File Title
1 Mid-Level Scientists Most Likely to Use New Research Tools, Says Study in INFORMS Journal
2 Physicists eye neural fly data, find formula for Zipf's law
3 Treatments Waiting to be Discovered Inside New Database
4 Wiki ranking
5 Origami could lead to exotic materials, tiny transformers
6 Origami robot folds itself up, crawls away
7 Rutgers Researchers Show that How Fast You Drive Might Reveal Exactly Where You are Going
8 Geckos use toe hairs to turn stickiness on/off
9 Our ancestor's 'leaky' membrane answers big questions in biology
10 NIH-led scientists boost potential of passive immunization against HIV
11 Passengers who survived terrifying Air Transat flight in 2001 help psychologists uncover new clues about post-traumatic stress vulnerability
12 New research offers hope for HIV vaccine development
13 Exercise associated with reduced risk of breast cancer in African American women
14 With advances in HIV care, survivors face other disease risks
15 Involuntary Eye Movement a Foolproof Indication for ADHD Diagnosis
16 Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial identifies men mostly likely to undergo challenging study procedure
17 Are Patients Being Discharged from Hospice Care to Save Money?
18 New material could enhance fast and accurate DNA sequencing
19 Nutrition an issue for Indigenous Australians
20 Crime Victims' Institute tracks the state of stalking in Texas
21 Ocean's most oxygen-deprived zones to shrink under climate change
22 How critically ill infants can benefit most from human milk
23 Diamonds are a Quantum Computer's Best Friend
24 Peer-reviewed paper says all ivory markets must close
25 Rice U. study: Stock prices of companies that use the same underwriter tend to move together
26 Boston Marathon bombing caregivers still grappling with tragedy one year later
27 Nanocubes Get in a Twist
28 Is empathy in humans and apes actually different?
29 Scared of crime? Good.
30 Patent examiners more likely to approve marginal inventions when pressed for time
31 Shift workers: evidence for sleep inducing and alertness drugs is weak
32 Contrary to popular belief, more exercise is not always better
33 Transgender relationships undermined by stigma
34 Majority of Quebec children placed in out-of-home care are reunited with their family
35 ADHD, substance abuse and conduct disorder develop from the same neurocognitive deficits
36 Mind and body: Scientists identify immune system link to mental illness
37 Poor sleep quality associated with increased suicide risk in older adults
38 Why seniors don't eat: It's complicated
39 Care facility choice after hospital discharge about more than location, location, location
40 Why Aren't Campus Emergency Alerts Taken More Seriously?
41 UT Arlington research team's work could lead to earlier diagnosis, treatment of mental diseases
42 NASA's Hubble Finds Supernova Star System Linked to Potential "Zombie Star"
43 Water 'microhabitats' in oil show potential for extraterrestrial life, oil cleanup
44 Step closer to birth of the sun
45 White dwarfs crashing into neutron stars explain loneliest supernovae
46 Ten-year study highlights sleep deficiency and sleep medication use in astronauts
47 Violent solar system history uncovered by WA meteorite
48 Astrophysicists Detect Destruction of Three Stars by Black Holes
49 All-You-Can-Eat at the End of the Universe
50 Follow the radio waves to exomoons, UT Arlington physicists say
51 Antineutrino detectors could aid non-proliferation
52 University of Tennessee research uncovers forces that hold gravity-defying near-earth asteroid together
53 Three Radars are Better than One: Field Campaign Demonstrates Two New Instruments
54 'Trojan horse' treatment could beat brain tumors
55 Copper foam turns CO2 into useful chemicals
56 Mouth Bacteria Can Change Its Diet, Supercomputers Reveal
57 Can our computers continue to get smaller and more powerful?
58 Egyptian mummification began before the Pharaohs
59 Little penguins hunt in synchronised packs
60 Sweat-powered battery could charge your phone
61 Rosetta: Comet probe gets down to work
62 Chile quake hazards remain high
63 Giant Amazon fish 'locally extinct' due to overfishing
64 Ebola outbreak: Guinea declares emergency
65 DigitalGlobe launches super-sharp WorldView-3 Earth imager
66 Syria conflict: Sarin gas chemicals destroyed
67 First female winner for Fields maths medal
68 Hemp fibres 'better than graphene'
69 Greek tomb at Amphipolis is 'important discovery'
70 Sheep rustling and tool theft boost rural crime figures
71 Could tensions over Ukraine hit space?
72 Sir Cliff Richard's Berkshire property searched by police
73 Iraq crisis: Obama says US 'broke Mt. Sinjar siege'
74 A-level grades edge down, as university places rise
75 Ukraine crisis: Rebel military chief Strelkov 'quits'
76 How do amputees fly planes?
77 Should holiday email be deleted?
78 Leaping blondes? It must be A-level results day
79 Scottish independence: Could vote help shift the debate on clocks?
80 Can you die from a broken heart?
81 Berkhamsted 'penis' map mocked on Facebook
82 Pilot's artificial arm 'became detached while landing plane'
83 Mobile firm EE introduces queue jumping charge
84 Girl killed by mother parking at Hounslow West tube
85 Mortgage lenders say 'prepare for a rate rise'
86 Tourists visiting UK in record numbers
87 Browsing speeds may slow as net hardware bug bites
88 Apple bans two hazardous chemicals from assembly lines
89 bought by and Tinder owner
90 Michael Jackson music video premiered on Twitter
91 Russian PM's Twitter hacked, posting 'I resign'
92 Reversible USB cable design finished
93 Berlin bans Uber app citing passenger safety
94 Michael J Fox Foundation tests sensors to track Parkinson's
95 Samsung reveals Galaxy Alpha metal-framed smartphone
96 Five police investigated after Delhi launches WhatsApp anti-bribery campaign
97 Manchester United bans tablets and laptops at home matches
98 Amazon credit-card reader poses challenge to Square
99 Fugitive juggler caught by facial-recognition technology
100 Formula 1: The super-fast net driving teams to the podium
101 Why Amazon and Flipkart will spend billions in India
102 Michael Brown killing: Jay Nixon promises 'operational shifts'
103 Robin Williams 'had Parkinson's'
104 Why choose Birmingham for a sperm bank?
105 Plymouth University 'in crisis' over boardroom battle
106 Shakespeare's Globe: A theatrical laboratory
107 Yolo and binge-watch added to online dictionary
108 Greece: Universities told to drop 'eternal students'
109 The real teachers inspired by Dead Poets Society
110 Robin Williams' daughter 'leaves' Twitter after abuse
111 Sharp rise in CT scans on children and adults
112 Failing GP practices face closure
113 Being overweight or obese 'linked to 10 common cancers'
114 'Resuscitation drug adrenaline questioned in cardiac arrest'
115 Pharmacies 'could play greater role'
116 Failing GPs: A Pandora's Box?
117 The front line of the UK's Ebola prevention efforts
118 Robin Williams and the link between comedy and depression
119 Iraq crisis: Maliki to step aside to end deadlock