File Title
1 Tanning bed use in youth may increase risk of early skin cancer
2 Adult stem cell regulation 'contributes to lung cancer formation'
3 Mouse model of lung cancer subtype could lead to new treatments
4 Tumor growth and metastasis controlled by new drug combo in mouse model
5 Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey identifies potential new treatment approach for lung cancer
6 Risk of lung cancer associated with time to first cigarette of the day
7 Pancreatic cancer risk may be reduced by continued use of low-dose aspirin
8 HIV found again in child believed to have been cured
9 Small molecule found that 'fights Kaposi's sarcoma'
10 Lowering toxicity of new HIV drugs predicted to improve life expectancy
11 Bisexual men face unique challenges to their sexual health
12 Process identified that affects fat distribution and metabolic syndrome
13 Decrease in HIV death rates from some causes
14 New model for AIDS offers promise for medical research
15 Sweat corrodes bacteria defense in brass door knobs and taps
16 Fungus molecule shows promise against drug-resistant bacteria
17 Staphylococcus aureus forms slimy 'streamers' to clog up medical devices
18 Antibiotic resistance in foodborne germs is an ongoing threat
19 Discovery could lead to new ways of treating bacterial infection
20 Increase in MRSA prompts updated IDSA guidelines for skin and soft tissue infection (SSTI)
21 Sierra Leone researchers call for health surveillance improvements to tackle Ebola crisis
22 Almost 20% of fully vaccinated children with persistent cough 'have whooping cough'
23 Are routine pelvic exams 'more harm than good' for healthy women?
24 Asthma medication linked to growth suppression in children
25 DARPA and UCLA project to restore brain injury patients' memories
26 Analysis of FDA warning letters reveals patient safety concerns
27 Around two thirds of Viagra consumed in the Netherlands may be illegal, warn Dutch experts
28 Some acne products can cause serious allergic reactions, FDA warns
29 Gardasil approved in Europe for the prevention of anal cancer
30 Life-extending treatment for metastatic breast cancer now licenced in UK after one prior chemotherapy
31 Producer of tainted dietary supplements sentenced in federal court
32 Offspring autism risk linked to pesticide exposure during pregnancy
33 For sleep-related infant deaths, bed-sharing is greatest risk factor
34 Child abuse 'has serious consequences for brain development'
35 'The higher the cigarette taxes, the lower the suicide rates'
36 Adults with Asperger's syndrome 'at higher risk of suicidal thoughts'
37 Hearing requirements of British soldiers headed for the fontline
38 Polysialylated glycoprotein marker of neural stem cells found in adult inner ear
39 Hearing restoration may be possible using inner ear stem cells
40 Midwives 'crucial for saving lives of expectant mothers and their newborns'
41 Scientists discover muscular 'switch' that controls birth contractions
42 Why does blood cancer survival vary so much across Europe?
43 A powerful new technique for early diagnosis of cancer
44 Early-stage cancer up to 4 times more likely to go untreated in HIV-positive people
45 New test predicts survival and disease progression in blood cancer patients
46 T cell therapy promising for immunodeficient patients
47 Early evidence suggests proton therapy offers safe, long-term treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma
48 Potential new use for cancer drug in gene therapy for blood disorders
49 Study reveals 'escape mechanism' in cancer cells deprived of KRAS activity
50 New tool for assessing financial risk of cancer patients and survivors
51 Hookah smoking 'rising in popularity' among teenagers
52 Cancer risk: Aspirin and smoking affect aging of genes
53 Swiss study: A healthy lifestyle adds years to life
54 Smoking increases risk of dementia
55 Suicide rates linked to cigarette taxes, smoking policies
56 Risk of COPD increased by obesity, large waist size
57 Lady in red, back off my man!
58 St. John's wort can cause dangerous interactions
59 Women on the Pill have significantly lower measures of ovarian reserve than non-users
60 Potential HIV prevention using novel intravaginal ring
61 NHS issue urgent alert in wake of new-born case of legionnaires' disease
62 New national survey: COPD patients may be putting themselves at unnecessary risk
63 Alcoholic fatty lung: fat damages the lungs of heavy drinkers
64 Faster, more accurate measurement of respiratory rate with new mobile app
65 Gender differences in use of mental health services
66 Oxygen therapy is like a prescription drug: Use it rationally
67 Study finds those most likely to adhere to statin therapy
68 Common genetic link discovered in fatal autoimmune skin disease
69 New material improves wound healing and keeps bacteria from sticking
70 Cushing disease: A case of mistaken identity
71 Dramatic improvements seen in children with eczema after wet wrap therapy
72 How a wrinkle becomes a crease
73 Two-gene test differentiates psoriasis from eczema
74 Arthritis drug helps bald man grow full head of hair
75 Genetic link to autism discovered that affects half of 1 percent of autism patients but could lead to more genetic testing
76 Social behavior tied to activity in specific brain circuit: finding has implications for autism, social anxiety, schizophrenia, depression
77 How the brain learns to ignore familiar stimuli has implications for autism
78 Researchers discover how neurons equalize between excitation and inhibition
79 Old drug used for sleeping sickness reverses autism-like symptoms in mice
80 C-section in first birth linked to higher risk of future stillbirth, ectopic pregnancy
81 New urinary test can predict preterm birth and poor fetal growth
82 Fertility treatment outcomes 'dependent on sperm quality, not age of donor'
83 Preterm newborns '30-50% more likely to survive in busy neonatal centers'
84 Treating autoimmune diseases with the help of the pig whipworm genome
85 Vaccine needed: noroviruses cause 18% of acute gastroenteritis cases worldwide
86 Breast cancer and other aggressive cancers may respond to anti-inflammatory drugs
87 Cell stress inflames the gut
88 Smoking cessation counseling during hospitalization could be cost-effective
89 Control of air pollution associated with lower death rates in North Carolina
90 Fertility issues in women with PCOS often resolved by letrozole
91 Deep-freezing testicular tissue produces healthy baby mice
92 Longevity in women likely indicated by reproduction later in life
93 A new treatment for borderline personality disorder
94 Hypertension, antihypertension medication and risk of psoriasis
95 Psoriasis Foundation drives efforts to cure psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis with new strategic plan
96 Two pivotal psoriasis studies demonstrate secukinumab achieves clear or almost clear skin in majority of patients
97 Positive results from Phase 2b study of dupilumab in patients with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis announced
98 Gut bacteria changes may predict infection and inflammation
99 Diagnosing IBS, celiac disease, Crohn's disease and other gastrointestinal illnesses with the help of 'nanojuice'
100 Synthetic triterpenoids show promise in preventing colitis-associated colon cancer
101 A Crohn's disease-associated gene expression profile and microbial community
102 The risk of inflammatory bowel diseases halved in children growing up on a livestock farm
103 Genetic test could 'hugely improve' prognosis for esophageal cancer
104 DNA work offers clues for stomach cancer research
105 Salmonella's favorite food could prove to be its undoing
106 Vitamin D found to increase bowel cancer survival odds
107 Back and abdomen pain an increased risk for colon cancer survivors
108 New data from FIRE-3 study shows significant improvement in tumour response and shrinkage
109 Phase III trial shows improved survival with TAS-102 in metastatic colorectal cancer refractory to standard therapies
110 Study pinpoints a molecular cause of cancer-related wasting condition, suggests potential treatment