File Title
1 Astronomers Discover Enormous Amount of Missing Ultraviolet Light
2 New Class of Stars Identified Through Minute Variations in Brightness
3 Complex Outflow Structure Revealed in the Binary UY Aurigae
4 Cosmic Clumps Cast Darkest Shadows Ever Recorded
5 Herschel Sees Budding Stars and a Giant, Strange Ring
6 Star Measurement Made Easier with a Novel Spectral Ruler
7 Chandra Discovers X-rays Coming from a Young Supernova Remnant
8 Astronomers Find Potential Supernova Progenitor
9 Our Sun Is Nearly the Roundest Object Ever Measured
10 Reconstructing the Death of Supernovae in 3D Offers New Insights
11 Exploding Wolf-rayet Stars Found to Be Responsible for Type iIb Supernovae
12 A Rare Type of Supernova Seen in Observations from Spitzer Space Telescope
13 Dark Energy Survey Discovers Exotic Supernova
14 Stampede Supercomputer Simulations Help Shed Light on Distant Explosions
15 Clues About Black Hole Formation Provided by a Stellar Explosion On the Outer Reaches of the Universe
16 Using Powder-free Latex Gloves Reduces Latex Allergy Rate in Health Care Workers
17 Latex Gloves Lead to Lax Hand Hygiene in Hospitals
18 Researchers Working on Google Glass-like Device for Dogs
19 Evidence Discovered to Support Turing's Morphogen Theory
20 Calls for Official Pardon for Alan Turing, Father of the Computer
21 Genetics and Mathematics Come Together to Describe How We Got Our Fingers and Toes
22 New Artificial Intelligence Cracks CAPTCHAs
23 Queen Grants Royal Pardon to WWII Codebreaker Alan Turing
24 Looking Back at 17th Century Scientist's Idea of Space Travel
25 Animal Testing Methods for Endocrine Disruptors Should Change, Team Argues
26 Classic Groundbreaking Experiment on Early Earth Peptides Replicated
27 MRI Brain Scans Detect People with Early Parkinson's
28 Data Processing Skills of Ants Rival Those of Google, Claims New Study
29 How Fire Ants Form Living Balls When Faced with Water
30 Monarch Butterflies Rely in Part on Magnetic Compass for Navigation
31 Superconductor World Record Has Been Broken
32 Single-pixel 'Multiplex' Captures Elusive Terahertz Images
33 Charging Our Wireless Gadgets While We Walk
34 Researchers Invent 'Meta Mirror' to Help Advance Nonlinear Optical Systems
35 Dealing with Stress--To Cope or to Quit?
36 Brain Traffic Jams that Can Disappear in 30 Seconds
37 What Happens Within a Fly's Brain When Faced with an Incoming Predator?
38 With the Right Rehabilitation, Paralyzed Rats Learn to Grip Again
39 Built-in Biological Sunscreen Allows Mantis Shrimp to See the Reef in a Whole Different Light
40 Supernova Explosions Release Building Blocks of Planet Formation
41 Coping with Stress in a Changing World
42 How Jetlag and Nightshift Wreak Havoc on Your Genes
43 Researchers Introduce Smart App to Help Your Body Get Over Jet Lag
44 A Novel Disease-preventing Antioxidant Pathway
45 There's More than One Way to Silence a Cricket
46 Peering into the Heart of Aquatic Embryo Development
47 Piecing Together Evolutionary History by Bridging the Gap Between Genetics and Paleontology
48 Two Fused Species Give Rise to Plant Pest
49 Laser Light Waves Need More Bass
50 New Form of Carbon Observed by Carnegie Scientists
51 Buckyball Manipulated by Inserting a Single Water Molecule
52 Grossly Warped 'Nanographene' Is New Form of Carbon
53 Water Caged in Buckyballs Provides Insight into Spin Isomers
54 Discovery Could Have a Bearing on Medical Imaging, Cancer Treatment
55 Skin Bacterial Communities Similar Across Humpback Whale Populations
56 Japan Loses Against Australia, UN in Fight to Continue Annual Whaling
57 Tracking Ecology of Sperm Whales Through Stomach Contents
58 Whales and Other Marine Animals Hear Us More than We Realize
59 Elon Musk Envisions Men on Mars Within 10 Years
60 Nearly 80 Percent of US Deaths in the First 3 Decades of Life Are Due to Unintentional Injury or Violence
61 MIT System Puts Citywide Traffic Lights in Unison
62 Making Research Findings Freely Available Is an Essential Aid to Medical Progress
63 Caterpillar Backs Eye-tracking Device that Helps Keep Drivers Awake
64 Research Shows Where We Drive Affects How We Drive
65 People May Drive Safer if More Motorcyclists Were On the Road
66 Drugged Driving Fatalities On the Rise
67 WSU Innovation Improves Drowsy Driver Detection
68 Toyota Introduces 2015 Hydrogen Fuel-cell FCV-R Concept Sedan
69 GM Announces Pricing for Its 4G Hotspot On New Cars
70 Elon Musk Takes His Electric Vehicle Company to the Open Source Market
71 Nearly One in 10 Motorists Killed Daily Due to Distracted Driving: CDC
72 New Beautifully Colored Long-horned Beetle Discovered in China
73 New Species of Burying Beetle Discovered
74 Tahiti Is a Hot Spot for Biodiversity in the Pacific
75 New Species of Shelter Using Leaf Beetles
76 Remarkable New Beetle Specimens from Brazil
77 New Study Reveals How Falcons Hunt
78 After the Mass Extinction Amphibians and Dinosaurs Were the New Large Predators
79 Mechanical Law Highlighted by Tiger Beetle's Chase of Its Prey
80 Researchers Uncover Clue to Baldness, Could Lead to Cure
81 Bald Is Beautiful, Powerful, Commanding and Bold
82 Decrease Obsession for Thin Bodies with Realistic Images of Females in the Media
83 High Use of Mobile Phones Linked with Poor Fitness
84 Newly Discovered SIM Card Vulnerability Could Compromise Millions of Mobile Phones
85 Nearly 10 Percent of Driving Time Occurs While Distracted: Study
86 Mass Shootings Will Not Substantially Decrease with More Armed Guards or Background Checks
87 Exoskeleton Could Benefit Elderly Patients, Stroke Patients and Paraplegics
88 UC Research Brings a Future of Mind-reading Robots Ever Closer
89 UMass Amherst Biologists Say that 'Oddball Science' Has Proven Worth
90 Stereotype of Trophy Wife Is All but a Myth
91 Colorful Foods Can Boost a Picky Eater's Appetite
92 Food Placement in Refrigerators Could Change Your Weight
93 'Disappointed' Researchers Find Lack of Political Voices on Twitter
94 Anti-malaria Garment that Wards Off Bugs
95 Spider Silk Inspires a More Efficient, Stronger Commercial and Biomedical Adhesive
96 Threatened Male Scorpions Flee, Females Sting
97 Specialized Leg Organs Help Spiders Glean Information from Their Silk
98 Hackable Drones Worry Government Agencies
99 New Gossamer Sail Could Bring Decommissioned Satellites Out of Orbit
100 LCS Propelled to Greater Speeds with New Waterjets
101 The Moral Hazards and Legal Conundrums of Our Robot-filled Future
102 Australians Get Really Weird with Their Hot Rod Races
103 Here's How Easy It Could Be for Hackers to Control Your Hotel Room
104 Dating Startups Don't Stand a Chance Against this Corporate Matchmaker
105 If Mad Max Were a Brilliant Architect, Here's What He'd Build
106 McLaren's $265K Supercar Tricks You into Thinking You're a Pro Racer
107 The Bizarre Rise and Fall of the Tiki Bar
108 Silicon Valley's Plan to Split California into 6 States Just Might Succeed
109 Audi's Super-sedan Is as Fast as a Ferrari 458--At Half the Price
110 How Google's New Font Tries to Anticipate the Future
111 What Exactly Is in McDonald's Famous French Fries?
112 Mind-bending GIFs Push the Limits of the Format
113 The Secret NYC Graveyard Where Ships Go to Die
114 Airbnb Is Quietly Building the Smartest Travel Agent of All Time
115 Inside the Artificial Brain that's Remaking the Google Empire
116 Swedish Court to Julian Assange: You're Not Going Anywhere
117 An Actually Useful Version of Yo Is Warning Israelis of Rocket Strikes