File Title
1 Tempting people to move for work takes more than dollars
2 Wide-Faced Men Negotiate Nearly $2,200 Larger Signing Bonus
3 Stronger early reading skills predict higher intelligence later
4 Community service programs that include reflection found to be more beneficial to youth
5 Wives with more education than their husbands no longer at increased risk of divorce
6 Background TV can be bad for kids
7 Study gives new perspective on agricultural plastic, debris burning, and air quality
8 Creating sustainable STEM teacher preparation programs
9 Gender disparities in cognition will not diminish
10 Children with Disabilities Benefit from Classroom Inclusion
11 Preschoolers with Special Needs Benefit from Peers' Strong Language Skills
12 First Grade Reading Suffers in Segregated Schools
13 Local education politics 'far from dead'
14 Major turtle nesting beaches protected in 1 of the UK's far flung overseas territories
15 Innovative scientists update old-school pipetting with new-age technology
16 Burdened by blunders with numbers
17 Journal supplement details progress in African medical education
18 Speedy computation enables scientists to reconstruct an animal's development cell by cell
19 Refined biological evolution model
20 The real price of steak
21 Philosopher uses game theory to understand how words, actions acquire meaning
22 'Moral victories' might spare you from losing again
23 Law of physics governs airplane evolution
24 Essays in English yield information about other languages
25 MIPT-based researcher models Titan's atmosphere
26 Scientists Find Way to Maintain Quantum Entanglement in Amplified Signals
27 Collecting just the right data
28 Mutations from Venus, Mutations from Mars
29 Social Network Research May Boost Prairie Dog Conservation Efforts
30 Microscopic rowing--without a cox
31 Astronomers measure weight of galaxies, expansion of universe
32 Finding quantum lines of desire
33 Vision-correcting electronic displays could let users dispense with glasses
34 Groundbreaking research maps cultural history
35 Extracting audio from visual information
36 Mid-Level Scientists Most Likely to Use New Research Tools, Says Study in INFORMS Journal
37 Declining intelligence in old age linked to visual processing
38 New information on transcranial ultrasound therapy
39 Lung cancer diagnosis tool shown to be safe and effective for older patients
40 Still no "justice for all" for female athletes
41 Protein ZEB1 promotes breast tumor resistance to radiation therapy
42 Patient navigation may aid in breast cancer treatment in high-risk populations
43 Maternal Singing During Skin-to-Skin Contact Benefits Both Preterm Infants and Their Mothers
44 Very Early Treatment May Be Key to Combatting Inherited Metabolic Disorder
45 Most Gay and Bisexual Men in the United States Have Used Lubricants During Sexual Activity
46 Researchers identify potential gene that may increase risk of AD in African Americans
47 Patients with Hypoventilation May Need Supplemental Oxygen On-Board Flights
48 New scientific review: Current evidence suggests benefits of e-cigarettes outweigh harms
49 Money talks when it comes to acceptability of "sin" companies, study reveals.
50 Women in military less likely to drink than civilian women
51 New bipartisan House bill draws on U-M health research
52 Jailed family member increases risks for kids' adult health
53 Plastic surgeons or nurses: Who are the better injectors?
54 Video-game playing for less than an hour a day is linked with better-adjusted children
55 Becoming bad through video games
56 Animalistic Descriptions of Violent Crimes Increase Punishment of Perpetrators
57 Horses communicate with their eyes and mobile ears
58 Prenatal alcohol exposure alters development of brain function
59 Researchers Develop Food Safety Social Media Guide
60 Eating baked or broiled fish weekly boosts brain health, Pitt study says
61 Media Exposure and Sympathetic Nervous System Reactivity Predict PTSD Symptoms in Adolescents
62 Anorexia Fueled by Pride About Weight Loss
63 Tidal forces gave moon its shape, according to new analysis
64 ALMA finds double star with weird and wild planet-forming discs
65 Young binary star system may form planets with weird and wild orbits
66 Research finds numerous unknown jets from young stars and planetary nebulae
67 Fermi satellite detects gamma-rays from exploding novae
68 Asteroid attacks significantly altered ancient Earth
69 NASA's Fermi Space Telescope Reveals New Source of Gamma Rays
70 Hubble Shows Farthest Lensing Galaxy Yields Clues to Early Universe
71 SwRI-led team's research shows giant asteroids battered early Earth
72 Companion planets can increase old worlds' chance at life
73 Article by Chapman University Scientist lands on cover of Nature--Mapping the optimal route between two quantum states: when a straight line is not the shortest distance
74 Best Evidence Yet for Coronal Heating Theory Detected by NASA Sounding Rocket
75 'Active' surfaces control what's on them
76 Georgia Tech jailbreaks iOS 7.1.2
77 Electronic Reminders Can Help Patients Prevent Surgical Site Infections
78 UMD researchers develop tool to better visualize, analyze human genomic data
79 No-power Wi-Fi connectivity could fuel Internet of Things reality
80 Bottling Up Sound Waves
81 Did the 'Hobbit' have Down syndrome?
82 Antibiotic overuse bred bacterial threat to newborns
83 How the Ebola Outbreak Became Deadliest in History
84 'Massacre' of Uncontacted Tribe in Peru Revealed in New Reports
85 Coral Miles Away Still Show Effects Years After BP Oil Spill
86 Biomedicine, Microscopy and the Art of Patricia Olynyk
87 How Science Can Study the Conscious Mind
88 Transparent Bodies: Mice Go See-Through for Science
89 See Which Cities Attract the World's Greatest Minds
90 Can Ants Save the World from Climate Change?
91 Blood Test Could Predict Oral Cancer Recurrence
92 Working Moms Regaining Favor in US, Study Finds
93 Ebola Serum: Explaining the Americans' Experimental Treatments
94 Low-T Therapy: Elixir of Youth...Or Snake Oil? (Op-Ed)
95 Navy's Secret to Building a Stealth Ship (Op-Ed)
96 Animal Sex: How Porcupines Do It
97 Experiments with Humans Can Save Wildlife (Op-Ed)
98 Certain Starch May Reduce Colon-Cancer Risk of Meat-Heavy Diet
99 With Kids and Video Games, Moderation Is Key
100 2,100-Year-Old King's Mausoleum Discovered in China
101 'Cool-Burning' Space Flames Could Make Greener Cars
102 Giant Electromagnet Moves to Permanent Home at Fermilab
103 Short and Tall Soldiers May Face Increased Depression Risk
104 Deadly Earthquake Strikes Southwestern China
105 Reference: Platypus Facts
106 Japanese Military's New Space Unit Will Defend 'Fourth Battlefield'
107 Whiffs of Antarctic Sulfur Hold Climate Clues
108 Marijuana Use Linked to Two Deaths
109 Reference: Poison Ivy: Rash, Treatment & Pictures
110 Marred Skeletons Reveal Brutal Fighting in Precolonial Colorado
111 Wearable Tech is No Fad (Op-Ed)
112 Doc Confesses He Nearly Took Unnecessary Antibiotics
113 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
114 Stone Age Skull Unearthed with Bits of Brain Clinging to It
115 Amoeba Causes Disease that Spreads in Unconventional Way
116 Underwater Ocean Turbines: A New Spin on Clean Energy?
117 What Your Facebook Photos Say About Your Personality
118 Rare Coins Bear Scars of Ancient Jewish Rebellion
119 Happiness Equation Reveals Key to Cheery Life
120 Why Meningitis Strikes Teens
121 Embattled Stem Cell Scientist Dies in Apparent Suicide
122 5 Things You Should Know About Ebola