File Title
1 Climate warming may have unexpected impact on invasive species, Dartmouth study finds
2 Fundamental plant chemicals trace back to bacteria
3 Regulations needed to identify potentially invasive biofuel crops
4 Study measures steep coastal costs of China's GDP growth
5 Ancient shellfish remains rewrite 10,000-year history of El Nino cycles
6 Wine symposium explores everything you wanted to know about the mighty grape (video)
7 Keeping filler ingredients out of your cup of coffee
8 Blood cells are a new and unexpected source of neurons in crayfish
9 New study reveals the effect of habitat fragmentation on the forest carbon cycle
10 Climate change negatively impacting Great Lakes, GVSU researcher says
11 Climate change, predators, and the trickle down effects on ecosystems
12 Could hemp nanosheets topple graphene for making the ideal supercapacitor?
13 The Maldives and the whale shark: The world's biggest fish adds value to paradise
14 Genetically engineered fruit flies could save crops
15 Loss of Eastern Hemlock Affects Peak Flows after Extreme Storm Events
16 Climate relicts may help researchers understand climate change
17 Roadside Research from the Pinelands and Coast to Coast
18 Coming soon: Genetically edited fruit?
19 Giant Amazon fish becoming extinct in many fishing communities, saved in others
20 Fire danger extreme in British Columbia, Canada
21 Excavation of ancient well yields insight into Etruscan, Roman and medieval times
22 Western Wall Wearing Away? Discovery of Extreme Erosion Process Could Guide New Preservation Techniques
23 Embalming study 'rewrites' key chapter in Egyptian history
24 Rare frogs holding their own despite drought conditions
25 Innovations with far-reaching potential for the environment and health
26 Trapped atmospheric waves triggered more weather extremes
27 A global temperature conundrum: Cooling or warming climate?
28 Stinky gases emanating from landfills could transform into clean energy
29 Dust--and the microbes hitching rides on it--influences rain, climate
30 Snow has thinned on Arctic sea ice
31 'Shape-shifting' material could help reconstruct faces
32 Rooting out skin creams that contain toxic mercury
33 Gut flora influences HIV immune response
34 Bones from nearly 50 ancient flying reptiles discovered
35 Little penguins forage together
36 Young blue sharks use central North Atlantic nursery
37 Cell discovery brings blood disorder cure closer
38 Stimuli-responsive drug delivery system prevents transplant rejection
39 Researchers uncover how Ebola virus disables immune response
40 Gene that controls nerve conduction velocity linked to multiple sclerosis
41 Reduction of tau protein improves symptoms in model of severe childhood epilepsy
42 HPV vaccine could 'close the gap' on Indigenous health
43 Chemical reaction yields "tapes" of porphin molecules
44 York survey highlights ocean research priorities
45 Teachers Play Key Role in Program to Fight Childhood Obesity
46 Many older emergency department patients are malnourished
47 Ebola protein blocks early step in body's counterattack on virus
48 New insights into the survival and transmission strategy of malaria parasites
49 From eons to seconds, proteins exploit the same forces
50 Researchers identify tests to diagnose invasive aspergillosis with 100 percent accuracy
51 Statistical model predicts performance of hybrid rice
52 Small, origami-inspired pop-up robots function autonomously
53 The economy of bitcoins
54 Should women 'man up' for male-dominated fields?
55 Researcher finds companies' religious affiliation can buffer negative reactions
56 What does 'diversity' mean to you? The answer may depend on your race
57 Expecting to teach enhances learning, recall
58 Ecology could break deadlock between grouse shooting and hen harrier conservation
59 Study: New tool proves effective in evaluating doctor's bedside manner
60 LSUHSC research shows program to combat childhood obesity gets kids in daycare moving
61 Crime Rates May Fluctuate Depending on Authority in Charge
62 Inequality--a key issue of economic research
63 US immigration is associated with rise in smoking among Latinos and Asians
64 Want to kill creativity of women in teams? Fire up the competition
65 Robotic-assisted imaging: from trans-Atlantic evaluation to help in daily practice
66 Lead released from African cookware contaminates food
67 Federal Drug Discount Program faces challenges, report finds
68 UTMB researchers develop model to predict COPD hospital readmission
69 How useful is economics--how is economics useful?
70 Tick-tock: how to speed up a woman's biological clock
71 New test reveals purity of graphene
72 Story ideas from NCAR: Seasonal hurricane forecasts, El Nino, wind energy, and more
73 Sniffing out billions in US currency smuggled across the border to Mexico
74 Heart failure is a substantial health burden in low- and middle-income countries
75 A highly sensitive microsphere-based assay for early detection of Type I diabetes
76 Graphene-based planar micro-supercapacitors for on-chip energy storage
77 Researchers prove stability of wonder material silicene
78 Notre Dame paper offers insights into a new class of semiconducting materials
79 New analysis reveals tumor weaknesses
80 A new look at what's in 'fracking' fluids raises red flags
81 Tattoo biobatteries produce power from sweat (video)
82 Foreshock series controls earthquake rupture
83 Bacterial biosurgery shows promise for reducing the size of inoperable tumors
84 New progress in long bone fracture evaluation using ultrasound
85 Eco-friendly 'pre-fab nanoparticles' could revolutionize nano manufacturing
86 Pitt engineer turns metal into glass
87 Single gene controls jet lag
88 No excess baggage: Antarctic insect's genome, newly sequenced, is smallest to date
89 Scientists discover the miracle of how geckos move, cling to ceilings
90 WSU researcher sees survival story in Antarctic fly's small genome
91 Foam favorable for oil extraction
92 Embalming study 'rewrites' chapter in Egyptian history
93 'I cant figure out how to do this!'
94 Cancer fighter can help battle pneumonia
95 Study: Attending a More Selective College Doesn't Mean a Better Chance of Graduating
96 Infants absorb more than we might think
97 What are the advantages of being married to a physician?
98 Gender disparities in cognition will not diminish
99 Mutations from Venus, mutations from Mars
100 Social network research may boost prairie dog conservation efforts
101 Microscopic rowing--without a cox
102 Astronomers measure weight of galaxies, expansion of universe
103 Finding quantum lines of desire
104 Saving seeds the right way can save the world's plants
105 Multidisciplinary study reveals big story of cultural migration
106 Research proves there is power in numbers to reduce electricity bills
107 Vision-correcting electronic displays could let users dispense with glasses
108 Groundbreaking research maps cultural history
109 Screening and drug therapy predicted to make hepatitis C a rare disease
110 Extracting audio from visual information