File Title
1 Origins of our solar system revealed
2 'Origami' robots fold selves and walk away
3 Up close and personal with Rosetta's comet
4 Robot folds itself up and walks away: Demonstrates potential for sophisticated machines that build themselves
5 Dramatic growth of grafted stem cells in rat spinal cord
6 Stress during pregnancy can be passed down through generations, rat study shows
7 Astronomers find stream of gas, 2.6 million light years long
8 Acute psychological stress promotes skin healing in mice
9 White dwarfs crashing into neutron stars explain loneliest supernovae
10 Learning from origami to design new materials
11 A Step closer to understanding the birth of the sun
12 Water 'microhabitats' in oil show potential for extraterrestrial life, oil cleanup: Extremophilic ecosystems writ small
13 The black hole at the birth of the Universe
14 Fundamental plant chemicals trace back to bacteria
15 Part of brain stays as active in old age as it was in youth
16 Synthesis of structurally pure carbon nanotubes using molecular seeds
17 Excavation of ancient well yields insight into Etruscan, Roman and medieval times
18 Link between vitamin D, dementia risk confirmed
19 Sleep deficiency and sleep medication use in astronauts
20 Type 2 diabetics can live longer than people without the disease
21 Slowing brain functions linked to increased risk of stroke, death
22 Neck manipulation may be associated with stroke
23 New treatment successful for rare, disabling movement disorder, the Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS)
24 Elderly with depression, mild cognitive impairment more vulnerable to accelerated brain aging
25 Gut microbes browse along gene buffet
26 Growing human GI cells may lead to personalized treatments
27 Cell mechanics may hold key to how cancer spreads, recurs
28 Stem cell behavior of human bowel discovered for first time
29 Notch developmental pathway regulates fear memory formation
30 Nasal test developed for to diagnose Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
31 Losing weight won't necessarily make you happy, researchers say
32 New insights into how young and developing readers make sense of words
33 Single-cell analysis holds promise for stem cell and cancer research
34 Infectious prion protein discovered in urine of patients with variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
35 Reducing stress may help lead to clearer skin
36 New pharmaceutical product to prevent heroin deaths
37 Behavior-focused therapies help children with autism, study shows
38 Behavior-focused therapies help children with autism, study shows
39 Brain tumors fly under body's radar like stealth jets, new research suggests
40 Eating at fast food, full service restaurants linked to more calories, poorer nutrition
41 Older adults have 'morning brains': Noticeable differences in brain function across the day
42 Correct seat belt use saves children's lives
43 Baby aspirin? Many doctors don't recommend, despite guidelines
44 Aspirin: Scientists believe cancer prevention benefits outweigh harms
45 Our brains judge a face's trustworthiness, even when we can't see it
46 Just one simple question can identify narcissistic people
47 Common chemical in mothers may negatively affect the IQ of their unborn children
48 Eating more dietary pulses can increase fullness, may help manage weight
49 Warning to parents on high acidity drinks
50 Structure of molecular machine that targets viral DNA for destruction determined
51 Uranium exposure, skin cancer: Study may help explain link
52 Bone tumor destroyed using incisionless surgery: First in North American child
53 Ion duet offers tunable module for quantum simulator
54 New hand-held device uses lasers, sound waves for deeper melanoma imaging
55 Biomotor discovered in many bacteria and viruses
56 New material structures bend like microscopic hair
57 Sensors that improve rail transport safety
58 New prosthetic arm controlled by neural messages
59 A breath reveals a hidden image in anti-counterfeit drug labels
60 Violent solar system history uncovered by WA meteorite
61 Hubble finds supernova star system linked to potential 'zombie star'
62 Rosetta: 100 kilometres to 'touchdown'
63 Triangulum galaxy snapped by VST
64 Rosetta spacecraft arrives at comet destination
65 Scientists introduce new cosmic connectivity: Quantum pigeonhole paradox
66 ALMA pinpoints Pluto to help guide NASA's New Horizons spacecraft
67 Planet-like object may have spent its youth as hot as a star
68 Massive volcanic outbursts on Jupiter's moon Io: More common than thought?
69 Baby Universe picture brought closer to theory
70 Tortoises master touchscreen technology
71 Physicists eye neural fly data, find formula for Zipf's law
72 Photo editing tool enables object images to be manipulated in 3-D
73 Graphene 'droplets' open up possibilities in drug delivery, disease detection
74 Diamond defect interior design: Planting imperfections at specific spots within a diamond lattice could advance quantum computing
75 Used cigarette butts offer energy storage solution
76 Mathematical equation to predict happiness: Doesn't depend on how well things go, but on whether things are better than expected
77 No-power Wi-Fi connectivity could fuel Internet of Things reality
78 Extracting audio from visual information: Algorithm recovers speech from vibrations of a potato-chip bag filmed through soundproof glass
79 Becoming bad through video games: Risk-glorying video games to increases in teens' high-risk behavior
80 All ivory markets must close, study suggests
81 Climate warming may have unexpected impact on invasive species, study finds
82 Galapagos hawks hand down lice like family heirlooms
83 History of fire and drought shapes the ecology of California, past and future
84 Fipronil, imidacloprid reduce honeybee mitochondrial activity
85 Gene-editing technique offers new way to model cancer
86 Young loggerhead turtles not going with the flow
87 Photon hunting in the twilight zone: Visual features of bioluminescent sharks
88 Mercury in the global ocean: three times more mercury in upper ocean since the Industrial Revolution
89 Molecular competition drives adult stem cells to specialize, study shows
90 Tornado strength, frequency, linked to climate change
91 Geography matters: Model predicts how local 'shocks' influence U.S. economy
92 Lucky heather plant earns its name in carbon study
93 Wildlife corridors sometimes help invasive species spread
94 Arctic mammals can metabolize some pesticides, limits human exposure
95 Risks to penguin populations analyzed
96 Climate change could drive rise in debilitating disease
97 Burrowing animals may have been key to stabilizing Earth's oxygen
98 Study of aerosols stands to improve climate models
99 Scientists change butterflies wing color in just six generations
100 Talking 'bout regeneration: How do some animals regrow missing parts?
101 Flores bones show features of Down syndrome, not a new 'Hobbit' human
102 The evolution of migration: Ancestral songbirds headed south for the winter
103 Epidemic outbreaks in human history caused by environment, not evolution, researchers find
104 Evolutionary explanation for why some lessons more easily learned than others
105 How amphibians crossed continents: DNA helps piece together 300-million-year journey
106 Kangaroos win when aborigines hunt with fire: Co-evolution benefits Australia's martu people and wildlife
107 Society bloomed with gentler personalities, more feminine faces: Technology boom 50,000 years ago correlated with less testosterone
108 Symbiotic survival in marine bivalve mollusks
109 Groundbreaking research maps cultural history by mapping mobility of notable intellectuals
110 Victims of war: How Gaza conflict will traumatize a generation of adolescents