File Title
1 Fossils push animal-made reefs back in time
2 Eel genome unlocks mysteries of electric fish
3 Nanostructured material based on repeating microscopic units has record-breaking stiffness at low density (w/ Video)
4 Video: Nanoengineered electron guns
5 Video: Cobalt oxide superlattice
6 Formation of organic thin-film transistors through room-temperature printing
7 Unlocking milk's formula could save lives, say scientists
8 Super-stretchable yarn is made of graphene
9 Sharper imaging using X-rays
10 Scientists shoot carbon nanotubes out of high-speed gun (w/ video)
11 Measuring the mass of 'massless' electrons
12 Using silicon dioxide as a binding layer for replacement bone prosthetics
13 FDA outlines policy for overseeing nanotechnology
14 Nanoparticles could provide easier route for cell therapy
15 Metal particles in solids aren't as fixed as they seem, memristor study shows
16 Bacterial nanometric amorphous Fe-based oxide as lithium-ion battery anode material
17 Smart gating nanochannels for confined water developed
18 Nanoscale velcro used for molecule transport
19 Nanoscale ruler reveals organization of the cell membrane
20 A new synthesis method enables the production of wafer-thin carbon layers
21 Scientists develop a 'nanosubmarine' that delivers complementary molecules inside cells
22 Micro-manufacturing breakthrough is wired for sound
23 Eco-friendly versatile nanocapsules developed
24 Forest of carbon nanotubes (w/ Video)
25 Nanopore technique rapidly decodes long DNA strands
26 Watching nanoscale fluids flow
27 Revealing the "Scotch-tape" technique mechanism
28 New, enhanced security of data storage and transmission via optical 'marked ghost imaging' technology
29 LLNL researchers define boundaries for petawatt laser absorption
30 New particle-sorting method breaks speed records
31 The goose bump sensor: A step toward direct detection of human emotional states
32 New study uses blizzard to measure wind turbine airflow (w/ Video)
33 Morphable surfaces could cut air resistance
34 Should the Higgs boson have caused our Universe to collapse?
35 Direct observation of the mystery of 'hidden order' in condensed-matter physics
36 Waveguiding and detecting structure for surface plasmon polaritons on silicon
37 Development of the world's strongest magnesium alloy
38 Transfering magnetic fields across long distances
39 Advanced light source provides new look at skyrmions
40 Physicists developing novel technique that could facilitate nuclear disarmament
41 New math technique improves atomic property predictions to historic accuracy
42 Evidence of the big fix?
43 Spiral-shaped 'light fan' adds new twist to laser-driven plasma accelerators
44 Toward quantum technologies
45 Physicist suggests speed of light might be slower than thought
46 Packing hundreds of sensors into a single optical fiber for use in harsh environments
47 Let there be light: Chemists develop magnetically responsive liquid crystals
48 Not much force: Researchers detect smallest force ever measured
49 Cambridge team breaks superconductor world record
50 Freedom of electrons is short-lived
51 Superconducting and ferroelectric properties of perovskite
52 Physicists' findings improve advanced material
53 Astronomers map icy wastes in space
54 Telescope digs for ice on Pluto
55 Harpooning space debris
56 Dark Energy Survey spots exotic supernova
57 STEREO maps much larger solar atmosphere than previously observed
58 Rover under-ice prototype may lead to Europa search
59 Curiosity travels through ancient glaciers on Mars
60 New NASA model gives glimpse into the invisible world of electric asteroids
61 Black hole trio holds promise for gravity wave hunt
62 'Cosmic own goal' another clue in hunt for dark matter
63 Clumped galaxies give General Relativity its toughest test yet
64 NASA sets new dates for saucer-shaped test vehicle flight
65 Cassini celebrates 10 years exploring Saturn
66 Nearby super-Earth is best habitable candidate so far, astronomers say
67 Parachutes for NASA's Orion spacecraft hit no snags in most difficult test
68 Ancient worlds could be kept 'alive' by gravitational nudges
69 Catching a gravitational wave
70 Last European space truck set for July 24 launch
71 How the 'Pillars of Creation' were created
72 Astronaut health check with single drop of blood
73 The properties of a six-meter near-Earth object
74 Shocks in the Cygnus Loop supernovae remnant
75 Russia postpones launch of new-generation rocket
76 MESSENGER spies a soccer ball on Mercury
77 Are ultra-luminous galaxies colliding?
78 Clever copters can learn as they fly (w/ Video)
79 Team to develop an intelligent new high performance electric motorcycle
80 NSA fears prompt Germany to end Verizon contract (Update)
81 Stanford's Precourt Institute partners with KQED on a new e-book series on energy
82 French lawmakers adopt 'anti-Amazon' bill
83 Alibaba to list on NYSE with symbol 'BABA'
84 Get tougher on texting while driving, Americans say
85 Soundhawk brings out system for smarter listening
86 A simple solution for big data
87 Ask the crowd: Robots learn faster, better with online helpers
88 New model helps reduce cost of flooding on railways
89 Filipinos to receive disaster alerts on cellphones (Update)
90 US seeks resumption of cyber talks with China
91 Climate control for the burns unit
92 Cloud computing: facilitating cutting edge collaborative research
93 Researchers developing high-flying jet car
94 German MPs adopt cuts for green energy subsidies
95 GoPro shares soar on first day of trading
96 Forecasting future may one day become as practical as predicting weather, thanks to Big Data advances
97 Software renders Earth's atmosphere in 3-D splendor
98 Powerful body that runs Internet backbone mulls future
99 After Verizon, Germany mulls axing foreign tech
100 Linux is the quiet revolution that will leave Microsoft eating dust
101 Android L makes sense, even if it doesn't set the world alight
102 Google offers Cardboard path to virtual reality
103 Food scientists working to diminish, mask bitter tastes in foods
104 Electronic chip zooms in on explosives
105 A collaboration of minds and metal
106 Hydrogen breakthrough could be a game-changer for the future of car fuels
107 New model of the quality control of photosystem II
108 The lowdown on triclosan's effects on health and the environment
109 Repairing DNA lesions
110 Fast, portable device for 'on-the-go,' laboratory-quality cocaine testing