File Title
1 Do gut bacteria rule our minds? In an ecosystem within us, microbes evolved to sway food choices
2 Plants may use newly discovered molecular language to communicate
3 Early antibiotic exposure leads to lifelong metabolic disturbances in mice
4 Seven tiny grains captured by Stardust likely visitors from interstellar space
5 A self-organizing thousand-robot swarm
6 NASA's Chandra Observatory searches for trigger of nearby supernova
7 Brain imaging shows brain differences in risk-taking teens
8 Bats bolster brain hypothesis, maybe technology, too
9 Human contribution to glacier mass loss increasing
10 Harnessing the power of bacteria's sophisticated immune system
11 New analysis links tree height to climate
12 Inside the cell, an ocean of buffeting waves, contrary to conventional understanding
13 Understanding parallels of human and animal parenting can benefit generations to come
14 9/11 dust cloud may have caused widespread pregnancy issues
15 Reduced testosterone tied to endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure
16 Depression often untreated in Parkinson's disease
17 Visual exposure predicts infants' ability to follow another's gaze
18 Advances in understanding of preterm birth
19 Guidelines can predict early menopause in child cancer survivors, giving hope for fertility
20 New ways to treat solid tumors using protein
21 Human milk fat improves growth in premature infants
22 Previous pulmonary disease linked to increased lung cancer risk in large study
23 Low vitamin D levels linked to increased risks after noncardiac surgery
24 Single enzyme necessary for development of diabetes
25 Adults with autism at higher risk of sexual victimization, study shows
26 Experts close to perfect in determining truth in interrogations using active question methods
27 Severity of sleep apnea impacts risk of resistant high blood pressure
28 Strong state alcohol policies reduce likelihood of binge drinking
29 Low education, smoking, high blood pressure may lead to increased stroke risk
30 Memories of errors foster faster learning
31 Bypass commands from brain to legs through computer
32 PTSD can develop even without memory of the trauma, study concludes
33 New non-invasive technique controls size of molecules penetrating the blood-brain barrier
34 Researchers develop strategy to combat genetic ALS, FTD
35 Brain 'switchboard' found, important in attention, sleep
36 Vitamin D deficiency may reduce pregnancy rate in women undergoing IVF
37 Parenting from before conception: Babies' health doesn't 'start from scratch'
38 Estimated 1.65 million global cardiovascular deaths each year linked to high sodium consumption
39 Tick-tock: How to quite literally speed up a woman's biological clock
40 Coming soon: Genetically edited 'super bananas' and other fruit?
41 Rooting out skin creams that contain toxic mercury
42 Infants absorb more than we might think, noting mobility differences as early as ten months
43 Contrary to popular belief, more exercise is not always better
44 Awake within a dream: Lucid dreamers show greater insight in waking life
45 Can instant noodles lead to heart disease, diabetes and stroke?
46 Laser makes microscopes way cooler, incredibly sensitive
47 The beetle's white album: Beetle shells could inspire brighter, whiter coatings and materials
48 Wireless sensors and flying robots: A way to monitor deteriorating bridges
49 New tool makes a single picture worth far more than a thousand words
50 Scientists fold RNA origami from a single strand
51 Molecular engineers record an electron's quantum behavior
52 Chemists uncover powerful new click chemistry reactivity
53 Novel lung-on-a-chip developed
54 Novel chip-based platform could simplify measurements of single molecules
55 Fukushima's legacy: Biological effects of Fukushima radiation on plants, insects, and animals
56 Hubble stirs up galactic soup
57 Curiosity Mars rover prepares for fourth rock drilling
58 As seen by Rosetta: Comet surface variations
59 Dark bands in starlight: New Milky Way maps help solve stubborn interstellar material mystery
60 Forces that hold rapidly spinning near-Earth asteroid together discovered
61 Rare blurring of black hole light spotted
62 Follow the radio waves to find hidden exomoons
63 Comets forge organic molecules in their dusty atmospheres
64 Astrophysicists detect destruction of three stars by supermassive black holes
65 All-you-can-eat at the end of the universe: How early black holes could have grown to billions of times the mass of our sun
66 Researchers develop defense against cyberattacks
67 Computation, collaboration lead to significant advance in malaria
68 Can our computers continue to get smaller and more powerful?
69 Statistical model predicts performance of hybrid rice
70 Powerful math creates 3-D shapes from simple sketches
71 Mouth bacteria can change its diet, supercomputers reveal
72 Realistic computer graphics: Technology from Germany makes it to Walt Disney
73 Pioneering online treatment for people with bipolar disorder
74 Mobile phones come alive with the sound of music
75 Our ancestor's 'leaky' membrane answers big questions in biology
76 New study takes the shine off magpie folklore
77 Woodrats' genes help them to win arms race against food
78 Experimental chikungunya vaccine induces robust antibody response
79 Drugs that flush out HIV may impair killer T cells, possibly hindering HIV eradication
80 Parasitic worms sniff out their victims as 'cruisers' or 'ambushers'
81 Scientists study 'talking' turtles in Brazilian Amazon
82 Blood-sucking parasitic eyeworm a culprit to 2010 quail decline, researchers believe
83 Antibodies together with viral 'inducers' found to control HIV in mice
84 Food allergies more widespread among inner-city children
85 Ebola outbreak highlights global disparities in health-care resources
86 Capturing false hormones
87 Study of Chilean quake shows potential for future earthquake
88 Freeways as fences, trapping the mountain lions of Los Angeles
89 Antarctica's ice discharge could raise sea level faster than previously thought
90 Young blue sharks use central North Atlantic nursery
91 Little penguins forage together: 40% of studied penguins synchronized underwater movements while foraging
92 Bats versus wind turbines
93 Foreshock series controls earthquake rupture
94 Snow has thinned on Arctic sea ice, study finds
95 Ebullition causes methane emissions in tropical reservoirs
96 New species of flying pterosaur: Bones from nearly 50 ancient flying reptiles discovered
97 Embalming study 'rewrites' key chapter in Egyptian history
98 From eons to seconds, proteins exploit the same forces
99 Reconstructions show how some of the earliest animals lived--and died
100 A global temperature conundrum: Cooling or warming climate?
101 Climate change and drought in ancient times
102 Western Wall wearing away? Discovery of extreme erosion process could guide new preservation techniques
103 Ancient shellfish remains rewrite 10,000-year history of El Nino cycles
104 Violent solar system history revealed by meteorite found in Western Australia
105 Fundamental plant chemicals trace back to bacteria
106 The spiritual person: Alcohol releases the 'beast within'
107 How arbitrary is language? English words structured to help kids learn
108 A new look at what's in 'fracking' fluids raises red flags: Some compounds toxic to mammals
109 Bacterial meningitis incidence has dropped in the United States
110 Immigrants at lower risk of overdose, death from codeine than people born in Canada