File Title
1 Could eye and smell tests offer early Alzheimer's diagnosis?
2 New analysis says Alzheimer's preventable in a third, not half of cases
3 New way discovered to prevent some strokes
4 The generation and survival of neurons prevented by a 'switch' in the brains of Alzheimer's and stroke patients
5 Hydrogen sulfide has potential health benefits in a range of issues, from diabetes to stroke, heart attacks and dementia
6 The science behind the 'dream-like states' of psychedelic drugs
7 Study links high cholesterol to increased risk of breast cancer
8 Combined aerobic and resistance training may be best for controlling blood sugar in diabetes
9 Potential therapeutic target for atherosclerosis
10 Insulin therapy for type 2 diabetes 'may do more harm than good'
11 'Good' brown fat stimulated by cold, study shows
12 Diabetes diagnosed with inexpensive, portable microchip test
13 Could a single injection stop diabetes?
14 In people with diabetes, consuming whey protein before meals could help improve blood glucose control
15 Scientists create 'biological pacemakers' by transplanting gene into hearts
16 Heart function improved in rats 'by injecting discarded surgery fat'
17 Contraceptive microchip: could it revolutionize global birth control?
18 Potential new treatment for aggressive breast cancer
19 Tofu consumption--surprise study findings
20 New wearable device uses breathing patterns to track state of mind
21 'Sensitive people' show heightened activity in empathy-related brain regions
22 Antihypertensive and antioxidant activity in black beans
23 Musical training 'improves executive brain function'
24 Could brisk walking be therapeutic for people with Parkinson's?
25 Scientists discover clues why weight-loss surgery cures diabetes
26 Deaths from prescribed painkillers 'higher than heroin and cocaine combined'
27 'Technology addiction'--how should it be treated?
28 Self-administered hand shiatsu may help your body prepare for sleep when you suffer chronic pain
29 Dietary manipulation of the body's internal biological clock
30 Brain function when aging adversely affected by little or poor sleep
31 Promising new TB drug is approved, but question marks remain
32 FDA approves Afrezza to treat diabetes
33 Pancreatic cancer risks lowered with regular low-dose aspirin use
34 How herpes and other dormant viruses 'reactivate' explained in new study
35 Family history is 'a bigger risk factor than lifestyle' for some cancers
36 Vasectomy linked with aggressive prostate cancer risk
37 Scientists develop the first cancer immunotherapy for dogs
38 Battle of the bulge occurs in the liver
39 Half of all American adults have a chronic disease--CDC
40 Hydrogel 'smart pill' shows promise as weight loss aid
41 Eating extra fruit and vegetables is healthy but may not reduce weight
42 Could being overweight benefit our health?
43 'Extreme obesity' linked to 'substantially higher' death rates
44 Watching TV for over 3 hours daily 'could increase risk of early death'
45 Dark chocolate 'may improve walking ability for PAD patients'
46 Lab-grown mini beating human hearts 'may lead to a cure for heart disease'
47 Heart attack hospitalizations in China quadruple over 10 years
48 One in five people with heart conditions stop having sex, UK survey
49 Could a happy marriage be the key to a healthy heart?
50 Blood test to indicate breast cancer risk 'in development'
51 Cancer detection rate improved with 3D breast imaging technique
52 Gel tamoxifen effective for breast cancer, fewer side effects than oral form
53 How a smartphone could prevent falls
54 Wearable computer gloves 'help teach braille'
55 Quick, easy, inexpensive cortisol testing should soon be available on all smartphones
56 New technology: The goose bump sensor
57 Nutrition and health 'have greater influence on newborn's size than race'
58 Rise in obesity 'due to decline in exercise, not over-eating'
59 Organic and non-organic foods are compositionally different, says new study
60 Halting the progression of Parkinson's disease with cinnamon
61 New compound to treat depression identified, may also lead to future therapy for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
62 Parkinson's disease researchers offered new insights into causes of this disease
63 Deep brain stimulation improves non motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease as well as motor symptoms
64 Unprecedented 3-D view of important brain receptor has implications for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia, depression
65 The brain has latent potential to orchestrate a self-repairing response
66 'Feel-good hormones' make sun exposure addictive, study suggests
67 'Weak association' between back pain and weather
68 Low back pain, PTSD and TBI most common reasons U.S. Army soldiers couldn't continue to serve
69 World Health Organization plan to eradicate TB in 33 countries
70 Hope for new ways to treat antibiotic-resistant TB
71 Low-cost TB test means quicker, more reliable diagnosis for patients
72 The search for new antibiotics and cancer therapies could be transformed by innovative technique
73 TB infection may be underestimated among people taking corticosteroid pills
74 New Economist Report calls for urgent global action to combat growing TB pandemic
75 Incidence of childhood tuberculosis could be 25% higher than previous estimates
76 Why antioxidants may actually do more harm than good
77 Four in 10 pancreatic cancers could be prevented by lifestyle changes
78 Pancreatic cancer cells may be susceptible to Chinese herbal extract
79 Opening the door to the treatment of pancreatic cancer by the inhibition of a protein
80 What is discouraging HIV testing among at-risk populations?
81 Breakthrough 'could stop bacteria from becoming drug resistant'
82 Polio virus detected in sewage sample in Brazil
83 First dengue vaccine to be widely tested in humans shows promise
84 Cycling and risk for erectile dysfunction, infertility, prostate cancer
85 New treatment for enlarged prostate successful in dogs
86 The effectiveness of focal treatment for prostate cancer compared to radical therapies in the long-term
87 Prostate cancer is focus of two studies in JAMA Internal Medicine
88 Tumors remodel their surroundings to grow
89 Did eating bugs make our early ancestors more intelligent?
90 FDA issues guidance to support the responsible development of nanotechnology products
91 Politically driven legislation targeting dangerous dogs has had little impact
92 Standing during meetings may improve work performance
93 Should 'junk food' companies be sponsoring major sporting events?
94 Cardio, motor fitness appear to boost kids' academic performance
95 Higher education levels linked to increased nearsightedness
96 Human corneas regrown to restore vision
97 Rehab for age-related loss of vision cuts depression risk in half
98 'Smart glasses' for the near-blind start trials in public spaces
99 UV exposure: why do we ignore the health risks?
100 Survival and regeneration of retinal cells after injury promoted by dental pulp stem cells
101 Lead in preschool kids' blood tied to behavioral problems
102 Scientists "fingerprint" a culprit in depression, anxiety and other mood disorders
103 Tinnitus affects processing of emotions
104 High blood sugar 'raises depression risk' in diabetics
105 Young depressed women 'more likely to suffer heart attack'
106 Sunscreen users motivated by fear of skin cancer
107 New ways science reaches the public: study of dermatology on YouTube
108 Rapid DNA changes that act as molecular sunscreen
109 New combination treatment for cancer effective in mouse model
110 New approach identifies cancer mutations as targets of effective melanoma immunotherapy