File Title
1 Scientists unveil first method for controlling the growth of metal crystals
2 Australia's Orica plans to ship toxic waste to France
3 On quantification of the growth of compressible mixing layer
4 New method for propulsion in fluids
5 Spiders spin possible solution to 'sticky' problems
6 Physicists say they know how to turn light into matter
7 Conducting polymer films decorated with biomolecules for cell research use
8 The Tallest Skyscrapers Currently Under Construction
9 Edgy Look at 2D Molybdenum Disulfide
10 New revolutionary sensor links pressure to color change
11 A Glassy Look for Manganites
12 Mantis Shrimp Stronger than Airplanes
13 Better thermal-imaging lens from waste sulfur
14 Thinnest feasible membrane produced
15 Repeated Self-Healing Now Possible in Composite Materials
16 Quantum superconductor-metal to glass transition observed
17 Cork trees offer greener source of polyester
18 A new twist for better steel
19 Math modeling integral to synthetic biology research
20 Shock-absorbing 'goo' discovered in bone
21 It looks like rubber but isn't
22 Getting rid of bad vibrations
23 Novel membrane reveals water molecules will bounce off a liquid surface
24 Heat-Based Technique Offers New Way to Measure Microscopic Particles
25 Researchers Describe Oxygen's Different Shapes
26 Squeezing light into metals
27 Waterloo physicists solve 20-year-old debate surrounding glassy surfaces
28 Silver gone astray
29 In the eye of a chicken, a new state of matter comes into view
30 UT Dallas-led team makes powerful muscles from fishing line and sewing thread
31 Lagos gets on its bike with recycling 'loyalty' scheme
32 Gecko-inspired Adhesion: Self-cleaning and Reliable
33 Carbon dioxide from exhaust fumes used to make new chemicals
34 Physicists produce a potentially revolutionary material
35 Theorists predict new forms of exotic insulating materials
36 Towards tailor-made adhesives
37 Quicker method paves the way for atomic-level design
38 Faster X-ray technology paves the way for better catalysts
39 Chameleon of the sea reveals its secrets
40 Microwires as mobile phone sensors
41 Spider silk ties scientists up in knots
42 Mollusc shells inspire super-glass
43 What makes superalloys super--hierarchical microstructure of a superalloy
44 Japan unveils 'world's first' android newscaster
45 Japan robot firm showcases thought-controlled suits
46 Capabilities of unmanned ground vehicles on display
47 Football-playing robots eye their own cup, and beyond
48 Supercomputer emulates teenager to pass 'Turing Test'
49 Chatty Japan robot makes friends on first day at work
50 Here come the 'brobots'
51 Japan's SoftBank unveils 'family member' robot
52 Ultra-fast, the bionic arm can catch objects on the fly
53 UN talks take aim at 'killer robots'
54 DARPA-Funded DEKA Arm System Earns FDA Approval
55 Robot mimics cartwheel movement of desert spider
56 Stephen Hawking says threat of artificial intelligence a real concern
57 Ultra-thin wires for quantum computing
58 Swell new sensors
59 A faster path to optical circuits
60 Researchers find weird magic ingredient for quantum computing
61 2D Transistors Promise a Faster Electronics Future
62 Magnetic Compass Orientation in Birds Builds Case for Bio-Inspired Sensors
63 A Lab in Your Pocket
64 Molecular Foundry Opens the Door to Better Doping of Semiconductor Nanocrystals
65 New lab-on-a-chip device overcomes miniaturization problems
66 US chip giant Intel to pump $6 billion into Israel: minister
67 Superconducting Qubit Array Points the Way to Quantum Computers
68 Device turns flat surface into spherical antenna
69 Ultra-fast electrical circuits using light-generated tunneling currents
70 Researchers bolster development of programmable quantum computers
71 To bridge LEDs' green gap, scientists think really small
72 Heat-conducting polymer cools hot electronic devices at 200 degrees C
73 Computing with Slime
74 Research brings new control over topological insulator
75 Scientists open a new window into quantum physics with superconductivity in LEDs
76 Rice synthetic biologists shine light on genetic circuit analysis
77 D-Wave chip passes rigorous quantum-ness tests
78 Rough surface could keep small electronic parts from sticking together
79 Electronics based on a 2-D electron gas
80 A cavity that you want
81 Controlling the Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Mott Thin Films
82 A Step Closer to a Photonic Future
83 Flexible 1D-1R Memory Cell Array Assists Development of Wearable Computers
84 Raytheon kicks off 15th year of GaN innovation
85 Stirring-up atomtronics in a quantum circuit
86 Helical electron and nuclear spin order in quantum wires
87 Ballistic transport in graphene suggests new type of electronic device
88 Diamond defect boosts quantum technology
89 Integration brings quantum computer a step closer
90 New quantum dots herald a new era of electronics operating on a single-atom level
91 New Technique for Probing Subsurface Electronic Structure
92 Fastest organic transistor heralds new generation of see-through electronics
93 Ultra-flexible chip can be wrapped around a hair
94 Exfoliation method paves way for 2D materials to be used in printable photonics and electronics
95 Theorists Predict New State of Quantum Matter May Have Big Impact on Electronics
96 Low-power tunneling transistor for high-performance devices at low voltage
97 Bio-inspired method to grow high-quality graphene for high-end electronic devices
98 Next-generation semiconductors synthesis
99 Super-thin membranes clear the way for chip-sized pumps
100 Making electrical contact along 1-D edge of 2-D materials
101 Nanoscale engineering boosts performance of quantum dot light emitting diodes
102 Quantum conductors benefit from growth on smooth foundations
103 Researchers Advance Scheme to Design Seamless Integrated Circuits Etched on Graphene
104 Size matters in the giant magnetoresistance effect in semiconductors
105 CU, MIT breakthrough in photonics could allow for faster and faster electronics
106 Spirals of Light May Lead to Better Electronics
107 Stanford scientists publish theory, formula to improve 'plastic' semiconductors
108 Promising new alloy for resistive switching memory
109 Graphene Photodetector Integrated into Computer Chip
110 On the Road to Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing
111 The '50-50' chip: Memory device of the future?
112 New magnetic semiconductor material holds promise for 'spintronics'
113 Engineers improve electronic devices using molybdenum disulfide
114 Shining a little light changes metal into semiconductor
115 Novel topological crystalline insulator shows mass appeal
116 How brain microcircuits integrate information from different senses
117 NRL Researchers Discover Novel Material for Cooling of Electronic Devices
118 Nanotechnology breakthrough is big deal for electronics
119 Broadband photodetector for polarized light
120 TU Vienna develops light transistor