File Title
1 Nano 'yarn' next step in biomedical implants
2 Antibiotic linked to heart deaths
3 Keep Calm Moms: Maternal Stress During Pregnancy Linked to Asthma Risk in Offspring
4 Chemists Develop MRI Technique for Peeking Inside Battery-Like Devices
5 Wetting a Battery's Appetite for Renewable Energy Storage
6 Georgia Tech Jailbreaks iOS 7.1.2
7 Small RNAs in Blood May Reveal Heart Injury
8 Scientists Name New Species of Cetacean: The Australian Humpback Dolphin
9 President Obama Meets U.S. Laureates of 2014 Kavli Prizes
10 MESSENGER Team Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Launch
11 Cancer Research Institute to Bestow Top Scientific Prize for Breakthrough Discoveries in Cancer Immunotherapy
12 Did Lower Testosterone Help Civilize Humanity?
13 Iowa State University Industrial Design Professor's Trashed Idea Promises Valuable Future
14 Analysis of African Plant Reveals Possible Treatment for Aging Brain
15 Fault Trumps Gruesome Evidence When It Comes to Punishment
16 Kangaroos Win When Aborigines Hunt with Fire
17 New Method Provides Nanoscale Details of Electrochemical Reactions in Electric Vehicle Battery Materials
18 Lake Erie's Toxic Algae--Ohio's Water Crisis
19 Creating Buzz About Science to Help Solve Pressing Global Challenges
20 How Science Sizzles in the Modern Kitchen
21 'Next Generation Ambassadors of Chemistry' Symposium Features Up-and-Coming Chemists
22 Toyota to Market Hydrogen Vehicles in 2015; Linde Starts Small-Series Production of Fueling Stations
23 Prominent U.S. Research Institutions Announce Collaboration Toward Sharing and Standardizing Neuroscience Data
24 Collaborative Research Uses Camelina to Build Better Biofuel
25 Tricking Plants to See the Light May Control the Most Important Twitch on Earth
26 Drilling in the Dark: Biological Impacts of Fracking Still Largely Unknown
27 No-Power Wi-Fi Connectivity Could Fuel Internet of Things Reality
28 Mosul Dam Could Fail if ISIS Doesn't Continue Grouting Operations, Expert Says
29 Veterinarians Use Nanoparticles to Deliver Cancer Treatment in Dogs, Cats
30 Study Traces Evolutionary Origins of Migration in New World Birds
31 Speedier Diagnosis of Diseases Such as Cancer Likely Thanks to New DNA Analysis Technique
32 An Embryonic Cell's Fate Is Sealed by the Speed of a Signal
33 Strawberry Monitoring System Could Add $1.7 Million Over 10 Years to Some Farms
34 Diamond Defect Interior Design
35 Study Shows Flavor Trumps Health for Blueberry Buying
36 Salk Researcher Tony Hunter to Receive 2014 Royal Medal in Biological Sciences
37 US drone research hits regulatory turbulence
38 NIH chief keeps hopes afloat
39 Oceans need saving before science is nailed
40 Developing brains switch maths strategies
41 High-risk brain research wins NSF backing
42 Congo polio strain can resist vaccine
43 Man-made quakes shake the ground less than natural ones
44 NIH to probe racial disparity in grant awards
45 Dust reveals ancient origin for Saturn's rings
46 African elephant numbers collapsing
47 Double threat for Tibet
48 Icelandic volcano shakes ominously
49 More parents nixing anti-bleeding shots for their newborns
50 Seals brought TB to Americas
51 Neanderthals: Bone technique redrafts prehistory
52 Lakes under the ice: Antarctica's secret garden
53 Drug saves monkeys from close relative of Ebola
54 Scale up the supply of experimental Ebola drugs
55 Future computing
56 Finding the root
57 What goes up
58 Society: Don't blame the mothers
59 Microbiology: Microbiome science needs a healthy dose of scepticism
60 Iranian is first woman to nab highest prize in maths
61 Mysterious Siberian crater attributed to methane
62 US assesses virus of the Caribbean
63 Online collaboration: Scientists and the social network
64 Organic synthesis: The robo-chemist
65 Coal-Dependent Arkansas Faces Stiff Emissions Target and a Running Clock
66 Jerusalem Zoo Struggles to Remain Common Ground for Israelis, Palestinians
67 Mystery Solved: How Snakes Climb Trees
68 Can Artificial Insemination Save Endangered Species?
69 How the Current Mass Extinction of Animals Threatens Humans
70 Neanderthals Died Out 10,000 Years Earlier than Thought, with Help from Modern Humans
71 Microbes Discovered in Subglacial Antarctic Lake May Hint at Life in Space
72 Antelope and Lion Have Unlikely Meeting--Only One Walks Away
73 Successful Marburg Virus Treatment Offers Hope for Ebola Patients
74 As Ebola Crisis Spreads in West Africa, Liberia's Deterioration Stands Out
75 U.S. State Energy Costs: Who Pays Most, Least
76 First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Wins Federal Funds, Courtroom Fights
77 Germany Tops Energy Efficiency Scorecard While U.S. Lags
78 U.S.-China Solar Fight Lurches Forward
79 Five Things I Learned in Iowa About Biofuels
80 Eleven Years After the U.S.-Canadian Blackout, What Has (and Hasn't) Changed?
81 Earthquakes near Iceland volcano cause eruption concerns
82 Volcano could threaten Penn State vs. UCF opener in Ireland
83 Three Hundred Earthquakes Since Midnight
84 An Icelandic Volcano May Be About to Explode. How Bad Could It Be?
85 Ebola Unlikely to Spread on Planes, Health Agency Says
86 Chances of Eruption Increasing at Iceland Volcano
87 Weirdest Worm Ever? Clawed Creature Finds Its Family Tree
88 Polio Vaccines May Not Always Work
89 Color-Changing Octopus Skin Inspires New Camouflage Tech
90 Poachers Killed More than 100,000 Elephants in 3 Years
91 How Pygmy People Got Their Short Stature
92 Fighter Jets and Drones Practice Rapid-Fire Launches
93 How the Human Brain Gets Its Wrinkles
94 Art, Science & Philosophy Behind Photos of Oldest Living Things
95 'Astonishing Progress' Made on Heart Disease, Doctors Say
96 Is Aspirin a Cure-All?
97 Reference: Botox: Uses and Side Effects
98 Liberal and Conservative States Equally Clueless About Abortions
99 Montana: Big Sky, Shrinking Glaciers, Fading Wildlife (Op-Ed)
100 Emotions and Eating: A Marketer's Dream? (Op-Ed)
101 Kids' Drawings May Paint a Picture of Later Intelligence
102 Like a Virgin: Chaste Men Sexually Confused After Marriage
103 Ancient Toothless Pterosaurs Once Dominated the World's Skies
104 Splat! Why Some Snakes Are Easy Roadkill
105 Dirt and Corn? Test Reveals Hidden Coffee Ingredients
106 These Adorable Fur Balls Survived a Raging Forest Fire
107 Zombie Fungus Makes 'Sniper's Alley' Around Ant Colonies
108 Bored with Your Fitness Tracker? Better Devices Are on the Way
109 How Do Monster Black Holes Form? New Find May Provide 'Missing Link'
110 Runtastic Orbit: Fitness Tracker Review