File Title
1 Thin diamond films provide new material for micro-machines
2 Light pulses control graphene's electrical behavior
3 New material allows for ultra-thin solar cells
4 Inexpensive flexible fiber perovskite solar cells
5 Self-assembly of gold nanoparticles into small clusters
6 Nanoscale details of electrochemical reactions in electric vehicle battery materials
7 Surprise discovery could see graphene used to improve health
8 The next graphene? Engineers to study new class of ultra-thin film materials
9 Used-cigarette butts offer energy storage solution
10 Stronger, better solar cells: Graphene research on the cusp of new energy capabilities
11 Nanoscale, biodegradable drug-delivery method could provide a year or more of steady doses
12 LEDs made from 'wonder material' perovskite
13 Bioengineering team builds molecular motors to further the study of cell function
14 Future of fast computer chips could be in graphene and not silicon, says new research
15 Artificial retina: Physicists develop an interface to the optical nerve
16 Researchers develop method for growing single species of single-walled carbon nanotubes
17 Researchers build first 3D magnetic logic gate
18 New Nano3 microscope will allow high-resolution look inside cells
19 On the frontiers of cyborg science
20 Like cling wrap, new biomaterial can coat tricky burn wounds and block out infection
21 The grass really is greener on TV and computer screens, thanks to quantum dots
22 Nanodiamond tech lights new path in medical diagnostics
23 New graphene framework bridges gap between traditional capacitors, batteries
24 An inkjet-printed field-effect transistor for label-free biosensing
25 Competing forces coax nanocubes into helical structures
26 Physicists eye neural fly data, find formula for Zipf's law
27 New hand-held device uses lasers, sound waves for deeper melanoma imaging
28 New material structures bend like microscopic hair
29 Discovery about wound healing key to understanding cell movement
30 Ion duet offers tunable module for quantum simulator
31 Manipulating magnetic forces with light
32 Massive neutrinos may not bring about cosmological concordance after all
33 Rebooted muon experiment tests detector design at SLAC
34 Catching chemistry in motion: Laser-timing tool works at the speed of electrons
35 Diamonds are a quantum computer's best friend
36 Learning from origami to design new materials
37 Scientists use lasers and carbon nanotubes to look inside living brains
38 Hunt for dark matter takes physicists deep below earth's surface, where WIMPS can't hide
39 X-rays in five seconds
40 Which structure has optimal resistive switching characteristics?
41 Scientists enhance synthesis of chromium dioxide (100) epitaxial thin film growth
42 RHIC Run 14: Brookhaven's atom smasher produced more gold collisions than all previous runs combined
43 Co-crystals successfully turn liquids into solids
44 Mind-blowing giant crystals--what can they teach us?
45 Boosting microelectronics with a little liquid logic
46 Electrons moving in a magnetic field exhibit strange quantum behavior
47 High-energy particle collisions reveal the unexpected
48 The black hole at the birth of the Universe
49 Pairing old technologies with new for next generation electronic devices
50 Physicists create water tractor beam
51 Step closer to birth of the Sun
52 White dwarfs crashing into neutron stars explain loneliest supernovae
53 Big moon rising: Go and have a look, but don't be fooled into thinking it's all that super
54 Astronomers find stream of gas--2.6 million light years long
55 NASA selects proposals for advanced energy storage systems
56 UCLA undergrads are first to build an entire satellite on campus
57 Curiosity rover has seen much in first two years on Mars
58 In low gravity, scientists search for a way to saute
59 Rosetta will teach us more about comets than we have learned in 50 years
60 Cassini prepares for its biggest remaining burn
61 Watch Pluto and Charon engage in their orbital dance
62 Still hot inside the Moon: Tidal heating in the deepest part of the lunar mantle
63 Violent solar system history uncovered by WA meteorite
64 Research duo suggest possible explanation for rapid growth of seed black holes in early universe
65 Rotation of planets influences habitability
66 NASA Mars test called success despite torn chute
67 NASA image: Fishing LDSD out of the water
68 Gerst drives car-sized rover from space
69 European space cargo ship set for ISS docking
70 China to send orbiter to moon and back
71 Explainer: How do satellites orbit the Earth?
72 Astrophysicists detect destruction of three stars by black holes
73 Ride shotgun with NASA saucer as it flies to near space
74 Sun sets for a NASA solar monitoring spacecraft
75 Dating the sun's prenatal history can help find life on other planets
76 Multiple UAVs perform autonomous formation flight (w/ Video)
77 Google contest finalist at 14 has way out of cyberbullying
78 Photo editing algorithm changes weather, seasons automatically
79 Toyota says Chinese regulators looking at Lexus
80 TrueNorth: a 'brain-like' chip to turn computing on its head
81 Charging with ultrasound: uBeam has functional prototype
82 Arrests as China cracks down on Internet rumours
83 Judge rejects Silicon Valley anti-poaching settlement
84 Amazon publishes Hachette CEO's email address in pricing spat
85 Soft elastomeric structures easy to fabricate using 'click-e-bricks'
86 Google to pay $250 million to fight illegal online pharmacies
87 Optalysys will launch prototype optical processor
88 IT outsourcing boom boosts struggling Bulgaria
89 Read all about it: News you can wear
90 Spectacular 3-D sketching system revolutionizes design interaction and collaboration
91 Britons trust Wikipedia 'more than the news'
92 Engineers to simulate and model tornado winds and their effects on buildings
93 Hachette pushes back after Amazon alleges price fixing
94 Electromagnetic disaster could cost trillions and affect millions. We need to be prepared
95 Thermoelectric devices turn waste heat into electricity for vehicles and other machines
96 'It was sort of a eureka moment': Professor explains creation of self-assembling robot, looks to future
97 The over-55s love tablets so why don't manufacturers love them?
98 Electric bugs used to detect water pollution
99 Researchers show that how fast you drive might reveal exactly where you are going
100 Governing geographically dispersed cloud data
101 Scientist uses giant spectrometer to search for cure for cancer
102 3-in-1 optical skin cancer probe
103 Dutch test-tube cookbook boasts roast dino and dodo nuggets
104 Cheap and compact medical testing: Researchers develop simple detector
105 New invention captures Earth's chemical reactions
106 Trapped: Cell-invading piece of virus captured in lab
107 A breath reveals a hidden image in anti-counterfeit drug labels
108 Acid ions are more than spectators
109 The fix is in: Team studies self-healing polymers
110 The chemical compound contaminating your Friday night glass of wine