File Title
1 Snow Cover on Arctic Sea Ice Has Thinned 30 to 50 Percent
2 Watching the Winds Where Sea Meets Sky
3 TechDemoSat-1 video from orbit captures spectacular view of Earth and a flypast of the launcher
4 Study of Aerosols Stands to Improve Climate Models
5 NRL Reveals New Meteorological Insight into Mid-Level Clouds
6 Molecular snapshots of oxygen formation in photosynthesis
7 Major Air Pollution Studies to Converge Over Denver
8 NASA launches carbon-tracking satellite
9 Five years after failed attempt, NASA launching another CO2-measuring satellite
10 New NASA Space Observatory to Study Carbon Conundrums
11 Earth's breathable atmosphere a result of continents taking control of the carbon cycle
12 Count of new CFCs in the atmosphere rises from 4 to 7
13 Control methane now, greenhouse gas expert warns
14 NASA's Newest Wind Watcher Arrives at Launch Site
15 Placing Pieces in the Atmospheric Puzzle
16 SETI Searches Kepler Candidates for Signals of Life
17 Follow the radio waves to exomoons
18 Red Dwarf Stars Might Be Best Places to Discover Alien Life
19 BIOMEX: Exploring Mars in Low Earth Orbit
20 Alien Atmospheres--Methane, CFCs and other signs of smart ETs
21 Biomarkers of the Deep
22 UEA research shows oceans vital for possibility of alien life
23 Are we alone? Alien pollution might reveal the answer
24 NASA says it's close to finding alien life, Earth's twin
25 When Life Went Global
26 Two 'Goldilocks planets' that might support life are proven false
27 Cosmic Impacts May Help Create Suitable Habitat for Life
28 Hunt for extraterrestrial life gets massive methane boost
29 Hydrothermal Vents Could Explain Chemical Precursors to Life
30 Radio Signals from Jupiter Could Aid Search for Life
31 Ganymede May Harbor 'Club Sandwich' of Oceans and Ice
32 Russian Cosmonauts Carry Out Science-Oriented Spacewalk Outside ISS
33 Fascinating rhythm: light pulses illuminate a rare black hole
34 NASA's RXTE Satellite Decodes the Rhythm of an Unusual Black Hole
35 All-You-Can-Eat at the End of the Universe
36 Astrophysicists Detect Destruction of Three Stars by Black Holes
37 Mysterious black holes may be exploding into 'white holes'
38 Supermassive black hole blows molecular gas out of galaxy
39 Black hole trio holds promise for gravity wave hunt
40 Astronomers pierce galactic clouds to shine light on black hole development
41 Swiftly Moving Gas Streamer Eclipses Supermassive Black Hole
42 Turbulent Black Holes
43 Surprisingly strong magnetic fields challenge black holes' pull
44 Black Hole 'Batteries' Keep Blazars Going and Going
45 NOAA analysis reveals significant land cover changes in US coastal regions
46 Eco-friendly 'pre-fab nanoparticles' could revolutionize nano manufacturing
47 Flexible tapes from the nanoworld
48 Self-assembly of gold nanoparticles into small clusters
49 A Crystal Wedding in the Nanocosmos
50 Rice nanophotonics experts create powerful molecular sensor
51 Researchers demonstrate novel, tunable nanoantennas
52 Illinois study advances limits for ultrafast nano-devices
53 Scientists Develop Force Sensor from Carbon Nanotubes
54 Diamond plates create nanostructures through pressure, not chemistry
55 DNA-Linked Nanoparticles Form Switchable "Thin Films" on a Liquid Surface
56 Stem cells are a soft touch for nano-engineered biomaterials
57 Nano world: Where towers construct themselves
58 Unexpected water explains surface chemistry of nanocrystals
59 DNA nanotechnology places enzyme catalysis within an arm's length
60 Bending helps to control nanomaterials
61 Engineers build world's smallest, fastest nanomotor
62 Nanoscale heat flow predictions
63 Harnessing Magnetic Vortices for Making Nanoscale Antennas
64 New method for measuring the temperature of nanoscale objects discovered
65 World's thinnest nanowires created by Vanderbilt grad student
66 Nanomaterial Outsmarts Ions
67 Nano shake-up
68 The Motion of the Medium Matters for Self-assembling Particles
69 Nanosheets and nanowires
70 Fabricating Nanostructures with Silk Could Make Clean Rooms Green Rooms
71 Copper foam turns CO2 into useful chemicals
72 Stinky gases emanating from landfills could transform into clean energy
73 All-in-one system offers green power for off-grid homes and farms
74 Physicists unlock nature of high-temperature superconductivity
75 Rutgers Chemists Develop Clean-Burning Hydrogen Fuel
76 Flexlab Opens Test Beds to Drive Dramatic Increase in Building Efficiency
77 Insights from nature for more efficient water splitting
78 Scandlines hybrid electric ferries largest hybrid ferry fleet in the world
79 Israeli companies order Aura's power generation system
80 Magnetic cooling enables efficient, 'green' refrigeration
81 Connecting dead ends increases power grid stability
82 Physicist builds useful light source from harmonic generation
83 X-ray pulses on demand from electron storage rings
84 Scientists develop new hybrid energy transfer system
85 A new solution for storing hydrogen fuel for alternative energy
86 Stanford, MIT scientists find new way to harness waste heat
87 Cree Power Module Breaks Price-Performance Barrier in Power Conversion Systems
88 Graphene-based planar micro-supercapacitors for on-chip energy storage
89 Pairing old technologies with new for next-generation electronic devices
90 Spin-based electronics: New material successfully tested
91 The birth of topological spintronics
92 Technique simplifies the creation of high-tech crystals
93 Moore's Law Gets Boost With Fundamental Chemistry Finding
94 Rice's silicon oxide memories catch manufacturers' eye
95 IBM to spend $3 billion aiming for computer chip breakthrough
96 Move Over, Silicon, There's a New Circuit in Town
97 Swell new sensors
98 A faster path to optical circuits
99 Researchers find weird magic ingredient for quantum computing
100 2D Transistors Promise a Faster Electronics Future
101 Could hemp nanosheets topple graphene for making the ideal supercapacitor?
102 Can our computers continue to get smaller and more powerful?
103 The Future of CubeSats
104 NASA, Partners Reveal California Meteorite's Rough and Tumble Journey
105 New Milky Way maps help solve stubborn interstellar material mystery
106 Stardust Team Reports Discovery of First Potential Interstellar Particles
107 Astronomers measure weight of galaxies, expansion of universe
108 Glow in Space is Evidence of a Hot Bubble in Our Galaxy
109 Galaxies in Collision
110 Nearest bright 'hypervelocity star' found
111 Planck Takes Magnetic Fingerprint of Our Galaxy
112 Star Is Discovered to Be a Close Neighbor of the Sun and the Coldest of Its Kind
113 Seven tiny grains captured by Stardust likely visitors from interstellar space
114 Curiosity Mars Rover Prepares for Fourth Rock Drilling
115 NASA Mars Curiosity Rover: Two Years and Counting on Red Planet
116 Asteroid Defense--Casualty in Chilled US-Russia Relations
117 Research uncovers forces that hold gravity-defying asteroid together
118 As Seen by Rosetta: Comet Surface Variations
119 Colliding Atmospheres: Mars vs. Comet Siding Spring
120 NASA's 3-D Study of Comets Reveals Chemical Factory at Work
121 Study of Asteroid Holds Key to Earth's Future