File Title
1 Mosaic Pattern of Cranial Evolution Supported by Study of Neanderthal Skulls in Spain
2 Update on Determination of Death: Experts Call for International Consensus
3 Identifying the Disease-causing Mechanisms in Cancers with Unknown Primary Site Improves Treatment
4 Liquid Biopsy Could Improve Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
5 Cancer Cells: Finding the Few Foes Among Billions of Friends
6 New Type of Cancer Discovered by Mayo Clinic Researchers
7 Differences Between Neanderthals and Modern Man Caused by Genetic Switches
8 Researchers Find Way to Decrease Chemoresistance in Ovarian Cancer
9 Disturbance in Blood Flow Leads to Epigenetic Changes and Atherosclerosis
10 New Report Illustrates Persistent Global Burden of Anemia Among High-risk Populations
11 Sex Matters for Microbes
12 Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosed in Minutes Using Credit Card-sized Device
13 New Prostate Cancer Test May Remove the Need for Painful Biopsies
14 Oncologists: How to Talk with Your Pathologist About Cancer Molecular Testing
15 New Drug Shows Significant Results in Rare Skin Cancer Treatment
16 Sleep Problems May Be Early Sign of Alzheimer's
17 Radiofrequency Ablation Effectively Treats Barrett's Esophagus
18 Uncovering First Molecular Missteps that Drive Neurons in Pathway Leading to Alzheimer's Disease
19 River-bottom Claw Marks Provide Evidence of Dinosaurs' Swimming Prowess
20 Flying Microraptor Feasted On Fish, Say Paleontologists
21 Wind Tunnel Helps Explore Origins of Dinosaur Flight
22 New Hell Creek, Montana Raptor Species Named, Described
23 Revision to Rules to Decipher Color in Dinosaurs Suggests Connection Between Color and Physiology
24 Evolution of Smaller Dinosaurs Helped Their Lineage Survive As Birds
25 Less Diversity Found in Bird Species of 125M Years Ago
26 New Fossil Evidence Shows Reproductive Changes During Transition from Dinosaurs to Birds
27 Remnants of a 66-Million-year-old Forest Fire Found Preserved in Stone
28 Red Swamp Crayfish Plays Host to Diminutive Crustaceans
29 Ultimate Survivor Title Goes to the Red Swamp Crayfish
30 New Tiny Species of Crayfish Discovered in the Swamps of Coastal Eastern Australia
31 SAR11, Oceans' Most Abundant Organism, Has Ability to Create Methane
32 Ocean's Most Abundant Organisms Have Clear Daily Cycles
33 Bacteria Found in Bladders of Healthy Women Differ from Those in Women with Incontinence
34 Scientists Confirm Different Types of Ocean Microbes Have Different Daily Life Cycles
35 Discovery of the 'Plastisphere'--A New Marine Ecological Community
36 Bacteria's Nitrogen-rich Diet Helped Clean Up Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
37 UCLA Report Urges New Global Policy Effort to Tackle Crisis of Plastic Litter in Oceans
38 'Microplastic' Waste Poisoning Marine Ecosystems
39 Newly Developed Computer Model Helps Track Spilled Oil
40 Identifying Opposite Patterns of Climate Change Between the Middle Latitude Areas of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
41 History of Volcanic Forcing Identified in Antarctic Ice Cores
42 Organic Solar Cells Are More Productive with Molecules Face-to-face
43 NREL Researchers Unlocking Secrets of New Solar Material
44 Like a Hall of Mirrors, Nanostructures Trap Photons Inside Ultrathin Solar Cells
45 Tin-based Solar Cell Could Be the Next Big Thing in Photovoltaics
46 SEEDS of Solar Technology Planted in the Home
47 Flexible Glass Used to Extend Life of Organic Solar Modules
48 Solar Energy Gets a Boost
49 Researchers Figure Out How to Make More Efficient Fuel Cells
50 Russian, Chinese Ships Escape Death Throes of Southern Ocean Ice
51 Fish Biomass Is 10 Times Higher than Estimated, According to Malaspina Expedition Observations
52 Galapagos Islands' Volcanic Plume Not Where It Should Be
53 Fungi Play Crucial Role Policing Biodiversity in Rainforests
54 Ups and Downs of Early Atmospheric Oxygen
55 Rainforests Thrived in Soaring Temperatures Millions of Years Ago
56 Scientists, Practitioners, Religious Communities Urge Collaborative Action to Save Our Planet
57 3-D Printer Testing Completed by NASA
58 Checking Astronaut's Health with Single Drop of Blood
59 European Space Agency Selects Athena Advanced Telescope for Study of High-energy Astrophysics
60 How Does Algal and Coral Cover Affect Microscopic Life that Call the Reef Home?
61 Wildfires Found to Release a Previously Unidentified Type of Soot
62 New Evidence Suggests Mercury Was Formed from a Stellar Collision
63 Be Prepared! What to Do Before, During and After a Hurricane
64 One in 13 Schoolchildren Take Medication for Behavioral Disorders
65 Study Finds ADHD and Trauma Often Go Hand in Hand
66 Neurovance's EB-1020 SR for Adult ADHD Shows Stimulant-like Efficacy in Phase 2a Trial
67 Study Finds As We Age, Our Reading Skills Tend to Change
68 Dyslexic People Can Benefit from Electronic Readers
69 Study Finds Less Gray Matter in Brain Not the Blame for Dyslexia
70 Taking ADHD Drugs Could Prevent Smoking in Teens
71 Masculine Boys, Feminine Girls More Likely to Engage in Cancer Risk Behaviors
72 Dads Who Help with Household Chores Bolster Daughters' Aspirations
73 Climate Change Forecast Spells Doom for Bamboo, Panda Bears
74 Spanish Researchers Unearth Oldest Fossils Related to Giant Panda
75 Genetic Research Uncovers Population History of Giant Panda
76 Dolphin Study Provides Insight into History, Conservation of Species
77 Elephants Distinguish Threat Level from People Based on Language
78 Study Ranks Social Contacts by Job and Social Group in Bid to Fight Infectious Diseases
79 Motorized Microscopic Matchsticks Move in Water with Sense of Direction
80 Tomorrow's Materials and Photonic Devices Produced by Using Mobius Strip to Tie Liquid Crystal in Knots
81 Mariner 5 Solar Wind Problem Finds Answer
82 Using Talk Radio to Track Space Debris
83 New NRAO Telescope Instrument Gives Detailed Look at Galaxy M82
84 ALMA Upgrade to Help Supercharge Event Horizon Telescope
85 Four Previously Unknown Marine Species Discovered Near Scotland
86 Arctic Biome Under Extreme Threat from a Changing Climate
87 New Spider Species Bagged by Students On Field Course
88 Chimpanzees in Rwanda Are Imposing a "Natural Tax" on Farmers by Stealing Precious Crops
89 How to Measure a Sun-like Star's Age
90 Hubble Snaps Portrait of Turbulent Star-making Region
91 Subaru Observations Provide 3D Structure of Supernovae
92 Older Stars Help Baby Stars Grow Up to Be Massive
93 New Class of Stars Identified Through Minute Variations in Brightness
94 Graduate Glut Spells Underused Skills and Dissatisfaction for Many
95 Does Practice Really Make Perfect?
96 Who's Got Guts? Young Infants Expect Animals to Have Insides
97 White Matter Quality in the Brain Is Crucial for Adding and Multiplying
98 Scientists Discover Bending Rules for Animal Propulsion
99 Soft-bodied, Robotic Fish Described in Premiere Issue of Soft Robotics Journal
100 Festo Unleashes Its Bionic Kangaroo
101 NASA System Allows Astronauts to Grow Vegetables Without Gravity
102 When It Comes to Intelligence, Cat Lovers Rule and Dog Lovers Drool
103 FDA Advice on Protecting Pets and Yourself from Food Poisoning
104 ACP Offers Policy Recommendations for Reducing Gun-related Injuries, Deaths in US
105 Migration for More Money Does Not Bring More Happiness
106 The Brits Get Serious About Cyber Defense
107 Study Reveals Americans' Surprising Response to Government During Great Recession
108 Democracy Aid Contributes Marginally to Democratic Development
109 How the Mole Got Its Twelve Fingers
110 Mobile Music Touch Musical Glove Helps People with Spinal Injuries