File Title
1 Shark eyes designed to catch photons in twilight zone
2 Rosetta goes into orbit around comet
3 Europe's Rosetta probe goes into orbit around comet 67P
4 Rosetta captures high resolution images of comet 67P
5 Ant colony 'personalities' shaped by environment
6 Tansy beetle sighted in Cambridgeshire Fens for first time in 40 years
7 Pistorius told 'snowball of lies,' says prosecution
8 Iraq Christians flee as Islamic State takes Qaraqosh
9 Prince William to join East Anglian Air Ambulance
10 Borneo student killings: 'Four admit crime'
11 Former BBC IT head unfairly dismissed over DMI failure
12 Coping with panic at 30,000ft
13 When adult actors play teenagers
14 Scottish independence: The Scots in England who want Scotland to go it alone
15 Tackling Australia's home-grown jihadists
16 Low vitamin D 'boosts dementia risk'
17 Top Khmer Rouge leaders guilty of crimes against humanity
18 Hambledon Hill fort in Dorset acquired by National Trust for 450,000 pounds
19 Photographer 'lost 10,000 pounds' in Wikipedia monkey 'selfie' row
20 Scottish independence: Celebrities call for Scots No vote
21 Russia hits West with food import ban in sanctions row
22 Tidal power generator unveiling hailed as landmark
23 Google to prioritise secure websites
24 Piracy police arrest Nottingham man, 20
25 Britons spend more time on tech than asleep, study suggests
26 Microsoft tip leads to child porn arrest in Pennsylvania
27 Behemoth builder: Jonathan Ward, Tech HQ man
28 JustPark and the sharing economy
29 Live subtitles: How smart technology could help deaf people
30 The Senegal tech hub run by women for women
31 Newport Pagnell mother in pool breastfeeding rule row
32 Families still struggling to cope, says Shelter Cymru
33 Games teacher admits having sex with pupil
34 Social care reforms: Councils raise funding concerns
35 Ebola crisis: Liberia and Sierra Leone blockades go up
36 Tara Reid says a sharknado could really happen. Is she right?
37 What did in the dinosaurs? That giant asteroid (or comet) had accomplices.
38 If it weren't for that meteor, would there still be dinosaurs?
39 Geysers on Saturn moon fueled by hidden sea and convulsing ice
40 What's causing those space X-rays? Scientists solve mystery. (+video)
41 Could those 101 geysers on Saturn's icy moon hint at alien life?
42 Mysterious Russian holes: Is Earth becoming perforated?
43 Mars rover sets off-world driving record
44 What is a pangolin and why are people eating them all?
45 Why is the moon shaped sort of like a lemon?
46 Is this deep-sea octopus the world's greatest mom?
47 16-foot waves in the Arctic: a harbinger of ice-free summers?
48 As the asteroids rained down on Earth, life persisted
49 How hummingbirds are inspiring military drones
50 Color-changing ice cream: Mix a physicist, dairy, and 'love elixir' (+video)
51 Bizarre comet has a 'neck,' reveals Euro-probe
52 NASA's Mars 2020 rover: tools it will use to hunt for ancient microbial life (+video)
53 Cosmic 'magnifying glass' helps scientists see something really, really, really far away (+video)
54 What will the next Mars rover do? NASA unveils design. (+video)
55 West Coast beaches overrun by strange blue creatures
56 A story for the birds? The incredible shrinking dinosaur (+video)
57 NASA test demonstrates 'impossible' propulsion system (+video)
58 Oil spill damage to Gulf was deeper, wider than thought, say scientists
59 William Shatner tweets at NASA, nerdiness ensues
60 Comet-chasing Euro-probe could make history Wednesday
61 Could NASA's next Mars rover generate breathable air?
62 Huge volcanic eruptions illuminate Jupiter moon
63 Could comet Siding Spring damage Mars spacecraft?
64 SpaceX to make Brownsville, Texas, first private orbital spaceport (+video)
65 Watch great white sharks trying to eat an underwater robot
66 What does comet 67P look like? A giant duck
67 California mystery animal: Bizarre, catlike beast baffles experts
68 Comet chaser: Rosetta spacecraft runs down comet after 10-year pursuit
69 Black hole in distant galaxy sets off huge space explosions, say astronomers
70 Forgotten in a museum basement, an extraordinary archaeological find (+video)
71 Were early dinosaurs herd animals? New discovery points to dino-gregariousness.
72 Supernova type may leave behind 'zombie' stars, say astronomers
73 The Oldest Known Bloodsucker
74 Dinosaurs were 'Victims of Colossal Bad Luck': Researchers
75 Stanford Researchers Use Carbon Nanoparticles to Create Stable Lithium Anode
76 Air pollution Plus Climate Change will Reduce Food Production
77 Freak LA Lightning Storm Kills Beachgoer, Injures Several
78 Amber-Trapped 'Attenborough' Locust Offers Evolutionary Insight
79 Scientists Explain why Moon is Shaped like a Lemon
80 Shrinking Dinosaurs Survived, Are Now Birds, Claim Experts
81 Oldest Omaliini Beetle Found in Unusual Cloudy Amber
82 Scientists Map Out Humanity's Cultural History in Fascinating Study [VIDEOS]
83 Lab Crafts First Transparent Mice
84 Lower Testosterone Levels Helped in the Development of Civilization
85 Genetic Mutations Raised Ancient Iceman's Heart Disease Risk
86 Half-Ton Rare Whale Fossil 'Rescued' from California Backyard
87 Australia's Bush Fires Help Kangaroos Survive
88 Florida's Western Striped Newt to be Restored
89 Flexible Ears Help Horses Communicate
90 SpaceX to Build Commercial Rocket Launch Site in South Texas
91 'Hobbit' Human had Down syndrome: Researchers
92 Ants: Our Saviors from Climate Change?
93 Fuzzy, Golden Bat Species Discovered in Bolivia
94 Whale Shark Aggregation in Red Sea Sheds Light on their Movements
95 New Dog-Sized Dino Discovered
96 SharkCam Reveals First-Hand How Great White Sharks Attack [VIDEO]
97 Rediscovering Noah's Skeleton in a Penn Basement
98 Largest Solar Powered Boat Helps Map Underwater Village
99 Astronomers Find Potential 'Zombie Star' SN 2012Z
100 Researchers Explain the Secret Behind Deadly Fungal Infection
101 Invasive Species May Spread via Wildlife Corridors
102 Tornado Study: Are We Due for a Real Life 'Into the Storm'?
103 Most birds migrate north to south, not the other way around
104 'Hobbit' human had Down syndrome
105 Horses communicate with their eyes and ears
106 Massive volcanic eruptions suggest Jupiter moon more active than thought
107 White House looking to tie wildfires to climate change
108 SpaceX launches commercial satellite AsiaSat8
109 Ohio regulators weigh options for curbing fertilizer, algae blooms
110 Watch underwater SharkCam go for a ride in the jaws of a great white
111 Penn Museum finds 6,500-year-old man in the closet
112 Russian hackers amass one billion stolen passwords
113 After 10-year chase, Rosetta probe catches up with comet
114 Dutch company to continue search for missing Malaysian jet
115 Most narcissists admit they're self-absorbed
116 India discovers nation's first jellyfish lake
117 Astronomers use Hubble to spot zombie star