File Title
1 Verbal abuse of older adults: A disturbing influence on quality of life
2 Neutrino detectors could help detect nuclear weapons
3 Sniffing out billions in U.S. currency smuggled across the border to Mexico
4 Anxiety and amen: Prayer doesn't ease symptoms of anxiety-related disorders for everyone
5 Expert panel calls for public health research on natural gas drilling
6 Shift workers: Evidence for sleep-inducing and alertness drugs is weak
7 Study measures steep coastal costs of China's GDP growth
8 Geography matters: Model predicts how local 'shocks' influence U.S. economy
9 All-in-one energy system offers greener power for off-grid homes, farms and businesses
10 Kill switch in cell phones could save consumers more than $3.4 billion annually
11 Google searches may hold key to future market crashes, researchers find
12 It takes more than practice to excel
13 Shift work linked to heightened risk of type 2 diabetes
14 Powerful new source of up-to-date information on economic activity
15 Computer security: 'Melbourne Shuffle' secures data in the cloud
16 Expecting to teach enhances learning, recall
17 Musical training offsets some academic achievement gaps, research says
18 New insights into how young and developing readers make sense of words
19 Video-game playing for less than an hour a day is linked with better-adjusted children, study finds
20 Removing vending machines from schools is not enough to reduce soda consumption
21 Preterm children do not have an increased risk for dyscalculia, new research suggests
22 Numerical learning disability: Dyscalculia linked to difficulties in reading and spelling
23 Social origins of intelligence in the brain
24 First grade reading suffers in segregated schools
25 Reinventing biology labs by turning smartphones into microscopes
26 Stem cells show promise for stroke in pilot study
27 Are antibacterial soaps doing more harm than good?
28 Treating mental illness by changing memories of things past
29 Just one simple question can identify narcissistic people
30 Involuntary eye movement a foolproof indication for ADHD diagnosis
31 The black hole at the birth of the Universe
32 Water tractor beam: Complex waves generate flow patterns to manipulate floating objects
33 Carbon dioxide 'sponge' could ease transition to cleaner energy
34 Regular marijuana use bad for teens' brains, study finds
35 Red meat allergies likely result of lone star tick
36 People fake to look real on social media
37 Sharing housework doesn't mean less sex, research finds
38 Fire Stone: First Fire-Scorched Petrified Wood Found
39 Religious Porn Users More Likely to Say They're Addicted
40 Robin Williams' Death: Why No One Is Immune to Depression
41 Why Is Symmetry So Sexy? It Has Nothing to Do with Health
42 Focus! Distractions Kill Both Time and Quality
43 Is Recycled Sewage a Water Solution?
44 Amazon's Biggest Fish Faces Threat of Extinction
45 A Woman Finally Wins Top Math Prize 'Fields Medal'
46 US Troops Beat the Heat with New Personal AC Units
47 Births to Unmarried Couples Drop
48 Something's Fishy: Did 'Oldest Eel' Really Live 155 Years?
49 Poachers Force Massive Rhino Evacuation
50 Emergency Plane Landing Yields PTSD Clues
51 Big Earthquake Looms for Chile, Experts Say
52 Flock of Ancient 'Butterfly-Headed' Flying Reptiles Discovered
53 Oldest Evidence for Egyptian Mummy Making Discovered
54 Giant Armored Dinosaur Unearthed in China
55 Baby Shark Hangout Discovered Off the Azores
56 Kids' Responses to Infections Linked with Depression Risk
57 Two Venomous Jellies Discovered in Australia
58 History 2.0: Civil War Journals & Historic Letters Go Digital
59 Suicide Risk Linked to Poor Sleep in Older Adults
60 Sodium Guidelines 'Need to Be Rethought,' Experts Say
61 Whee! Whales and Dolphins Squeal with Delight
62 As Sharks Disappear, So Could Shark Week? (Op-Ed)
63 Teen Anal Sex Study: 6 Unexpected Findings
64 Thinning Arctic Snow Could Alter North Pole Ecosystem
65 Bionic Exoskeleton Could Help Paralyzed Patients Walk
66 Why You Don't Look like a Caveman
67 Reference: Facts About Gold
68 2nd Wave of Isolated People Makes Contact with Outsiders in Brazil
69 Elusive European Wildcats Found Hiding Out on Mount Etna
70 5 Viruses that Are Scarier than Ebola
71 Lionfish's Terminator-Style Killing Alarms Scientists
72 Humans Are to Blame for Earth's Rapidly Melting Glaciers
73 Robot 'Army' Can Swarm into 3D Formations
74 Interstellar Visitors? Dust Grains May Be from Outside Solar System
75 Here's One Thing that Makes Lucid Dreamers Different from Others
76 Instant Noodles Could Hurt Your Heart
77 Triplets! Giant Panda Gives Birth to 'Rare' Trio in China
78 Smoking Pot and Breast-Feeding: What Are the Risks?
79 Vampire Plant Sucks Victim's Genes While Feeding
80 Why Does Less Meat Mean Less Heat? (Op-Ed)
81 Even in Deepwater Canyons, America's Corals at Risk (Op-Ed)
82 The Beauty of Millipedes (Op-Ed)
83 With Latest Death, Scientists Re-evaluate Stigma of Fraud (Op-Ed)
84 Still 'Drinkable': 200-Year-Old Booze Found in Shipwreck
85 9 Cool Facts About Magnets
86 Why Iran May Ban Vasectomies
87 Why Children's Diseases Move South to North Across the US
88 You HAVE to Hear This! Why Gossip Compels You to Share
89 This Man Survived a Knife Through His Brain
90 Nano Silver? Nigeria's Potential Ebola Treatment Unlikely to Work
91 2 Million Mph! Super-Fast Laser Sets Record
92 Ferguson Protests: How Crowd Control Technology Works
93 Supernatural 'Jinn' Seen as Cause of Mental Illness Among Muslims
94 How Will Chikungunya Virus Spread? DARPA Announces Challenge
95 Mega Models Will Map the Spread of Dengue (Op-Ed)
96 United States Moves to End Puppy Mill Imports
97 Reference: Vitamin B12: Deficiency & Supplements
98 Virtual Worlds Can Be As Fulfilling As Real Life (Op-Ed)
99 Drones are Fun, Until One Hits You in the Face
100 Should Robot Drivers Kill to Save a Child's Life?
101 The Real Reason Women Cheat
102 Drug Could Regrow Hair in Some with Hair Loss
103 Open-Source Seeds Make a Comeback (Op-Ed)
104 Richard III Really Ate (and Drank) like a King
105 Real Chompers! Jesus Statue Has Human Teeth
106 Surviving Sepsis: Detection and Treatment Advances
107 Goodbye, Glasses: Future Smartphone Screens Could Correct Vision