File Title
1 World Premiere of Planetarium Show 'Journey to a Billion Suns'
2 Light Pollution Video to Debut at Beijing Planetarium Wednesday
3 'I Don't Want to Pick!' Preschoolers Know When They Aren't Sure
4 Researchers Develop Paper-thin Heart Monitor Worn On the Skin
5 Texas-sized Planetarium Plans Underway in Austin
6 Double-strength Glass May Be Within Reach with New Techniques
7 New Method Allows Safety Glass to Be Cut to Any Shape
8 Single-atom Light Switch
9 Nature-inspired Carving Technique Used to Create Unbreakable Glass
10 Image Transport Through New Fiber Architecture Rivals that of Current Endoscopy Imaging Fibers
11 Health Issues, Relationship Changes Trigger Economic Spirals for Low-income Rural Families
12 US, European Energy Companies Under Attack by Russian Hackers
13 Ethical Diamond Claims Should Go Beyond the Kimberley Process
14 License to Ill
15 When Will a Message of Social Responsibility Backfire?
16 Soda Companies Misleading in Corporate Social Marketing
17 Public Insurance Fills the Health Coverage Gap
18 Omni Gaming Treadmill Doesn't Even Break a Sweat During Kickstarter Financing Campaign
19 Tikker: Wear Your Death Date On Your Wrist
20 Agent Smartwatch to Ship in December, Features Ultra-long Battery Life
21 Crowdfunded Charging Station Resurrected Following Change to Apple Policy
22 Gap Between Teen Materialism and Work Ethic Wider than Ever
23 Caffeine Affects Boys and Girls Differently After Puberty
24 New "Magnifying Glass" Helps Spot Delinquency Risks
25 Proteins Blocked in Diabetes Treatments Connected to Lower Incidence of Cancer in Patients
26 The Family Life Project Releases Major New Findings from Its Study of Rural Children in Poverty
27 World's Dangerous Neighborhoods Produce Aggressive Children
28 Parents Who Keep Work and Family Tasks Separate Find Life More Meaningful
29 Military Dads Have to Re-learn Parenting After Deployment
30 Less Structured Time Helps Kids Meet Their Own Goals, Gain Better Executive Functions
31 Aerial Robot System Can Save Firefighter Lives
32 Geothermal Mapping Confirms Vast Coast-to-coast Clean Energy Source
33 New Cryptography Scheme Secured by Quantum Physics
34 New Five-qubit Array Points the Way to Quantum Computers
35 Teleportation Breakthrough: Team of Dutch Physicists May Have Just Proven Einstein Wrong
36 Quantum Contextuality Needed to Achieve "Magic" Required for Universal Quantum Computation
37 Quantum Computation: Fragile Yet Error-free
38 Past Disturbances Obscure Warming Impacts on Forests
39 Scientists Developing Novel Technique that Could Facilitate Nuclear Disarmament
40 Fusion Diagnostic Developed at PPPL Sheds Light on Plasma Behavior at EAST
41 Makerbot Shows Off New Line of Affordable 3D Printers
42 Adobe Adds Three Dimensions to Its Photoshop Software
43 Stratasys Introduces First Multi-colored, Mutli-material 3D Printer
44 Disney Research Introduces 3D Printed Interactive Speakers
45 National Consensus Needed to Better NASA's Future Space Programs
46 NASA Budget Cuts Could Threaten Asteroid Retrieval, Manned Mars Missions
47 NASA Announces Effort to Form New Collaborative Partnerships with Private Space Industry
48 NASA's Plans for the Future and Present
49 To Boldly Go? Experts Issue Ethics Guidelines for Health Standards On NASA's Next Generation of Risky Missions
50 NSF Awards $12 Million to SDSC to Deploy 'Comet' Supercomputer
51 New Computing Model May Lead to Quicker Advancements in Medical Research
52 Busted! Ransomware Cybercrime Gang Taken Down by Authorities
53 Teen Sexting: Dangers, Legality and the Gender Gap
54 War Against Child Porn Tackled by Tech Giants Google and Microsoft
55 Legal Dangers Involved with Sexting Largely Ignored by Teenagers
56 Google Works with Government to Take Down Child Pornography
57 Pre-incan Wari People Exercised Restraint in Establishing Its Culture
58 Evidence Suggests Incas Drugged Child Sacrifices
59 New Model Developed to Simulate Cloth On a Computer with Unprecedented Accuracy
60 Tiger, Leopard Conservation Begins with Protecting Corridors
61 Hunt for Peccary Trails Yields New Cave Paintings in Brazil
62 More Elephants than Expected Found in Sri Lanka
63 Citizens 'Can Help Save Our Wildlife'
64 Decrease in Large Wildlife Populations Drives Increase in Zoonotic Diseases
65 Smartphone-wielding Space Robots Could Take Over for Astronauts
66 NASA Mars Orbiter Sees Curiosity Crossing into New Zone
67 An Emotional Bill Gates Discusses Relationship with Steve Jobs
68 Apple Buys Passif, Could Be Used in iWatch
69 Apple Responds to Samsung Ad Push by Thinking Beyond Different
70 Insecticides Linked to Farmland Bird Population Declines
71 Sandfish Lizard Inspires Robotics
72 Study Shows Collared Treerunner More than a Single Species
73 Gecko Foot Hair Could Lead to Self-cleaning Adhesive Solutions
74 The Evolution of Sticky Feet
75 Gecko-inspired Adhesive Material Now Usable On Wood, Other Surfaces
76 High Impact, High Integrity Polymer for Air, Sea, and Domestic Applications Developed by Navy
77 Self-Healing Polymers from Off-the-shelf Materials
78 Carbon-fiber Epoxy Honeycombs Mimic the Material Performance of Balsa Wood
79 Bivalve Adhesive Serves As Inspiration for New Medical Breakthroughs
80 Horned Frogs Use Adhesive Tape-like Tongues to Lift Three Times Their Own Bodyweight
81 The Reeducation of GI Cells to Potentially Treat, Cure Type 1 Diabetes
82 Eating Whey Protein Before a Meal Could Reduce Spikes in Blood Sugar
83 Linking Insulin to Learning
84 FDA Issues Warning About Popular Stimulant DMAA
85 Sea Creature Believed to Be Extinct Rediscovered in New Zealand
86 Female Komodo Dragons Life Span Is Shorter than Males Due to Extreme 'Housework'
87 Biting Back--Snake Venom Contains Toxic Clotting Factors
88 New Text-mining Algorithm to Prioritize Research on Chemicals, Disease for Public Database
89 New Algorithm Helps Evaluate, Rank Scientific Literature
90 Synthetic Spider Toxin Defend Against Multiple Venom Types
91 Database Tracks Toxic Side Effects of Pharmaceuticals
92 Lead Abatement a Wise Economic, Public Health Investment
93 Rapid Venom Evolution in Pit Vipers May Be Defensive
94 How Does the Bite of a Small Texas Snake Cause Extreme Pain?
95 Ancient Arctic Sharks Lived in Brackish Water 50 Million Years Ago
96 Fish Are Smarter than You Think
97 Record Funding for the Global Environment
98 Research Details Threats of Eliminating Invasive Species, Benefits of Technology in Species Conservation Efforts
99 Humans, Not Climate Change, Led to Extinction of Mammal Giants
100 Conservation Group Calls for Expanded Grizzly Bear Recovery Efforts
101 Science Supporting Abundant, Nourishing Food for a Growing Civilization
102 Break Out the Butter! Editorial Rails Against the Demonization of Saturated Fats
103 Cutting Saturated Fat Intake Won't Prevent Heart Disease: Study
104 Nutrition Experts Chew the Fat at ASN Satellite Symposium
105 How Does a Diet Rich in Olive Oil Help Control Blood Pressure?
106 For Those Genetically Predisposed to Obesity, Limiting Saturated Fats Might Be Necessary
107 The Influence of Westernization Spells Danger for Public Health in Nigeria
108 More than Just a Hill of Beans
109 Nineteen Tomato Varieties Compared in Variety Evaluation Study
110 Organic Agriculture Boosts Biodiversity on Farmlands