File Title
1 Estimating the Size of Newborns Gets More Precise
2 UN Officials Warn Refugees Are Struggling to Access Cancer Treatment
3 Gluten-Free Crackers Made with Hemp Flour and Decaffeinated Green Tea Leaves
4 More than Just a Hill of Beans
5 Powerful New Tool Combs Family Genomes to Identify Disease-Causing Variations
6 Genomes of 3,000 Rice Strains Published on World Hunger Day
7 Genome of Golden Eagle Could Lead to More Effective Conservation Strategies
8 Fish Have the Genetic Blueprints for Fingers
9 Protein Expression Gets the Heart Pumping
10 You May Have Billions and Billions of Good Reasons for Being Unfit
11 Whole-Exome Sequencing Helpful to ID Gene Mutations Linked to Nervous System Diseases
12 DNA Sequence Finds Endangered Animals in Traditional Chinese Medicines
13 Shocks Shown to Induce and Improve Lucid Dreaming
14 Focusing on Context Helps Alleviate Bad Memories
15 New Memory Model Explains How Neurons Select Memories
16 Kidney Transplant Drug Halves the Early Risk of Rejection and Allows Less Toxic Treatment
17 Drugs Used to Treat Lung Disease Work with the Body Clock
18 New Drug Target Can Break Down Cancer's Barrier Against Treatment
19 Molecular Switches for Age-Related Memory Decline? A Genetic Variant Protects Against Brain Aging
20 Seeing Is Better than Hearing When It Comes to Retaining Memories
21 Study Claims Most Important Memories Made Prior to Age 25
22 Argument with Dad? Find Friendly Ears to Talk It Out
23 When Newlyweds Believe in Sharing Household Chores, Follow-Through Is Everything
24 Children Living with a Lone Parent Are As Happy As Those with 2
25 Harmful Hookahs: Many Young Smokers Aren't Aware of the Danger
26 Rise in High School Seniors Using Hookah Smoking Products
27 Suicide Is Widely Deemed Immoral Because It 'Taints the Soul,' Study Shows
28 Female Doctors Spend More Time than Male Doctors on Parenting, Household Tasks
29 Men and Women Have Vastly Different Personalities: Study
30 Non-Heterosexuals More Likely to Smoke and Binge Drink, According to New CDC Poll
31 Fear of Approaching Objects Is a Common Human Evolutionary Trait
32 Gratitude Makes for More Satisfaction: Baylor University
33 Researchers Explore Optical Origins of Different Facial Expressions
34 How Can We Teach Our Children to Be Safer?
35 Size of Human Genome Reduced to 19,000 Genes
36 Aging Contributes to Rapid Rates of Genomic Change, Signaling Challenges for Personalized Medicine
37 Researchers Create Initial Catalog of Human Proteins
38 Scientists Create Detailed Map of Human Genes
39 Bats and Male Frogs Sense Mating Call Waves Through Ripples
40 Nectar Bat Uses Stealthy Moves to Catch Its Evening Dinner
41 Communicating at a Katydid's Jungle Cocktail Party
42 New Electric Fish Discovered in Remote South America
43 Researchers Demonstrate How Echolocation Can Be Learned
44 Wintertime Survival for Siberian Hamsters Depends on Summertime Cholesterol Consumption
45 Sleepy? It's a Sure Bet Your Memory Is Affected As Well As Your Health
46 Built-in Biological Sunscreen Allows Mantis Shrimp to See the Reef in a Whole Different Light
47 Team Explains How Mutated X-Linked Mental Retardation Protein Impairs Neuron Function
48 Uncovering First Molecular Missteps that Drive Neurons in Pathway Leading to Alzheimer's Disease
49 New Drug Shows Significant Results in Rare Skin Cancer Treatment
50 Sleep Problems May Be Early Sign of Alzheimer's
51 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Catalyses Unprecedented Collaboration Between Health Care and Public Health
52 New Discovery Shows Ancient Mayans Dismembered Their Enemies
53 Construction Workers in Belize Destroy Ancient Mayan Pyramid for Road
54 Study Reveals Water Conservation Efforts of Ancient Cultures
55 Modern Soil Science Unearths Mayan Agriculture Secrets
56 N/A
57 Deforestation Not a New Problem According to Ancient Maya Studies
58 First Evidence for Pre-Columbian Sources of Maya Blue
59 Ceremonial Offering Discovered at Mexico's Teotihuacan
60 Archaeologists Unearth Stone Monument Detailing 'Dark Period' in Maya History
61 Teotihuacans Used Make-up to Honor Their Dead After Exhuming Their Body
62 Chichen Itza Ball Court Watchtower Was Ancient Mayan Observatory
63 Ancient Sabre-like Toothed Predator Had Weaker Bite than Domestic Cat
64 New Genus of Saber-toothed Cat Was Native to Florida
65 Prehistoric Toothy Predators Had Beefier Arm Bones
66 New Species of Big Cat Discovered in Tibet Fills Evolutionary Gap
67 Traveling Far from Home Wasn't Preferred by Cincinnati's Ice Age Mammoths and Mastodons
68 New Muscular Dystrophy Treatment Shows Promise in Early Study Led by Children's National
69 Genetic Evidence Shows How Early Humans Migrated from Africa to Europe
70 Mesolithic Human Travelers Brought Snails to Ireland
71 It's in the Genes: Europeans Have Been One Big Family for Past Thousand Years
72 Reconstructing Europe's Ancient History with DNA
73 Genetic Study Pushes Back Timeline for First Significant Human Population Expansion
74 Tree Rings of Prehistoric Wooden Wells Preserved Human History
75 The Water Cycle Amplifies Abrupt Climate Change
76 'Inhabitants of Madrid' Ate Elephants' Meat and Bone Marrow 80,000 Years Ago
77 Disappearing Elephant Caused the Rise of Modern Man
78 Sophisticated Blade Production Much Earlier than Originally Thought
79 Swimming Behaviors of Triassic Sea Creatures Identified Based on Paddle Print Fossils
80 Studies Show Movements of Continents Speeding Up After Slow 'Middle Age'
81 Fossils of Forest Rodents Found in Highland Desert
82 Researchers Identify Four New Species of Tuco-Tucos from Bolivia
83 Human Interaction Responsible for 62 Percent of Cougar Deaths in Re-established Populations
84 Vultures Wait for Prey Where They're Likeliest to Die
85 Brazilian Tigrina Is Not One, but Two Separate Wild Cat Species
86 Genomes of Cholera Bacteria from Haiti Confirm Epidemic Originated from Single Source
87 Researchers Fight Cholera with Computer Forecasting
88 Scientists Pinpoint River Flow Associated with Cholera Outbreaks, Not Just Global Warming
89 HIV/STI Prevention Program in Haiti Is Changing and Saving Lives
90 Stem Cells Created from Adult Cells
91 Stanford Scientists Develop 'Playbook' for Reverse Engineering Tissue
92 Japanese Scientist Falsified Claims on Groundbreaking Stem Cell Research
93 New Biological Scaffold Home, Sweet Home, for Stem Cells
94 Toxin in Seafood Causes Kidney Damage in Mice at Levels Considered Safe for Consumption
95 Robotic Sensor Helps Track and Manage Toxic Red Tides
96 Chinese Beachgoers Undeterred by Largest-Ever Algal Bloom
97 MIPT-Based Researcher Models Titan's Atmosphere
98 Steady Decline for Mediterranean Fish Stocks
99 Study Shows Local Populations of Winter Flounder in Long Island's Bays Are Inbred
100 Better Understanding of Arctic Climate Change Based on Shark Teeth
101 Ancient Arctic Sharks Lived in Brackish Water 50 Million Years Ago
102 Fish Are Smarter than You Think
103 The Evolution of Jaws Based On a 325M-Year-Old Shark-Like Fossil
104 Instrument Packages Help Researchers Get a Better Understanding of Sharks
105 Dive Guides Monitoring Sharks on Coral Reef at Similar Level to Telemetry
106 Beautiful but a Threat: Tropical Fish Invasion Destroys Kelp Forests
107 Significant Harmful Algal Bloom in Western Lake Erie Predicted this Summer
108 New Mite Species Discovered in Caribbean Mesophotic Coral Ecosystem
109 Could the Fish in Your Aquarium Be Harming Coral Reefs?
110 Study Examines Inosine to Increase Urate Levels in Patients with Parkinson Disease