File Title
1 Scientists hope bacterial blueprints will soon give doctors and nurses fewer sleepless nights
2 New techniques inspired by nature for accelerated aging and chemical extraction of mineral ores
3 Molecular mesh catches a chill: Scientists show how material could cool buildings
4 Bioinspired catalyst splits water
5 Water and air are all you need to make ammonia--one of world's most important chemicals
6 Water's reaction with metal oxides opens doors for researchers
7 Pregnant women and fetuses exposed to antibacterial compounds face potential health risks
8 Wine symposium explores everything you wanted to know about the mighty grape
9 Carbon dioxide 'sponge' could ease transition to cleaner energy
10 Scarcity of elements in products like smartphones needs addressing, say scientists
11 Innovations with far-reaching potential for the environment and health
12 Venom gets good buzz as potential cancer-fighter
13 Making cashews safer for those with allergies
14 Keeping filler ingredients out of your cup of coffee
15 Solving a sticky problem with fetal surgery using a glue inspired by the sandcastle worm
16 Fundamental plant chemicals trace back to bacteria
17 Single-cell analysis holds promise for stem cell and cancer research
18 Team determines structure of a molecular machine that targets viral DNA for destruction
19 Peer-reviewed paper says all ivory markets must close
20 Do women and men ride differently? If so, horses cannot tell the difference
21 Key worker in protein synthesis factory revealed
22 Why yellow-bellied marmots thrive in urban setting
23 Microscopic 'Saturn of the Moors' discovered
24 Endangered elephants' outlook bleak without more room to roam, study finds
25 Finding the signalling system for plant 'smoke' response
26 How plants grow and develop
27 Codfish numbers at key fishery hits all-time low
28 Matrix stiffness is an essential tool in stem cell differentiation, bioengineers
29 Ladderless peach and nectarine orchards explored
30 Most Iowa bald eagles are not exposed to high levels of lead, according to new research
31 Satellite system makes eagle spotting a doddle in Scotland
32 How the woodpecker avoids brain injury despite high-speed impacts via optimal anti-shock body structure
33 When it comes to recognising family, you can't make a monkey out of a macaque
34 Drought could reverse drop in Nevada tree beetles
35 Rare frogs holding their own despite drought conditions
36 Young smooth snakes rely on reptiles
37 A hybrid-motor helps cells push their way through tissues
38 An easier way to manipulate malaria genes
39 Flowering plants revolutionised life on Earth
40 How the snake got its venom
41 New study shows putting cell phones out of sight can enhance in-person conversations
42 Researcher finds companies' religious affiliation can buffer negative reactions
43 Attending a more selective college doesn't mean a better chance of graduating, study says
44 Should women 'man up' for male-dominated fields?
45 Stock prices of companies that use the same underwriter tend to move together
46 The economy of bitcoins
47 Excavation of ancient well yields insight into Etruscan, Roman and medieval times
48 US cave explored for now-extinct animals' bones (Update)
49 Fowl play: Neanderthals were first bird eaters (Update)
50 New geoglyphs found in Nazca desert after sandstorm
51 Chasing hidden cash flows
52 Discovering the impact of the horse meat scandal using social media
53 Can a mathematical equation really be the formula for happiness?
54 Publish don't perish thanks to new iPhone app
55 European immigrants assimilated successfully, economist says
56 Women who 'lean in' often soon leave engineering careers, study finds
57 French wine producers turn to science for flavour
58 Celebrity promotion of charities 'is largely ineffective,' says research
59 Cultural awareness may help students fight feelings of phoniness
60 Study: Higher education doesn't drive people from religion
61 Want to kill creativity of women in teams? Fire up the competition
62 Explainer: Why chili burns, and milk helps soothe the pain
63 Crime rates may fluctuate depending on authority in charge
64 Challenges and strategies for women pursuing STEM careers
65 Best of Last Week--First 3D magnetic logic gate, water tractor beam and charging phones wirelessly
66 US bots flagged Ebola before outbreak announced (Update)
67 Lead linked to obesity in mice exposed by mothers
68 Scientists unravel mystery of brain cell growth
69 New culprit identified in metabolic syndrome
70 The fastest neurons in the brain
71 Editing HPV's genes to kill cervical cancer cells
72 People understand hyperbole through intent of communication, researcher says
73 Stem cells show promise for stroke in pilot study
74 What does 'diversity' mean to you? The answer may depend on your race
75 Stress during pregnancy can be passed down through generations
76 Link between vitamin D and dementia risk confirmed
77 Target identified for rare inherited neurological disease in men
78 'Seeing' through virtual touch is believing
79 Researchers find new breast cancer treatment target
80 Scientists unlock key to blood vessel formation
81 Levels of vitamin D in newborn babies and multiple sclerosis show no connection
82 Discovery of new form of dystrophin protein could lead to therapy for some DMD patients
83 Cognitive behaviour therapy via internet effective treatment, according to new study
84 Newly discovered heart molecule could lead to effective treatment for heart failure
85 Sensitive acid sensor controls insulin production
86 Why some children wake up delirious from anaesthesia
87 Researchers make discovery in fight against food pathogen
88 Discovery sheds light on where visual memories are born
89 'Dimmer switch' drug idea could tackle schizophrenia
90 'Worm pill' could ease autoimmune disease symptoms
91 Testosterone in healthy men increases their brains' response to threat
92 A new cause of osteoarthritis identified by research on a rare disease
93 Not only in DNA's hands: Epigenetics has large say in blood formation
94 Front-of-head hits blamed for nearly half of young football player concussions
95 Clues emerge to genetic architecture of cognitive abilities in children
96 A Celestial Traveler Closes on Mars
97 European Spacecraft Pulls Alongside Comet After 10 Years and Four Billion Miles
98 Storm Chasing on Saturn
99 Origami Inspires Rise of Self-Folding Robot
100 IBM Develops a New Chip that Functions like a Brain
101 Rudderless Craft to Get Glimpse of Home Before Sinking into Space's Depths
102 J. W. Hastings, 87, a Pioneer in Bioluminescence Research, Dies
103 Medical Marijuana Research Hits Wall of U.S. Law
104 How Math Got Its 'Nobel'
105 Nigeria Struggles to Cope with Ebola Outbreak
106 A Nose for Their Favorite Foods
107 A Look at How We Process Painful Experiences
108 The Moon Is (Slightly) Flat, Scientists Say
109 New Study Sees Atlantic Warming Behind a Host of Recent Climate Shifts
110 Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain
111 In Darwin's Footsteps