File Title
1 Canola genome paves the way for better crops
2 Global warming 'hiatus' heat is hiding in Atlantic Ocean
3 Children with autism have extra brain synapses
4 Iceland volcano: Aviation risk level from Bardarbunga lowered
5 New Antarctic atlas offers index of marine life
6 Galileo satellites go into wrong, lower orbit--ESA
7 MH370 search faces tough next phase
8 Urban areas are hives for wild bees
9 Global warming slowdown 'could last another decade'
10 Coral and fish can 'smell' bad reefs
11 Hints of elusive early stars found
12 Four rare white lion cubs born at circus in Germany
13 Denmark: Charles Darwin's barnacles found in museum
14 Warning over electrical brain stimulation
15 Study creates 'time travel' illusion
16 Galileo: What does a more accurate sat-nav system mean?
17 Ukraine conflict: Donetsk rebels parade captured soldiers
18 James Foley beheading: UK close to identifying jihadist
19 California earthquake strikes San Francisco Bay area
20 Syria conflict: Islamic State 'seizes' Tabqa airbase
21 Gaza conflict: Erez crossing 'attacked' amid Israel raids
22 The graphic selfies from inside the Swiss parliament
23 A point of view: That joke isn't funny any more
24 Life on two wheels: Cycling in the world's cities
25 Holocaust families criticise Israel over Gaza
26 Libya crisis: Tensions rise as Tripoli airport seized
27 Iran 'shoots down Israeli drone' near Natanz nuclear site
28 China executes eight, including Tiananmen attackers
29 Cryopreservation: 'I freeze people to cheat death'
30 NSA and GCHQ agents 'leak Tor bugs,' alleges developer
31 Can computers replace historians?
32 Gmail smartphone app hacked by researchers
33 Man jailed for filming Fast and Furious in cinema
34 Tor Project's struggle to keep the dark net in the shadows
35 Evan Blass: King of the leakers
36 UK's 'most generous town' revealed by JustGiving
37 Ebola crisis: Sierra Leone law makes hiding patients illegal
38 Safety review into stroke clot-buster drug alteplase
39 Double vaccines 'could hasten the end of polio'
40 Experts warn of trauma after watching Foley death video
41 The malaria mines of Venezuela
42 US Ebola patient Kent Brantly 'thrilled to be alive'
43 Critics hail Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who debut
44 'Widespread methane leakage' from ocean floor off US coast
45 Whole organ 'grown' in world first
46 Hidden art: North East sculpture you have to hunt out
47 Fears torrential rain 'will open up' 200ft. sink-hole near Cowshill
48 Met Police helicopter spots London marriage proposal
49 Manx Grand Prix racer Tim Moorhead killed in qualifying session
50 Salmond and Sturgeon complete ice bucket challenge
51 British Ebola patient flying to UK for hospital treatment
52 Molecular Engineers Record an Electron's Quantum Behavior
53 Do Gut Bacteria Rule Our Minds?
54 8,000-Year-Old Mutation Key to Human Life at High Altitudes
55 Promising Ferroelectric Materials Suffer from Unexpected Electric Polarizations
56 International Scientific Team Criticizes Adoption of 'Novel Ecosystems' by Policymakers
57 Multimillion-Dollar Grant Helps Researchers Shed Light on Ultrafast Dynamics
58 New Tool Makes Online Personal Data More Transparent
59 Study: World's Primary Forests on the Brink
60 U-M Water Center Awarded $20 million Federal Contract to Help Lead National Estuary Research Program
61 Blood Cells Generate Neurons in Crayfish; Could Have Implications for Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders
62 No One-Size-Fits-All Approach in a Changing Climate, Changing Land
63 StopInfo for OneBusAway App Makes Buses More Usable for Blind Riders
64 Climate Change Will Threaten Fish by Drying Out Southwest U.S. Streams, Study Predicts
65 First Indirect Evidence of So-Far Undetected Strange Baryons
66 Air, Earth, Water Research Join Hands at Michigan Tech
67 Organic Photovoltaic Cells of the Future
68 Future Phones to Use Blood and Speech to Monitor HIV, Stress, Nutrition
69 Moving Single Cells Around--Accurately and Cheaply
70 Study Verifies More than 100,000 African Elephants Killed in Three Years
71 Wildland Fire Modeling Can Lead to Better Predictions
72 New Vaccine Shows Promise as Stronger Weapon Against Both Tuberculosis and Leprosy
73 S&T Support of Cyber Competitions Embraces Technology and Cybersecurity
74 New Report Compares Global Food Traceability Regulations and Requirements of 21 Countries
75 Global Food Traceability Center Issues Best Practices Guidance Document on Food Traceability
76 The Internet Was Delivered to the Masses; Parallel Computing Is Not Far Behind
77 Scientists Discover Area of Brain Responsible for Exercise Motivation
78 International Firm Taps UALR-Assisted Startup for Water Purification
79 Early Bottlenecks in Developing Biopharmaceutical Products Delay Commercialization
80 How Lizards Regenerate Their Tails: Researchers Discover Genetic 'Recipe'
81 Water Leads to Chemical that Gunks Up Biofuels Production
82 CloudLab Will Allow Tests of New Cloud Architectures
83 The Oldest Metal Object Found to Date in the Middle East
84 Professor's Data Mining Research Recognized for Standing 'Test of Time'
85 Biologists Reprogram Skin Cells to Mimic Rare Disease
86 Some Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Affect More than Their Targets
87 Climate Clues: Sunlight Controls the Fate of Carbon Released from Thawing Arctic Permafrost
88 Marine Protected Areas Might Not Be Enough to Help Overfished Reefs Recover
89 FutureFood 2050 Explores How Aquaculture and the Future of Fish Impact Global Food Security
90 Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) and Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Partner to Expand Certified Food Scientist (CFS) Certification
91 Institute of Food Technologists Student Association and Partners in Food Solutions Announce Developing Solutions for Developing Countries Competition Winners
92 Science Behind Ice Cream Revealed
93 When It Comes to How Pizza Looks--Cheese Matters
94 ORNL Scientists Uncover Clues to Role of Magnetism in Iron-Based Superconductors
95 Colorado State University Hosts Cookstove Testing Marathon as Part of Climate Study
96 Ice Cream Goes Southern, Okra Extracts May Increase Shelf-Life
97 CSU Nanoparticle Research Could Enhance Oil Recovery, Tracing of Fracking Fluid
98 UW-Madison Chosen for Federally Funded Cloud Computing Research
99 Research Explains How Cellular Guardians of the Gut Develop
100 10 Tips for Healthy Facebook Breakups
101 Awkward! How Facebook Complicates Breakups
102 New Mineral Hints at Livable Mars
103 Zombies and Prosthetic Limbs? The Many Uses of 3D Scanners
104 Hot and Getting Hotter: Heat Islands Cooking US Cities
105 Women Seeking Flextime Pay Heavier Price than Men
106 Cured Ebola Patient: 'God Saved My Life'
107 Viruses Deflate Huge Algal Blooms at Sea
108 Sickly Coral Reefs Fail the Smell Test
109 The Surprising Reason Hummingbirds Love Sweets