File Title
1 New material improves wound healing, keeps bacteria from sticking
2 Odor code for food is based on a few volatile substances
3 Study uncovers structure, protein elements critical to human function and disease
4 Carbon-fiber epoxy honeycombs mimic the material performance of balsa wood
5 Stanley Miller's forgotten experiments, analyzed
6 New easel reveals secrets of old masters
7 Shaken, not stirred--mythical god's capsules please
8 New device could improve biomarker analyses
9 At the methane source of plants: Plants produce greenhouse gas from the amino acid methionine
10 A breakthrough for organic reactions in water
11 Tofu ingredient could revolutionise solar panel manufacture
12 Theoretical chemists guide experimentalists in search for more efficient production of hydrogen
13 Silver lining found for making new drugs
14 Water-cleanup catalysts tackle biomass upgrading
15 Researchers propose a common yardstick to the efficiency of molecular electrocatalysts
16 Researchers find a metastable phase exists throughout transition state of lithium ion batteries
17 Small-scale demo, large-scale promise of novel bromine battery
18 Researchers discover 'Trojan Horse' method of penetrating cellular walls without harm
19 Researchers find bacteria able to change dormancy time to withstand antibiotic drugs
20 To avoid interbreeding, monkeys have undergone evolution in facial appearance
21 Fruit flies help scientists uncover genes responsible for human communication
22 Insect diet helped early humans build bigger brains, study suggests
23 Feds to nix wind-farm penalties for eagle deaths
24 Organic agriculture boosts biodiversity on farmlands
25 Iowa State engineers turn LEGO bricks into a scientific tool to study plant growth
26 Bloodsucking mite threatens UK honeybees
27 Notorious pathogen forms slimy 'streamers' to clog up medical devices
28 Foul fumes derail dinner for hungry moths
29 New species of small mammal discovered
30 Slaying bacteria with their own weapons
31 You can't teach speed: sprinters break 10-year rule
32 Chimps prefer African, Indian tunes over strong beats typical of Western music, research finds
33 Urination duration: Study finds most mammals need about 21 seconds
34 The shocking truth about electric fish: Sequencing electric eel genome
35 Emergency appeal launched to combat rise in elephant poaching
36 Young plant rescuer on a mission
37 Scientists at work: Catching hyaenas on camera for conservation
38 Some dogs and cats prone to sunburn--How to protect your animal from skin damage
39 Hawaii at center of battle over aquarium fish
40 Because we can, does it mean we should? The ethics of GM foods
41 Synchronised imaging techniques to diagnose rhinoceroses
42 A new species of moth from the Appalachian Mountains named to honor the Cherokee Nation
43 Achieving Your Goals: Does removing yourself from the big picture help?
44 Home sweet messy home: How do consumers cope with disorder at home?
45 Items from ancient Sumerian city found in cupboard
46 Economists use soccer balls to study the adoption of innovative technology
47 Researchers treat incarceration as a disease epidemic, discover small changes help
48 Mathematical models explain how a wrinkle becomes a crease
49 Study suggests voting may be key to cooperation with future generations
50 Increasing familiarity is the best way to avoid ingredient-based food fear
51 Did Neanderthals eat their vegetables? Study provides first direct evidence of plants in Neanderthal diet
52 Fire shuts down Stanford linear accelerator (Update)
53 A call for a 'circular economy' to preserve resources for the future
54 Research reveals the three keys to slogan likability
55 US rich get richer on stock market investments while modest investors are left behind
56 Traffic light labels can give a false sense of security
57 First-grade teachers using ineffective instruction for math-challenged students
58 Japan's leadership averted worst-case disaster, researcher says
59 Why tech transfer brings universities 'more than money'
60 US should re-evaluate definition of skilled workers in immigration policy
61 Meeting common core standards for math
62 Public sector not more effective in attracting socially motivated workers than private sector
63 Playconomics video game teaches theory of economics
64 Walking the rocks: Researchers study undergraduate field education
65 Authority on random matrix theory aims to make sense of huge data sets
66 Social pressure stops Facebook users recommending products on social media sites
67 Are conservatives more obedient and agreeable than their liberal counterparts?
68 Mother's place of birth is a risk factor for autism in US-born children, research shows
69 Scientists show how bigger brains could help us see better
70 New insights could help in battle to beat Parkinson's disease
71 Researchers develop app focused on making obese adults less sedentary
72 Telemedicine catches blinding disease in premature babies
73 Scientists find potential new use for cancer drug in gene therapy for blood disorders
74 Little or poor sleep may be associated with worse brain function when aging
75 A mini-antibody with broad antiviral activity chews up viral DNA and RNA
76 Researchers identify brain circuits involved in stress-induced fevers
77 Diabolical duo: Known breast cancer gene needs a partner to initiate and spread tumors
78 Fighting parasitic infection inadvertently unleashes dormant virus
79 The social psychology of nerve cells: Researchers explore the genetic underpinnings of nerve-cell spacing
80 Salmonella's Achilles' heel: Reliance on single food source to stay potent
81 Researchers find clue to stopping Alzheimer's-like diseases
82 Leukaemia gene provides clue to treating triple negative breast cancer
83 Scientists identify new pathogenic and protective microbes associated with severe diarrhea
84 New test predicts the risk of non-hereditary breast cancer
85 Immune cells found to prevent bone marrow transplant rejection
86 A new model explains why we perceive sounds when they are conducted through the skull
87 Cancer uses stem cells as a shield to escape drug attacks
88 Children are just as capable as adults at recognising faces from different angles
89 Some aggressive cancers may respond to anti-inflammatory drugs
90 Lassa virus uses unexpected two-step mechanism to enter cells
91 Running, combined with visual experience, restores brain function
92 Sex hormone levels at midlife linked to heart disease risk in women
93 Scientists affirm sodium reduction key to reducing heart disease
94 Cell scientists slow degeneration in motor neurone mice
95 Scientists establish proof-of-concept for host-directed tuberculosis therapy
96 New form of brain signaling affects addiction-related behavior
97 Upfront and personal: Scientists model human reasoning in the brain's prefrontal cortex
98 Why networking doesn't work
99 Fresh evidence suggests particle discovered in 2012 is the Higgs boson
100 Advocating for U.S. investment in science and technology
101 Researchers unveil experimental 36-core chip
102 Rett syndrome drug shows promise in clinical trial
103 New particle-sorting method breaks speed records
104 Morphable surfaces could cut air resistance
105 Novel bromine battery: Small-scale demo, large-scale promise
106 Collaborative learning--for robots
107 Mathematical patchwork
108 Did Neanderthals eat their vegetables?
109 Controlling movement with light
110 A new approach to negotiations