal Space Larger for Those with Anxiety
38 Can Phobias Be Unlearned Vicariously?
39 Getting Excited Helps with Performance Anxiety More than Trying to Calm Down
40 Polarized Light Helps the Greater Mouse-Eared Bat Navigate
41 Bats Rely on Vision to See Ahead, Echolocation to Catch Insects: Study
42 Convergent Evolution Provided Bats and Whales with Surprisingly Similar Echolocation Abilities
43 Redescription of Dolphin Skull Sheds Light on Their Origins and Evolution
44 Genetic Similarities in Echolocation Discovered in Bats and Dolphins
45 Massive Underbite of an Ancient Porpoise
46 Are New Caledonian Crows Smarter than a First-Grader?
47 Wintertime Survival for Siberian Hamsters Depends on Summertime Cholesterol Consumption
48 A Collage of Senses Help Sharks Hunt for Food: Study
49 Mayan Mask Reveals Beliefs at El Zotz Site
50 Mayan Temple Unearthed, Gives Peek at the Past
51 Archeologists Uncover Rare Tomb of Mayan Queen in Guatemala
52 Stunning Wall Structure Unearthed in Maya City of Holmul
53 High Tibet May Have Been Starting Point for Cold-Adapted Mammals
54 Modern Coyotes Much Smaller than Their Ice Age Ancestors
55 What Gave Us the Advantage Over Extinct Types of Humans?
56 Researchers Announce Breakthrough on Understanding Demographic History of Stone-Age Scandinavian Foragers and Farmers
57 Mosaic Pattern of Cranial Evolution Supported by Study of Neanderthal Skulls in Spain
58 Dating Refined for the Atapuerca Site Where Homo Antecessor Was Discovered
59 Stone Ships Give Clues to Bronze Age at Baltic Sea
60 Scientists Find 800,000-Year-Old Human Footprints on Norfolk Beach
61 Archaeologists Discover Several Thousand Ancient Cave Paintings in Mexico
62 Anthropologists Discover World's Earliest Known Wall Art
63 Nevada Rock Carvings Found to Be Oldest Petroglyphs in North America
64 Prehistoric Rock Art in the Appalachian Mountains Maps Cosmological Belief
65 Aboriginal Rock Drawing Found to Be Australia's Oldest
66 Early Cambrian Arthropod Used Large Curly Appendages for Feeding
67 New Extinct Kitten-Sized Predator Identified After Decades on Display
68 New York Squirrels Are Nuts About City Life
69 Stressed Squirrels Produce Faster Growing Offspring
70 Size of Animal's Brain Matters When It Comes to Self-control
71 Mountain Lion Kittens Discovered to Be Product of Inbreeding
72 Cougar Resurgence in the US Midwest
73 Reintroduction Efforts Save Florida Panther Population from Extinction
74 New Medicines Developed for Llamas and Alpacas
75 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Protecting North American Jaguars
76 Stray Cat Explorer Credited with Ancient Roman Tomb Discovery
77 An Unstroked Kitty Is a Happier Cat, Says Study
78 Stressful Petting? Researchers Say Its Okay to Touch Your Cat
79 How Much Food Does Your Cat Really Need? More During Winter Months, Less in the Summer
80 The Potential Benefits of Probiotics for Managing Blood Pressure
81 Transiting Exoplanet with Longest Known Year Discovered by Kepler Mission
82 Was Bad Luck the Real Reason Dinosaurs Became Extinct?
83 Weakly Electric Fish Species Reflects Hope for Peace in Central Africa
84 Great Whites May Live Much Longer than Previously Thought
85 Effects of Catch-and-release Fishing on Sharks Examined
86 New Species of Sea Bass Identified Based on Larval, Adult Specimen
87 Not So Fast--Our Fishy Friends Can also Feel Pain
88 New Species of Marine Fish from the Devonian Period Discovered in Teruel
89 Did Bone Ease Acid for Early Land Crawlers?
90 From Swimming to Walking, the Evolution of Hips Simpler than Thought
91 Study Reveals First Ever Images of Early Tetrapod Backbone and How It Helped in Land Evolution
92 Study Shows Ancient Shark Spawned like Salmon in Reverse
93 Shark Tooth Weapons Lead to Discovery of Extinct Marine Species
94 Approximately 100 Million Sharks Illegally Killed Each Year
95 Sharks Head Back Home to Give Birth, Says 20-Year Study
96 Coral Reefs Help Track Migration of Tiger Sharks and Predict Attacks
97 Discovery of a Prehistoric Reef Built by First Hard-Shelled Animals
98 Scientists Working to Protect Australia's Great Barrier Reef
99 How Does Algal and Coral Cover Affect Microscopic Life that Call the Reef Home?
100 It's Survival of the Fattest for Corals Adapting to Climate Change
101 Massive Manatee Deaths in 2013 Attributed to Red Tide Algae
102 Heart Attack Gene, MRP-14, Triggers Blood Clot Formation
103 Study of Indigenous Peoples Shows Big Five Personality Traits May Not Be Universal
104 Youthful Extroversion Has Positive Effects in Later Life
105 Tracking Ecology of Sperm Whales Through Stomach Contents
106 Japan Loses Against Australia, UN in Fight to Continue Annual Whaling
107 Deepwater Horizon Spill Left Behind Sick Dolphins
108 How Social Behavior Can Affect Genetic Makeup in Dolphins
109 BP Spill Affects Dolphin Health Three Years Later
110 Unprecedented Dolphin Die Off Witnessed Along Eastern US Coast