File Title
1 Middle Age Men Face Double the Risk of Death Due to Social Stress
2 'Bad' Video Game Behavior Increases Players' Moral Sensitivity
3 The BMJ Calls for Assisted Dying Bill to Become Law
4 Suicides Among Mental Health Patients Under Home Treatment in England Are Double the Number of Suicides in Mental Health Inpatient Units
5 Your Webcam May Be Spying On You with No Warning
6 Microsoft Demonstrates Real-Time Translated Skype Conversations
7 Ancient Arachnid Lives Again Thanks to New Video Simulation
8 Scientists Suggest Doing the 'Melbourne Shuffle' to Secure Data in the Cloud
9 FAA Names Drone Test Sites in US
10 Multi-Research Demonstrates the Future of Animal-Inspired Drones
11 Drones Provide Farmers with an Eye in the Sky to Check On Crop Progress
12 National Park Service Bans All Aerial Drones
13 Consumer Electronics Giant Panasonic Exiting Plasma TV Market
14 New Software Brings Planetarium-Style Viewing to Wider Audience
15 Glasses-Free 3-D Projector from MIT
16 Smartphones May One Day Be Shatterproof
17 New Discovery Promises Thin, Flexible High-res Displays
18 Researchers Harness a Powerful New Source of Up-To-Date Information on Economic Activity
19 United States Leads the Way in Total Ad Spending Per Capita
20 Dramatic Slowdown in Growth of US Health Expenditure Over Last Decade Closes Gap Between USA and Other High-Spending Countries
21 Large Numbers of Shadow Economy Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries
22 New Study Reveals Corporate Social Responsibility Can Lead to Better Customer Service
23 Moms Who Work Feel Better
24 Loopholes in Health Care Law Could Result in Employee Harassment
25 Implications of Mandatory Flu Vaccinations for Health-Care Workers
26 McGill University DNA Game Rolls the Dice with Citizen Science
27 Engaging Online Crowds in the Classroom Could Be Important Tool for Teaching Innovation
28 Key Phrases Help Make a Kickstarter Campaign Successful: Study
29 Generation Xers Socialize As Much Online As They Do Offline
30 Gen-Xers Continue Formal Education Efforts Later in Life
31 Over 20% Of Two-Year-Olds Have Used Smartphones
32 Millennials Say Life Is Easier with Technology, but Makes Us Less Human
33 Pew: Apps Could Overtake Web Browsers As Main Internet Linkup
34 Nearly 20% Of Americans Don't Use The Internet
35 Will Governments Be the Biggest Threat to Internet Growth?
36 African-American Females Have Good Odds of Getting a Loan
37 Agreement for Research Collaboration with NRAO Green Bank Telescope Signed by AUI and West Virginia University
38 When Scaling the Quantum Slopes, Veer for the Straight Path
39 Online Class Lets Students Control 50,000-Degree Plasma
40 Efficient Approach to Manufacture 3D Metal Parts Developed by Researchers
41 ATM Skimmers Are Becoming Virtually Invisible
42 Thyroid Cancer Cells Are Less Aggressive in Space
43 New Construction Robots Inspired by Building Habits of Termites
44 Science Knowledge Lacking in America--Only 74 Percent Know the Earth Revolves Around the Sun
45 Box Offers Faster Cloud Based Storage to Businesses
46 Towards a Greener, More Sustainable Data Center
47 Video Streaming Is More Environmentally-Friendly than DVDs
48 Software to Prevent Abuse at the Click of a Mouse
49 A Living Factory
50 High-tech Spider for Hazardous Missions
51 Mini-camera that Has Maxi-brainpower
52 Smart Fabric Woven with Silver Thread Triggers Alarm When Disrupted
53 UCLA Scientists Devise New Method to Locate Incoming Meteoroid Debris
54 No Real-World Solutions Met During Special Meeting On Space Debris
55 New App Increases Efficiency, Accuracy in Reporting Wildlife-vehicle Collisions
56 NASA Selects Four JPL Suborbital Technology Payloads
57 Martian Dry Ice Gullies Formed by Seasonal CO2 Freezing, Not Water
58 Computing Asteroid Paths for Future Exploratory, Redirect Missions
59 Citizen Scientists Can Now Help Discover NEAs Using Asteroid Zoo
60 Hypertension, Antihypertension Medication, Risk of Psoriasis
61 A More Affordable iMac Computer Unveiled by Apple
62 Apple iWatch Reportedly Due Out this Fall, Will Come in Multiple Versions
63 New iPhone Rumors Hint at Possible Version with 5.5-Inch Screen
64 NASA Achieves Major Milestone As They Prepare to Test RS-25 Engine
65 Smooth Sailing: Rough Surfaces that Can Reduce Drag
66 Return of Supersonic Passenger Travel May Be Coming Closer to Reality
67 Turbulent Gravity Around Black Holes
68 How Do Geckos Deal with Wet Feet
69 Pre-formed Score Lines Where Gecko Tails Detach Revealed by Advanced Bio-imaging
70 Gecko Grips Just As Good in Wet Habitats As in Dry Ones
71 Future Space Missions May Utilize Gecko-Inspired Robotics
72 Humans Can Climb like Geckos Thanks to DARPA's Z-Man Program
73 Robotic Jellyfish Fuses Hi-Tech Materials with Nature's Elegant Design
74 Lizard Spit Shown to Reduce Food Cravings
75 Robot Jellyfish Soon to Patrol Oceans
76 Rate of Water Monitor Lizard Harvesting Unsustainable, Says Study
77 Researchers Explore Native Plants As Natural Snake Bite Cure
78 Breakthrough Snakebite Nasal Spray Could Save Thousands of Lives
79 Venom from Lethal Black Mamba As Strong As Morphine, but Without Side Effects
80 Fossil Discovery Adds New Chapter in History of Venomous Snakes
81 Rare Fungus Kills Endangered Rattlesnakes in Southern Illinois
82 Large Muskies Lured by the Moon
83 Meeting Aichi Biodiversity Targets for Protected Areas
84 Widespread Disappearance of Stromatolites May Have Been Driven by Foraminifera
85 Polluted Habitats Force Snapping Turtles to Move into Urban Settings
86 New Species of Air-Breathing Amazonian Fish Discovered
87 Biomedical Bleeding Affects Horseshoe Crab Behavior
88 Two New Alligator Snapping Turtle Species Announced, Some Face Localized Risks
89 Study Finds Widespread Oral Health Problems Among Navajo
90 Connecting the Dots: Pitt School of Dental Medicine Team Describes How Enamel Forms
91 Toothy Tale--Hadrosaurids Could Pulverize Plants with Their Teeth
92 High-Carb Diet Caused Dental Disease in Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers
93 Velociraptors Didn't Turn Down Free Meals
94 Tiny Fossil Fragment Reveals Giant-but-ugly-truth
95 Pterosaur Bones Are Those of a New Dinosaur from the Azhdarchidae Family
96 High Diversity of Flying Reptiles 110 million Years Ago in England
97 International Research Team Names Most Primitive Species of Flying Reptile
98 Paleontologists Discover New Pterosaur Species, First-Ever 3D Preserved Eggs
99 New Plant Species Discovered in the Heart of Texas
100 Making a More Healthful, Low-Fat Hot Dog
101 Carbohydrates from the Okra Plant Can Improve Quality of Some Food Products
102 The Millennial Tofu Surprise
103 Organic Crops Found to Contain More Nutrients, Less Pesticide Residue
104 Fruit Flies Use Not Just Eyes, but Antennae to Control Air Speed
105 Three New Species of Yellow-Shouldered Bats Discovered in Museum Collections
106 Widespread Tetraradial Symmetry Among Early Fossil Sponges
107 Leaf Chewing Links Insect Diversity in Two Tropical Forests
108 Bering Land Bridge Was Home to Early Natives for 10,000 Years: Study
109 Report: Inferiority to Modern Humans Not Responsible for Neanderthal Extinction
110 Most Complete Ancient Skeleton from New World Sheds New Light On Human Migration