File Title
1 Bird Fingers: Understanding Evolution of Wings in Our Avian Friends
2 ZoomBoard Lets You Type On a Smartwatch
3 Bodies Provide Important Cues for Recognizing People
4 Nearly Half of All US Jobs Are Threatened by Robotics
5 Computer Program Gets Chatty, Beats Turing Test
6 Look Out Watson, There's a New Intelligent Robot in Town
7 Autonomous Robot Plane Albe Navigates Around Pillars
8 Robotic Bees Will One Day Kill Us All
9 US Defense Department's Research Arm Develops Innovative Three-Fingered Robot Hand
10 Google-Owned Meka Robotics Work to Advance Human-Robot Interaction
11 Fresh Avocado Enhances Absorption of Essential Nutrients
12 New Class of Anti-Arthritis Drugs Effectively Treats Multiple Inflammatory Diseases
13 Urban Aboriginal People Face Unique Health Challenges
14 Window of Opportunity Against HIV Comes from 'Fitness Bottleneck'
15 Ping-Pong Sized Robots Could Collaborate On Major Projects
16 Swarms of Tiny Robot Helpers May Be the Wave of the Future
17 Micro-Turbine Technology Could Use Wind Power to Charge Mobile Devices
18 MagnetoSperm Robots Could One Day Be Used for in Vitro Fertilization
19 Team Explains How Mutated X-Linked Mental Retardation Protein Impairs Neuron Function
20 New Insights for Coping with Personality Changes in Acquired Brain Injury
21 Fruit Flies Help Scientists Uncover Genes Responsible for Human Communication
22 Short Sleep, Aging Brain
23 New Optogenetic Tool for Controlling Neuronal Signalling by Blue Light
24 Researchers Find Missing Piece of How Birds Sense Light
25 Dodging Dots Helps to Explain Circuitry of the Brain
26 Newborn Night-Waking Has a Detrimental Health Impact on Parents
27 Dreading Pain Can Be Worse than Pain Itself
28 Athletes and the Words for Actions
29 Just Thinking About Light or Dark Can Change Your Pupil Size
30 New Computer Model Can Recognize 21 Distinct Emotional Expressions
31 Insecticides Linked to Farmland Bird Population Declines
32 Researchers Develop Novel Method to Observe Mysterious Photosynthesis Process
33 Foods Rich in Antioxidants May Promote Cancer Growth
34 Uncertainty Gives Scientists New Confidence in Search for Novel Materials
35 On the Link Between Periodontitis and Atherosclerosis
36 Animal Kingdom Communication
37 Researchers Test Whether Red Queen Hypothesis Makes Species Resilient
38 Epic Evolution of a 'Ring Species' Mapped by Researchers
39 A Mechanism of How Biodiversity Arises
40 Brewing Yeasts Reveal Secrets of Chromosomal Warfare and Dysfunction
41 Biologists Link Placenta Formation and Sexual Selection
42 Laser Turned Off by Strange Physics
43 How Do Plastic Solar Panels Work?
44 Japan Faces Power Outages, Residents Urged to Conserve Energy
45 Scientific Whaling Plans Dumped by South Korea
46 Nissan Reveals New Smartwatch Paired with Its Racing Cars
47 What's Better than Two, Four or Six Cores? A Computer Chip with 36
48 Philips Wins Patent Victory Over Nintendo in UK High Court
49 Diarrheal Disease in Botswana Could Worsen with Climate Change
50 Genetic Analysis of H7N9 Bird Flu Strain Reveals Easy Adaptation to Humans
51 Older People in Africa Have Limited Functional Ability
52 Perceptions of the Role of the State Shape Water Services Provision
53 Predicting System Crashes in Nature and Society
54 Parents Just As Likely to Engage in Distractions While Driving Which Puts Child Passengers at Risk
55 Self-Driving Cars Get the Green Light in California
56 Google's Self-Driving Cars Project Now Fully in Gear
57 Restrictions Do Little to Prevent Fatal Crashes
58 Passengers Are a Distraction for Teen Drivers
59 Mechanical Law Highlighted by Tiger Beetle's Chase of Its Prey
60 Evolution in Species May Reverse Predator-Prey Population Cycles
61 Genetic Variant Linked to Freckling, Sun Sensitivity Discovered
62 Shining a Light On the Damage that Daily Sun Exposure Can Cause: Study Highlights Need for Better Sunscreens
63 Gene Mutations in Rock Pigeon Pigmentation Have Implications for Human Medical Research
64 Skin Cancer Risk May Have Driven Evolution of Black Skin
65 In Human Evolution, Changes in Skin's Barrier Set Northern Europeans Apart
66 Book Publisher Wiley Files Suit Against Piracy Offenders
67 Copyright Alert System Six Strikes Program To Roll Out This Week
68 Recording Industry Doesn't like Google's Record on Addressing Piracy
69 As ISPs Prepare to Police Web Piracy, Questions of Efficacy and Motive Remain
70 RIAA Sues LimeWire for Trillions, Judge Finds Claim 'Absurd'
71 Innovative Millimeter Wave Communications to Be Demonstrated at London Exhibition
72 Mobile Technology Spurs 'Reading Revolution' in Developing Countries
73 USC CTM Releases Report on Americans' Media Consumption
74 Seniors Are Increasingly Embracing the Internet and Mobile Technology
75 War on Illegal Drugs Is a Losing Battle for Authorities
76 FBI's Facial Recognition Database to Grow by Leaps and Bounds--Should You Be Worried?
77 Right to Remain Silent Not Understood by Many Suspects
78 Emergency Broadcast System Moves into New Century
79 Better-Performing Elementary Students Receive Disproportionate Attention from Parents
80 The Fashion Scout and the Cop: Scanning the Streets with Similar Methods for Different Targets
81 ACA Could Change Costs for Auto, Malpractice and Other Insurance
82 Pulling a Fast One: How Do Consumers React to Zippy Disclaimers?
83 Feds Crack Down on Pirated Android Apps, Set Up Sting
84 Former Athletes Finish First in Race for Top Jobs
85 Moral Tales with Positive Outcomes Motivate Kids to Be Honest
86 Negative Nancy Often Needs Negative Validation, Not Cheering Up
87 Analysis of the Chinese Facial Profile: Contours of the Side Face in the Tu and Zang Ethnic Minorities
88 Social Networks Influence Personal Health Decisions
89 Training Your Self-Control May Be Key to Improved Health and Weight Loss
90 Web Surfers Are Most Health-Conscious Early in the Week
91 Middle Age Men Face Double the Risk of Death Due to Social Stress
92 Is Institutional Racism Happening in Our Hospitals?
93 Couples, Pay Attention to Your Relationship Work Ethic
94 Moral Decisions May Depend On the Situation
95 Humanity's Highest Virtue May Have Its Roots in Selfishness and Greed
96 People Care About the Source of Cash, Attach Less Value to 'Tainted' Wealth
97 Moral Disengagement Happens More Often in the Afternoon, Mornings Makes Us More Honest
98 Trogloraptor Bigfoot Spider Found in Caves in the Pacific Northwest
99 Cyclosa Makes Decoy Spider to Attract Predators
100 Two New Miniature Spider Species Discovered in China
101 Two Spider Species with Peculiar Living Habits from Uruguay
102 New Evidence Pegs Semi-Aquatic Spiders As Fish-Eating Predators
103 Hackable Drones Worry Government Agencies
104 Navy Launches Sophisticated New Drone from Submerged Submarine
105 Drones and Robots, the Beginning of the End?
106 Drones for the Consumer Market: Parrot Unveils UAV with HD Camera
107 Grapevine-infecting Acne Bacteria Named for Frank Zappa
108 In Funk Music, Rhythmic Complexity Influences Dancing Desire
109 'Space Oddity' by Astronaut Chris Hadfield Removed from YouTube
110 Personal Drone Detection System Launched on Kickstarter