File Title
1 Learning Physics Through Peer Instruction--NSF Spotlight on Harvard's Eric Mazur
2 Advanced Learning Through Negotiations
3 Computers Give Other Computers Advice On How to Play Pac Man
4 Researchers Find Virtual Computer-Based World an Effective Learning Environment
5 New System of Assessments Needed When Next Generation Science Standards Are Implemented
6 Collaborative Educational Video Games Boost Students' Desire to Learn
7 What Happens to Your Online Information After You Die?
8 Google to Tackle Security Threats with New Project Zero Team
9 Young Women Who Post Sexy Social Media Photos Are Seen As Less Competent
10 Google Meets with EU Regulators to Discuss "Right to Be Forgotten" Progress
11 FCC Warns ISPs About Violating Transparency Rules with False Speed Claims
12 Microsoft CEO Announces Largest Workforce Reduction in the Company's History
13 Mysterious Flotsam Came from Deepwater Horizon Rig
14 IBM 'Thinks' Big, Invests $3 Billion in Chip Research and Develoment
15 LG Introduces an OLED TV that Can Be Rolled Up When Not in Use
16 Schizophrenia's Genetic 'Skyline' Rising
17 Discovery of Genetic Risk Factors Could Lead to New Schizophrenia Treatment
18 Autistic Drivers Encounter Greater Challenges Behind the Wheel
19 Targeting Cancer with New Microscopy Technique
20 From Spheres to Rods, Reshaping Chemotherapy Drugs May Make Them Far More Effective
21 Scientists Catch EGFR Passing a Crucial Message to Cancer-Promoting Protein
22 Why Tumors Become Drug-Resistant
23 Team Reports Validation of Potentially Powerful New Way to Treat HER2-Positive Breast Cancer
24 Research Led by Temple's Chair of Dermatology: Pain and Itch May Be Signs of Skin Cancer
25 Rate of Cervical Cancer Higher than Previously Thought
26 UK Neuroscientists Threaten Boycott of Human Brain Project
27 Quenching World's Water and Energy Crises One Droplet at a Time
28 Scientists' Fishing Expedition Reveals Viral Diversity in the Sea
29 Siberian Permafrost Reveals Ancient Giant Virus, Remains Infectious
30 Mutant Strain Created from MERS-CoV May Offer Potential Vaccine
31 Faster Disease Diagnosis with New Single Virus Detection Techniques
32 The 'Obesity Paradox': Cardiovascular Mortality Lowest Among Overweight Patients
33 Sibling Composition Impacts Childhood Obesity Risk
34 The Influence of Westernization Spells Danger for Public Health in Nigeria
35 Google Reportedly Set to Enter the Mobile Health-Tracking Service Market
36 Study Looks at How Twitter Can Be Used to Address Specific Health Issues
37 B Vitamins Do Not Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
38 Friendly Information Signs Reduce Vandalism on Scientific Equipment
39 Research Shows Infants Are Sensitive to Pleasant Touch
40 Family Ties in the Language Jungle
41 Dawn Provides Guide to Vesta's Hidden Beauty
42 Uncertainty Gives Scientists New Confidence in Search for Novel Materials
43 OCO-2 Data to Lead Scientists Forward into the Past
44 The Result of Slow Degradation
45 More Male Fish "Feminized" by Pollution On the Basque Coast
46 Mercury Hot Spot Risks Reduced with New Low-cost, Nondestructive Technology
47 A List of GMO Foods: The Basics
48 Sierra Nevada Lake Contains Atmospheric Contamination from Bronze Age
49 Researchers Warn Against Abrupt Stop to Geoengineering Method
50 Better Diets in Livestock Production Could Help Combat Climate Change and Improve Food Security
51 Climate Change Could Hinder Fish from Finding Their Friends
52 Greenhouse Gas Given Out by Oceans Intensified by Warming Climates
53 Scientists Create Carbon-capture Breakthrough
54 Rising CO2 Lowers Nutrition Value of Crops
55 Increased CO2 Levels Will Cause Food Quality to Decline
56 Wildfires Found to Release a Previously Unidentified Type of Soot
57 Food in the Lives of GenXers
58 Sustainable Fish Makes for Healthier Seafood
59 Fruit Flies Confirm that Organic Food Is Healthier
60 People Consume Fruits, Vegetables More Often When They Have Easy Access to Them
61 The Added Value of Serving Local and Sustainable Produce
62 Miniaturization Problems Overcome by New Lab-on-a-chip Device
63 Stampede Supercomputer Powers Innovations in Materials Science
64 Designer Droplets Open New Possibilities
65 Glass Treated with Common Detergent Ingredient Could Limit Environmental Damage from Oil Spills
66 DNA Brings Life to Materials
67 Biophysicists Zoom in on Pore-forming Toxin
68 Freeze! A Protein Group Affecting Lipid Dynamics at Cell Membranes Discovered
69 Unique Protein Interaction May Drive Most Common Genetic Cause of Parkinson's Disease
70 How a Scorpion Gets Its Sting
71 Creating Insecticides to Target Specific Pests Without Harming Beneficial Species
72 Do Mitochondrial Genes Matter?
73 Why Is It Easier to Lose 2-4 Pounds Rather than 3 Pounds?
74 Finding Murray's Magic
75 Trust Is a Key Factor in Ability to Delay Gratification
76 Playing Out Medical Experiences Promotes Emotional Healing in Children Battling Serious Illnesses
77 UPDATED: New Online Tracking Tool Said to Be Nearly Impossible to Block
78 'Bad' Video Game Behavior Increases Players' Moral Sensitivity
79 Analysis of the Chinese Facial Profile: Contours of the Side Face in the Tu and Zang Ethnic Minorities
80 Men Are Attracted to Nice Girls, While Women Prefer Guys Who Play Hard to Get
81 Interruptions Can Negatively Affect Quality of Work
82 Scientists Learn How Insects 'Remodel' Their Bodies Between Life Stages
83 Scientists Develop First Cancer Immunotherapy for Dogs
84 WiFi Networks Could Be Used to Transmit Computer Viruses
85 RNA Study on Barley Virus Reveals Key Link to the Crusades
86 The Evolution of Drug Resistance Within a HIV Population
87 Lab On a Chip Allows for Molecule Measuring with the Naked Eye
88 Extremely-thin Membranes Clear Way for Chip-sized Pumps
89 Various Microstructures Fabricated by a Solvent-Cast 3-D Printing Technique
90 NIST's Simple Microfluidic Devices Now Have Valves
91 Ultra-sensitive Nano-chip for Early Cancer Detection
92 Research Rock-Star: Oxford Scientist Analyses the Physics of Playing Guitar
93 'Comb On a Chip' Powers New NIST/Caltech Atomic Clock Design
94 Chinese Scientists Search for Evidence of Dark Matter Particles with New Underground PandaX Detector
95 New Mass Map of Distant Galaxy Cluster Is the Most Precise Yet
96 Whistle While You Work (Out)
97 Brain of Carl Friedrich Gauss Was Apparently Switched with Another
98 Learned Helplessness in Flies and the Roots of Depression
99 Communicating Science to Society: A Challenge to Be Met
100 Region of the Brain Discovered that Enables Children to Overcome Emotional Self-centeredness As They Mature
101 Researchers Investigate the Listening Brain
102 Hateful People May Excel in the Few Activities They Tend to Perform
103 Impact of Social Conformity Effect Only Lasts Three Days, New Study Claims
104 Children's Books that Feature Animals with Human Traits Lead to Less Learning of the Natural World
105 Early Humans May Have Preyed on Elephant Ancestor Gomphothere
106 Ancient Lines of Rock Pointed Toward Paracas Festivals in 300 B.C.
107 Peru Ravaged by Gold Mining
108 Hyperdominant Trees Make Up Half of Amazon Forests
109 Distinctive Genetic Ancestries Found in Uros People of Peru and Bolivia
110 Lost Frog in the Lost World