File Title
1 Learning Lessons from a Failed Ancient Native American 'Baby Boom'
2 3D Movie from Inside Live Flying Insects
3 Jet-like Banking Abilities of Flies Help Them Avoid Predators
4 Drink Walkers Do It Because Their Mates Think It's Okay
5 Research Analyzes Impact of Neanderthal Genes on Modern DNA
6 Genomic Analysis Confirms Interbreeding Between Humans and Neanderthals
7 What Gave Us the Advantage Over Extinct Types of Humans?
8 Researchers Announce Breakthrough on Understanding Demographic History of Stone-age Scandinavian Foragers and Farmers
9 Ape Ancestors' Teeth Provide Glimpse into Their Diets and Environments
10 Ancient Sloths Went Out of the Trees and into the Water
11 Petite Cousin of the Tyrannosaurs Rex Detailed in New Report
12 Little Foot Is the Oldest Complete Australopithecus
13 Early Cambrian Arthropod Used Large Curly Appendages for Feeding
14 Swimming Behaviors of Triassic Sea Creatures Identified Based on Paddle Print Fossils
15 Dating Refined for the Atapuerca Site Where Homo Antecessor Was Discovered
16 Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens Never Shared the Iberian Peninsula
17 Higher Child Marriage Rates Associated with Higher Maternal and Infant Mortality
18 Suspected Vampire Burial Unearthed in Poland
19 Spike in Brain's Electrical Activity Could Explain Near-death Experience
20 Most Physicians Would Forgo Aggressive Treatment for Themselves at the End of Life
21 CNIO Scientists Discover that Pluripotency Factor NANOG Is also Active in Adult Organisms
22 Hidden Layer of Genome Unveils How Plants May Adapt to Environments Throughout the World
23 Epigenetic Changes Play a Key Role in Development of Chemo Resistance in BCa
24 Brain Epigenome Continues to Change Through Developmental Years
25 New Application of Physics Tools Used in Biology
26 Seeing Double: New Study Explains Evolution of Duplicate Genes
27 Tumor-suppressor Connects with Histone Protein to Hinder Gene Expression
28 Dispelling an Urban Legend, New Study Shows Who Uses Emergency Departments Frequently
29 Older Heart Patients Need Personalized Preventive Care
30 Knowledge About Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse Lower Among Women of Color
31 Chemotherapy Timing Is Key to Success
32 'Quadrapeutics' Works in Preclinical Study of Hard-to-treat Tumors
33 New Approach Identifies Cancer Mutations As Targets of Effective Melanoma Immunotherapy
34 Gene Variant Confers Higher Alzheimer's Risk for Women
35 'Chaperone' Compounds Offer New Approach to Alzheimer's Treatment
36 People with Mild Cognitive Impairment May Die at Higher Rate than People Without Condition
37 Study Examines Risk of Early Death for People with Mild Cognitive Impairment
38 Investigators Discover How Key Protein Enhances Memory and Learning
39 Researchers Unearth Antarctic Fossil of a Giant, Plant-eating Dinosaur
40 Massive Sauropod Dinosaurs Ate More to Get Much Needed Nitrogen
41 Evolution of Giants: Why Did Sauropods Get So Big?
42 Penn Researchers Describe Newly Discovered Colossal Dinosaur
43 Newly Discovered Dinosaur May Be Largest Creature of All Time
44 Dinosaur Abdominal Analysis Reveals Wolf-like Hunting Prowess
45 Microraptor Had Black, Iridescent Feathers, Scientists Report
46 Evolving Triceratops Evidence Found in Montana's Hell Creek Formation
47 Dinosaur Claws Were Used for More than Just Ripping Flesh: Study
48 Fruit Flies Pickier than You Think
49 Is It Better to Be Social or Stinky in Thwarting a Predatory Attack?
50 Mechanical Law Highlighted by Tiger Beetle's Chase of Its Prey
51 Genetic Basis of Pest Resistance to Biotech Cotton Discovered by Scientists
52 Dog Owner Homes Are Bacteria-ridden--And that's Not Necessarily a Bad Thing
53 Travels of Marine Microbes Revealed from Southern Ocean Sampling
54 NASA, ESA Spacecraft Clean Rooms Infested with Rare Bacterium
55 High Tibet May Have Been Starting Point for Cold-adapted Mammals
56 Power Generation Technology Based on Piezoelectric Nanocomposite Materials Developed by KAIST
57 Portable, Virus-powered Recharging Source On the Horizon?
58 The Death of the Battery?
59 Polymers Can Behave like Semimetals
60 Thermoelectric Generator on Glass Fabric for Wearable Electronics
61 WHOI's Nereus Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle Lost at Sea
62 Australia Stops Sea Shepherd from Using Drones
63 Adventurers to Recreate Epic 1916 Shackleton Journey to Antarctica
64 Shackleton's Scotch Being Returned to Base in Antarctica
65 Lost Photos of Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition Found in Cabin
66 Using Mathematics to Understand Mudslides and Other Debris Flows
67 The Red Sea Is an Ocean like All Others
68 Explosive History of the 'Island of Glass' Uncovered
69 Ancient Rocks Provide Clues About Earth's Earliest Crust
70 Studies Show Movements of Continents Speeding Up After Slow 'Middle Age'
71 UB Names Five Inventions that Could Significantly Benefit Consumers
72 Occurrence of Deadly Amphibian Disease Dictated by Micropredators
73 Breast Cancer Drug Fights Fungal Disease
74 GM Spuds Beat Blight
75 Researchers Have Fully Sequenced the Deadly Human Pathogen Cryptococcus
76 Southern Ocean Research Provides New Insight into Ice Age Climates
77 High CO2 Levels Cause Warming in the Tropics
78 Gas-charged Fluids Creating Seismicity Associated with a Louisiana Sinkhole
79 Phone Snooping by the National Security Agency Ruled Unconstitutional
80 Is the NSA Tapping Mobile Apps in Search of User Data?
81 Study Highlights Indigenous Response to Natural Disaster
82 Be Prepared! What to Do Before, During and After a Hurricane
83 Generation Blame: How Age Affects Our Views of Anti-social Behavior
84 Brain Structure, Function Predict Future Memory Performance in Children, Adolescents
85 Gentically-modified Food Message Comprehension Falters When Math Anxiety Prevails
86 Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury Influenced by One Gene
87 Students with Low IQ Learn to Read at 1st-grade Level After Persistent, Intensive Instruction
88 Study Explores Why Gay, Lesbian Teens Binge Drink
89 When Newlyweds Believe in Sharing Household Chores, Follow-through Is Everything
90 What Does Finding Out the Sex of a Child Before Birth Say About the Mother?
91 Researchers Explain Background Behind Pitch-drop Experiment
92 Space Brings Morocco Fresh Water
93 How Does Snowfall Affect a River's Flow?
94 Will Need for Vegetable Oil Mean Trouble for Africa's Great Apes?
95 Swiss Scientists Working On New 'Janitor Satellite'
96 Plastic Refuse Found on River Thames Is Bad News for Wildlife
97 Reducing Satellite Battery Debris Threat
98 Protecting the Heart of Borneo
99 Borneo's Trees Flower at the Same Time Due to Drought
100 Orangutans Are Coming Down from Trees More Often
101 Leaf Litter Ants Help Make the Case for Rainforest Conservation in Borneo
102 80 Percent of Malaysian Borneo Degraded by Logging
103 Specialized Leg Organs Help Spiders Glean Information from Their Silk
104 New Evidence Pegs Semi-aquatic Spiders As Fish-eating Predators
105 Scorpions Are Master Architects
106 Chimpanzees Are Not Conformist, Unless Peanuts Are at Play
107 Liberia Is Home to the Second Largest Chimpanzee Population in West Africa
108 Chimpanzees Show Impulsive Behaviors in Cooperating for Food
109 Chimpanzees Copy Random Behavior of Other Members of Their Social Group
110 Researchers Create Glossary of Gestures Used by Wild Chimpanzees