File Title
1 Diamond Defect Interior Design
2 Study Shows Flavor Trumps Health for Blueberry Buying
3 Salk Researcher Tony Hunter to Receive 2014 Royal Medal in Biological Sciences
4 Spaceflight 101
5 ALMA Pinpoints Pluto to Help Guide NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft
6 Watching Chemistry in Motion: Chemical Environments Mapped Using Molecular Vibrations
7 TSRI Laboratories Perform Crucial Research in Development of Promising Ebola Virus Treatment
8 DHS Selects Stevens Institute of Technology and University of Alaska Anchorage for Maritime Research Center of Excellence
9 Mining Bacterial Blueprints Yields Novel Process for Creation of Fuel and Chemical Compounds
10 Research Team Warns Against Overlooking Great Lakes' Currents
11 A Breath Reveals a Hidden Image in Anti-Counterfeit Drug Labels
12 Guo 'Revolution' Biomotor Discovered in Many Bacteria and Viruses
13 Wildlife Corridors Sometimes Help Invasive Species Spread
14 Discovery Yields Master Regulator of Toxin Production in Staph Infections
15 Talking About Regeneration: How Do Some Animals Regrow Missing Parts?
16 NASA's Hubble Finds Supernova Star System Linked to Potential 'Zombie Star'
17 Stowers Researchers Reveal Molecular Competition Drives Adult Stem Cells to Specialize
18 Study May Help Explain Link Between Uranium Exposure and Skin Cancer
19 New Research Links Tornado Strength, Frequency to Climate Change
20 The Rise of the Urban Marmot
21 Synthesis of Structurally Pure Carbon Nanotubes Using Molecular Seeds
22 Why Do Female Mice Attack Others' Pups? Blame It on Pheromones
23 Fundamental Plant Chemicals Trace Back to Bacteria
24 Mathematical Association of America Honors Exemplary Exposition
25 Early-Career Mathematicians Honored
26 Schoenfeld Wins Dolciani Award for Contributions to Math Education
27 Solid-State Chemistry
28 Mind-Blowing Giant Crystals--What Can They Teach Us?
29 Co-Crystals Successfully Turn Liquids into Solids
30 Latest in Crystal Research: Chemistry, Physics, Pharmaceuticals, and More
31 Part of the Brain Stays "Youthful" into Older Age
32 SLU Scientists Will Examine Regional Climate Change As Part of $20 Million Missouri Research Consortium
33 Study Says all Ivory Markets Must Close
34 The Black Hole at the Birth of the Universe
35 Learning from Origami to Design New Materials
36 Orally Delivered Compounds, Which Selectively Modify RNA Splicing Prevent Deficits in Mouse Models of SMA
37 SITES Program Certifies Sustainable Landscape Projects from Seattle to Atlanta
38 Google's ATAP and Johns Hopkins University Team Up in Tech Development Pact
39 Treatment Developed by Texas A&M Biologists Shows Promise in Fighting Fibrotic Disease
40 Water's Reaction with Metal Oxides Opens Doors for Researchers
41 Why the head of Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange should be in jail
42 Star Citizen and the triumphant, record-smashing return of Chris Roberts
43 The never-advertised, always coveted headphones built and sold in Brooklyn
44 The never-ending conundrums of classical physics
45 How Microsoft dragged its development practices into the 21st century
46 A crowdfunded PC project gets a too-rare fact check
47 Report: Sprint abandons bid for T-Mobile because US would block merger
48 Samsung, Apple end lawsuits around the world, will still fight in US
49 Leaked Moto360 pictures show wireless charging dock, heart rate monitor
50 Memory holes blanket Wikipedia as links disappear in search results
51 China drops Apple from procurement list over "security" concerns
52 Google buys Emu, an iPhone texting app with a built-in virtual assistant
53 DMCA mea culpa: Randy Queen apologizes for response to criticism [Updated]
54 Monkey's selfie at center of brouhaha
55 Mercedes-Benz cars confirmed for US version of Mario Kart 8
56 Internet Explorer to start blocking old Java plugins
57 New map of flood risks shows electricity and water do mix--quite often
58 California man sues Sony over Killzone's 1080p graphics claims
59 Thousands of Twitch videos silenced as streaming site mutes copyrighted audio
60 Security expert calls home routers a clear and present danger
61 Drone goes down into famed Yellowstone National Park hot spring
62 Snowden granted three-year stay in Russia
63 Kanye West is worried: "Is your daughter stalked by, like, drones?"
64 Tell the government what you think about AT&T buying DirecTV
65 Google releases Google Fit SDK along with special version of Android L
66 Artist uses DMCA to remove criticism of his impossibly shaped female characters
67 Bored California man sentenced to nearly two years for laser strike
68 Some idiot's been using my e-mail address for years
69 Amid backlash, hotel rescinds $500 fines for "negative" online reviews
70 The throwaway line in Aliens that spawned decades of confusion
71 An actual fish has been playing Pokemon Red for 135 hours now
72 Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson leaving BioWare
73 Yahoo to begin offering PGP encryption support in Yahoo Mail service
74 Critical WordPress plugin bug affects hundreds of thousands of sites
75 Netflix surpasses HBO in subscriber revenue
76 Twitch CEO says audio muting will get better, no plans to mute live streams
77 Ryse developer Crytek "not 100 percent happy with Xbox One sales"
78 900 authors pay $104,000 for full-page anti-Amazon ad
79 T-Mobile becomes first American carrier to release phone unlocking app
80 $324.5 million anti-poaching settlement from Apple, Google rejected
81 NASA's 'falling saucer' test vehicle footage released
82 The six tech policy problems Congress failed to fix this year
83 Hands-On: GM brings LTE to the majority of its lineup with OnStar 4G LTE
84 Strong La Ninas recently? Blame the Atlantic--and a volcano
85 What you should expect from Apple's "iPhone 6"
86 Whitehats recover, release keys to CryptoLocker ransomware
87 After 10 years, Rosetta probe catches up with its comet destination
88 Scientists turn a brown butterfly purple--in just six generations
89 Why Oculus sees virtual reality as the "final compute platform"
90 Big four carriers accused of violating the only remaining net neutrality rule
91 San Jose Police Department says FAA can't regulate its drone use
92 CIA's venture firm security chief: US should buy zero-days, reveal them
93 In major shift, Google boosts search rankings of HTTPS-protected sites
94 Foursquare kills off the "social media" pretense of data collection
95 IBM researchers make a chip full of artificial neurons
96 Do you want to go first? Balancing Hearthstone and other turn-based games
97 Support for old versions of Internet Explorer to be dropped--in 2016
98 UK piracy police arrest man suspected of running proxy server
99 NFL fights to save its TV "blackout rule"
100 Babylon 5 reboot likely to become big-budget film
101 Leaked docs show spyware used to snoop on US computers
102 Robot origami: Watch a flat sheet fold itself into a bot, go for a walk
103 Three massive volcanic eruptions light up Jupiter's moon Io
104 Astronaut performance jeopardised by sleep deprivation
105 Already-approved drug tied to longer, healthy life in mice
106 Studies may have overestimated our generosity
107 A reputation sealed? Finding suggests T. rex hunted for real
108 Love your enemy? Hormone spray may help with that, too
109 DNA "markings" may transmit learned experiences
110 An evolutionary role for "Jackass"-like stunts?
111 Scientists take step toward usable fusion energy
112 At least one in 25 death-sentenced people are innocent, study claims
113 Playing up "manly" side may help women enter male-dominated fields
114 Spacecraft reaches comet for first up-close study
115 Jupiter moon spouts "curtains of fire" in crazed series of eruptions
116 Scientists report successfully Implanting brain cells in mice
117 Giant asteroids battered early Earth, NASA scientists say
118 Particles can be physically separated from own properties, scientists say
119 Shrinking dinosaurs evolved into flying birds, scientists say
120 Four billion-year-old chemistry in cells today?