File Title
1 Toad personalities key to territorial takeover
2 University of Tennessee research uncovers subglacial life beneath Antarctic ice sheet
3 Worker bees 'know' when to invest in their reproductive future
4 Sunblock poses potential hazard to sea life
5 Treating pain by blocking the 'chili-pepper receptor'
6 Turning waste from rice, parsley and other foods into biodegradable plastic
7 Seals introduced tuberculosis to the New World
8 Marine protected areas might not be enough to help overfished reefs recover
9 Viruses take down massive algal blooms, with big implications for climate
10 From dandruff to deep sea vents, an ecologically hyper-diverse fungus
11 Effort to confront Africa's soil health crisis helps millions of farmers triple yields
12 Hot-spring bacteria reveal ability to use far-red light for photosynthesis
13 Life Beneath the Ice
14 When it Comes to How Pizza Looks--Cheese Matters
15 Ice Cream Goes Southern, Okra Extracts May Increase Shelf-Life
16 Canola genome sequence reveals evolutionary 'love triangle'
17 Calcium and reproduction go together
18 Evolutionary history of honeybees revealed by genomics
19 Signatures of selection inscribed on poplar genomes
20 'Just right' plant growth may make river deltas resilient
21 Journals: Salmon forced to "sprint" less likely to survive migration
22 Core mechanism for root growth identified
23 Ancient shellfish remains rewrite 10,000-year history of El Nino cycles
24 Western Wall weathering: Extreme erosion explained
25 Embalming study 'rewrites' key chapter in Egyptian history
26 Bone chemistry reveals royal lifestyle of Richard III
27 Paleolithic 'escargot'
28 New research shows seals and sea lions likely spread tuberculosis to humans
29 Sunlight controls the fate of carbon released from thawing Arctic permafrost
30 Climate change could see dengue fever come to Europe
31 Severe drought is causing the western US to rise
32 Sunlight, not microbes, key to CO2 in Arctic
33 New study on climate history: Arctic sea ice influenced force of the Gulf Stream
34 Despite a significant reduction in smog-producing toxins, the Greater Toronto Area still violates Canada's standards for ozone air pollution
35 Confirmed: 800 meters beneath Antarctic ice sheet, subglacial lake holds viable microbial ecosystems
36 Stanford scientists develop a water splitter that runs on an ordinary AAA battery
37 Study: Cutting emissions pays for itself
38 Mimicking natural evolution with 'promiscuous reactions' to improve the diversity of drugs
39 Driving brain rhythm makes mice more sensitive to touch
40 Are you as old as what you eat? Researchers learn how to rejuvenate aging immune cells
41 'Haven't my neurons seen this before?'
42 Deploying exosomes to win a battle of the sexes
43 Changes in the eye can predict changes in the brain
44 Large-scale study focuses on heavy smokers
45 APOB, a gene involved in lipid transport, linked to cases of familial extreme longevity
46 Scientists first to grow organ in animal from cells created in lab
47 UNC Lineberger researchers develop new approach to identify 'drivers' of cancer
48 Scientists uncover navigation system used by cancer, nerve cells
49 Study shows promise in automated reasoning, hypothesis generation over complete medical literature
50 Illinois scientists work with World Health Organization to fortify condiments, seasonings
51 Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes May Contribute to Obesity Among Minorities
52 Zombie ant fungi 'know' brains of their hosts
53 Breakthrough Understanding of Biomolecules Could Lead to New and Better Drugs
54 Monthly blood transfusions reduce sickle cell anemia-related brain injury in children
55 Mums trust mums on the net: Australian study
56 Survey finds veterans generally satisfied with mental health care
57 Many solve civil justice problems on their own, rarely involving attorneys, says study
58 Research: Tax benefits for housing not as outsized as previously thought
59 Louisiana Tech University researchers use 3-D printers to create custom medical implants
60 AAAS: Sri Lanka images show no significant increase in public facilities, despite promises
61 Feeling bad at work can be a good thing
62 Study shows steep decline in tooth loss, increase in socioeconomic disparities
63 Influenced by self-interest, humans less concerned about inequity to others
64 The American College of Chest Physicians releases new expert guidance in care of the critically ill and injured while the global health-care community cares for patients with Ebola
65 Enabling a new future for cloud computing
66 Liberal democracy is possible in Muslim-majority countries
67 Study Identifies Challenges Faced by NYU Langone Nurses in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
68 Study shows Hera Therapeutics compound combats HPV types that cause most cervical cancer
69 Nursing home care improves with culture change
70 Anticipating Experience-Based Purchases More Enjoyable than Material Ones
71 Latino Children Make Greatest Gains in NC Pre-K
72 Organic vs. Paid Advertising? Inside the Mind of an Online Browser
73 INFORMS study shows social welfare may fall in a more ethical market
74 Learning by watching, toddlers show intuitive understanding of probability
75 Recombinant adenovirus-mediated DHCR24 inhibits neural apoptosis
76 A breakthrough in imaging gold nanoparticles to atomic resolution by electron microscopy
77 Proteins: New class of materials discovered
78 Scientists uncover why major cow milk allergen is actually allergenic
79 Research underway to create pomegranate drug to stem Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
80 New enzyme targets for selective cancer therapies
81 Strategies for myelin regeneration: Lessons learned from development
82 Study suggests repurposing anti-depressant medication to target medulloblastoma
83 Stanford bioengineers close to brewing opioid painkillers without using opium from poppies
84 Effect of repeated-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation at the Guangming point on EEGs
85 Acrylamide exposure impairs blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier function
86 Does apolipoprotein E mimetic peptide reduce neuronal apoptosis induced by DBI?
87 Aspirin cuts risk of clots, DVT by a third--new study
88 Singaporean university launches world's 1st ZigBee-based inter-satellite comms system
89 Physics research removes outcome unpredictability of ultracold atomic reactions
90 Yellow pigment in eye may aid vision through haze, suggests Optometry and Vision Science
91 Tilted acoustic tweezers separate cells gently
92 New Process Helps Overcome Obstacles to Produce Renewable Fuels and Chemicals
93 NASA Scientists Watching, Studying Arctic Changes this Summer
94 Citizen scientists saving lives around deadly 'Throat of Fire' volcano
95 SA's Taung Child's skull and brain not human-like in expansion
96 A long childhood feeds the hungry human brain
97 MU Researchers Find Boron Facilitates Stem Cell Growth and Development in Corn
98 Study: New tool proves effective in evaluating doctor's bedside manner
99 LSUHSC research shows program to combat childhood obesity gets kids in daycare moving
100 US immigration is associated with rise in smoking among Latinos and Asians
101 Lead released from African cookware contaminates food
102 Infants absorb more than we might think
103 What are the advantages of being married to a physician?
104 Teachers Play Key Role in Program to Fight Childhood Obesity
105 New test reveals purity of graphene
106 Study Details Shortage of Replication in Education Research
107 Parental incarceration can be worse for a child than divorce or death of a parent
108 'Getting-by girls' straddle gap between academic winners and losers
109 Study finds range of skills students taught in school linked to race and class size
110 Risky situations increase women's anxiety, hurt their performance compared to men