File Title
1 Flexible kick may help swimmers rule the pool
2 Hundreds of animals disappear as humans multiply
3 James Dean of star family burns brightest
4 Earth's pull melts layer around Moon's core
5 Learning Physics Through Peer Instruction--NSF Spotlight on Harvard's Eric Mazur
6 Natural-Terrain Schoolyards Reduce Children's Stress, Says Colorado University-Boulder Study
7 Room for Improvement in Elementary School Children's Lunches and Snacks from Home
8 Vision Impairment and Nearsightedness More Pronounced in Those with Higher Levels of Education
9 Preschoolers Can Reflect on What They Don't Know
10 Future Shop and Futurist Trevor Haldenby Fast Forward to 2020 and Identify Top Five Career Prospects
11 Could Joining a Gym Help College Students Raise Their GPA?
12 STEM Education Initiative Website Launched by AAU
13 UC Research Brings a Future of Mind-Reading Robots Ever Closer
14 Exoskeleton Could Benefit Elderly Patients, Stroke Patients and Paraplegics
15 Researchers Turn to Technology to Discover a Novel Way of Mapping Landscapes
16 Casimir Force Reduced to Lowest Recorded Level
17 Children Exposed to Lead More Likely to Be Suspended from School
18 Study Shows Epigenetic Changes Can Drive Cancer
19 Clearing Cells to Prevent Cervical Cancer
20 Scientists Test Nanoparticle "Alarm Clock" to Awaken Immune Systems Put to Sleep by Cancer
21 Vanderbilt Study Examines Bacteria's Ability to Fight Obesity
22 Researchers Create Vaccine for Dust Mite Allergies
23 Monitoring Pulse After Stroke May Prevent a Second Stroke
24 The Most Effective Weight-Loss Programs and Drugs
25 Self-Motivated Participation in Learning Activities Increases the Well-Being of Adults
26 References Resources Find Their Place Among Open Access and Google
27 Technical Tests of Biodiversity
28 Scientists Unmask the Climate Uncertainty Monster
29 Public Exposure Leads to an Increase in Corrections to the Scientific Record
30 Researchers Develop Traffic Light-Inspired Caffeine Detector
31 Tidy Desk or Messy Desk? Each Has Its Benefits
32 Ex-Employer Tipped Off Police in Pressure-Cooker Bomb Debacle
33 Global Rise in Violence May Be Another Effect of Climate Change
34 Can't We All Just Get Along? Evolution Says 'Yes We Can'
35 Origins of Life On Earth May Help Hunt for Life on Other Planets
36 Pony Botnet Steals Two Million Passwords from Social Network Users
37 Phishing Scams Continue Upward Trend in First Quarter 2014
38 How Much Space Is In Our Lives Shown By NASA Spinoff 2013
39 Research Shows Viruses Evolving, Becoming Deadly
40 Playing Video Games Linked to Creativity
41 Programs that Help Farmers Adapt to Climate Change Supported by the Public
42 For College Students, Regular Exercise Not a Priority
43 Online Learning: It's Different
44 Malware Vulnerabilities Found in Microsoft's Malware Protection Engine
45 Making the Internet of Things Safer with New Tool Developed by Computer Scientists
46 Mobile App Downloading Service Pryte Picked Up by Facebook
47 UMass Amherst Biologists Say that 'Oddball Science' Has Proven Worth
48 UT Arlington Researchers Successfully Test Model for Implant Device Reactions
49 Google Developing Prototype Tablet Capable of 3D Imaging
50 The Goosebump Sensor that Knows How You Feel
51 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Data?
52 Sake Microbes Overrun Factory
53 5 Beauty Hacks Using Mayonnaise
54 5 P's for Your Social Media Marketing Success
55 Early Warning Sign for Babies at Risk of Autism
56 Researchers Discover New Route for Ovarian Cancer Spread
57 Many Healthy Americans Harbor Human Papilloma Viruses
58 Nanocage Builds Itself from Engineered Components
59 Targeting Tumors Using Silver Nanoparticles
60 Scientists Develop a 'Nanosubmarine' that Delivers Complementary Molecules Inside Cells
61 Research Team Developing Smaller, Greener Electronics
62 A Deeper Understanding of Graphene's Electrical Properties On an Atomic Level
63 Newly Discovered Gut Virus Could Play a Role in Obesity, Diabetes
64 Spinach Could Lead to Alternative Energy
65 Google's Next Project: Discover What the Perfectly Healthy Person Looks Like
66 Most Comprehensive Study to Date Shows Success of the Millennium
67 UNC Researchers Find Unsuspected Characteristics of New CF Drugs, Offering Potential Paths to More Effective Therapies
68 Control of HIV Pandemic Will Not Be Achieved Without Radical Improvement in Support for Sex Workers
69 Trying to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier? Don't Tell Them Veggies Are Good for Them
70 New Research Links Bad Diet to Loss of Smell
71 Including Lean Beef in Your Daily Diet Can Help Lower Blood Pressure and Reduce Heart Disease Risk Factors
72 Slow Economy, Recession Have Been Hard on Children
73 NYU Langone Research Shows Early Investment in Families Helps Children Succeed in School
74 Where Do International Students of Higher Education Come from and Where Do They Go?
75 Girls Make Better Grades than Boys, but Boys Score Higher on Standardized Achievement Tests
76 Max Planck Scientists Image a Beating Heart in 3D
77 UM-Led Research Team Contributes to the Management of South Florida Coastal Environments
78 Researchers Demonstrate Novel, Tunable Nanoantennas
79 Babies' Brains Rehearse Speech Mechanics Months Before Their First Words
80 Unique Songbird Diversity of the Eastern Himalayas Documented by International Research Group
81 Technofossils--An Unprecedented Legacy Left Behind by Humans
82 A Biodiversity Hotspot of Amphibians and Reptiles Discovered in Peru
83 Maps Reveal Expected Redistribution of Global Species Due to Climate Change
84 Researchers Explore Combined Impact of Climate Change, Ozone Pollution on Crops
85 Strengthening Community Forest Rights Is Critical Tool to Fight Climate Change
86 Calcification in Changing Oceans Explored in Special Issue of the Biological Bulletin
87 Global Warming 'Hiatus' Reflects Natural Fluctuation
88 Scientists Gauge Impact of Beef Consumption on Climate, Environment
89 Human Behavior in Taking Surveys Identified with Quantum Theory
90 Only About Half of Strokes May Be Attributable to Known Causative Risk Factors
91 NASA to Fund Eight New Microgravity-Related Studies
92 Function Found for Mysterious Heart Disease Gene
93 UAlberta Researchers Examine Metabolism in Defective Cells
94 Scientists Find Potential Target for Treating Mitochondrial Disorders
95 Exercise Targets Cellular Powerhouses to Improve Heart Function
96 Ice Worms Help Expand Knowledge on Cold Protection
97 MIT Develops Unprecedented System that Lets Robots Work Together
98 Microsoft, FBI, Int'l Law Agencies Work Together to Disrupt Botnets
99 Google Shield to Protect Free Speech from DDoS Attacks
100 Symantec Reclaims 500K Computers from ZeroAccess Botnet Army
101 CyberDeviance in Teenagers Peaks by the Age of 18: Survey
102 NASA Satellites Helps Predict Zebra Migration Patterns
103 Brain Differences in College-Aged Occasional Drug Users
104 Fractions Gain Traction with Concrete Models
105 Prenatal Mercury Exposure Linked to ADHD-related Behaviors in Children
106 Higher Cigarette Taxes Lower Suicide Rates
107 Growing Old with HIV: Age-Related Diseases Are Bigger Problem for African American Women
108 New Supercomputer Will Tackle Mysteries of Space
109 Supercomputer to Mimic Mollusc Shell
110 Study Finds Swimming Can Help Boost Young Kids' Development