File Title
1 New Analysis of Amazon Trees Shows They Will Survive Global Warming
2 Drink Walkers Do It Because Their Mates Think It's Okay
3 Most Complete Ancient Skeleton from New World Sheds New Light on Human Migration
4 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident Underscores Need to Actively Seek Out and Act On New Information About Nuclear Plant Hazards
5 Exploiting Gastric Vulnerability
6 Evidence of Super-fast Deep Earthquake Discovered by Scripps Scientists
7 Viral Relics Reveal Cancer's 'Footprint' On Our Evolution
8 Managing Ecosystems via Genomics--New Potential Way to Control Spread of Insect-Borne Disease
9 Sequencing Efforts Miss DNA Crucial to Bacteria's Disease Causing Power
10 Dryland Ecosystems Play Important Role in Global Carbon Cycle
11 NASA Observatory Will Keep a Sharp Eye on Earth's Changing Carbon Cycle
12 Rivers, Streams Release Far More Carbon Dioxide than Do Lakes: Study
13 Ancient British Diets Traced by Archaeologists and Chemists
14 Concerns Over Mercury Levels in Fish May Be Unfounded
15 Researchers Successfully Turn a Meat-Eating Fish into a Vegetarian
16 Local Foods Offer Tangible Economic Benefits in Some Regions
17 UGA Study Shows Current Laws Don't Prevent Sub-Saharan 'Land Grabbing'
18 The Added Value of Serving Local and Sustainable Produce
19 Health Issues, Relationship Changes Trigger Economic Spirals for Low-Income Rural Families
20 Learning Lessons from a Failed Ancient Native American 'Baby Boom'
21 University of East Anglia Research Reveals True Cost of Farming to UK Economy
22 US Farm Subsidy Policies Contribute to Worsening Obesity Trends
23 New Study Shows How Existing Cropland Could Feed Billions More
24 Two US Companies Releasing 'One-Day' Genome Machines
25 Spicy News: Scientists Sequence Chile Pepper Genome
26 Sequencing the Neural Retina in Mice
27 Janus Capsules Easily and Affordably Produced for First Time
28 Engineers Develop Self-Healing Material Capable of Fixing Larger Cracks and Holes
29 Polymer Coatings Based on Molecular Structures
30 Drug Patch Treatment Sees New Breakthrough
31 Robotic IV Insertion Device Means Reduced Pain for Kids
32 Physicists Create Smallest Swiss Cross Using 20 Single Atoms
33 Physics of Nanopores Revealed by Virus
34 Scientists Identify 'Clean-Up' Snafu that Kills Brain Cells in Parkinson's Disease
35 How a Fish Can Fry: Scientists Uncover Evolutionary Clues Behind Electric Fish
36 Researchers Build New 'Off Switch' to Shut Down Neural Activity
37 Science: Switching Brain Cells with Less Light
38 Brandeis University Researchers Illuminate Key Structure in Heart Cells
39 New Technique for Testing Drugs to Treat Cystic Fibrosis and Epilepsy
40 AI Algorithm Correctly Detects Subtle Changes in the Music of the Beatles
41 Why Do Domestic Mammals Share Characteristic Traits?
42 Where Are the Unhappiest Cities in America?
43 The Future Is Not Always Bleak When It Comes to Aging and Cognition
44 Older Adults Nearly Twice as Likely to Have Memories Affected by Environmental Distractions
45 Parents Confuse Their Children's Names More Often When the Names Sound Alike
46 Having Siblings Lowers Your Odds of Getting a Divorce
47 Brothers and Sisters Learn to Build Positive Relationships in SIBS Program
48 Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Sticklebacks Prefer to Be with Relatives
49 Conservatives More Likely than Liberals to Identify Mixed-Race Individuals As Black
50 Humanity's Highest Virtue May Have Its Roots in Selfishness and Greed
51 Moral Disengagement Happens More Often in the Afternoon, Mornings Makes Us More Honest
52 Researchers Demonstrate Health Risks Posed by 'Third Hand' Tobacco Smoke
53 Who Really Talks More? Men or Women
54 The Power of Making Amends
55 Moral Tales with Positive Outcomes Motivate Kids to Be Honest
56 Molecular 'Eat Now' Signal Makes Cells Devour Dying Neighbors
57 Element Commonly Used in Apple iPads Causing Allergic Reactions
58 How Viruses Use 'Fake' Proteins to Hide in Our Cells
59 Office Printers Succumb to Virus
60 Less than 10 Percent of Human DNA Actually Has a Function, Claims New Study
61 New Technique Maps Life's Effects on Our DNA
62 Marmoset Genome Sequence Sheds Light on Primate Biology and Evolution
63 Free Will Seems a Matter of Mind, Not Soul
64 Unique Call Allows Male Bats to Lay Claim on Insect Prey
65 Study Suggests People Possess an Innate, Unconscious Lie Detector
66 Drug that Reduces Abdominal Fat in HIV Patients also May Reduce Fat in Liver
67 Scientists Find New Clues to Brain's Wiring
68 New Technology Reveals Insights into Mechanisms Underlying Amyloid Diseases
69 DARPA's Restoring Active Memory Program Poised to Launch
70 Do Daughters Really Cause Divorce? Maybe Not
71 Explaining the Mystery Behind Starling Flocks
72 Mentally Demanding Jobs May Keep Your Mind Sharp Long After You Retire
73 Young Children Form First Impressions from Faces
74 European Fort Discovered in the Appalachian Mountains
75 Mexican Rainforest Reveals Long-Hidden Maya City
76 New Research Challenges Prevailing Theories on Maya Origins
77 Ancient Puebloans Weren't into Maize Craze As Much As Previously Believed
78 New Saber-Toothed Cat Discovery Sheds Light on Interactions Between Early Humans and Predators
79 Ancient African Cattle First Domesticated in Middle East
80 Middle East Version of Nazca Lines Investigated
81 Sequencing of Mitochondrial DNA Used to Track Spread of First European Farmers
82 America's Short-Lived Clovis People Genetically Mapped for First Time
83 Evidence Shows Prehistoric Humans Used Fire 300,000 Years Ago
84 Drink Walkers Do It Because Their Mates Think It's Okay
85 Amazon Canopy Study Can Predict Responses to Climate Change and Human Activity
86 Infrared-Herring Cause of Apparent Amazon Green-Up
87 New Species from the Daisy Family, Coespeletia Palustris
88 Unprecedented Glacial Melting in Andes Blamed on Global Warming
89 New Scorpion Species Discovered in Ecuadorian Andes
90 Fossilized Teeth Point to World's Oldest Grasslands in Chilean Andes
91 Shipwreck Off Haiti Coast Could Be Remains of Columbus' Santa Maria
92 Researchers Find Gene that Could Make It Easier to Develop Life-saving Stem Cells
93 Wisconsin Scientists Find Genetic Recipe to Turn Stem Cells to Blood
94 No Extra Mutations in Modified Stem Cells
95 CNIO Scientists Discover that Pluripotency Factor NANOG Is also Active in Adult Organisms
96 Spinal Cord Mass Arising from Neural Stem Cell Therapy
97 That Pricey Fish on Your Plate Might Be a Cheap Impostor
98 Farmers Market Vouchers May Boost Produce Consumption in Low-Income Families
99 A-Maize-Ing Double Life of a Genome
100 The 'Melissa Loop': Closing the Recycling Circle
101 Fish Farming Can Be Conducted with Low Environmental Impact: NOAA
102 Study Investigates Extraordinary Trout with Tolerance to Heavily Polluted Water
103 Whale Shark Fringe Migration
104 N/A
105 Overfishing Leaves Fisherman Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel in the English Channel
106 Rethinking Fish Farming to Offset Its Public Health and Environmental Risks
107 New Oral Drug Regimens Cure Hardest-To-Treat Hepatitis C
108 1 In 3,000 Blood Donors in England Infected with Hepatitis E
109 Online Information Most Cost-Effective Means of Increasing MMR Uptake
110 New EMS System in Arizona Dramatically Improves Survival from Cardiac Arrest